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images-3Our Kindergarten Olympics are being held tomorrow, Friday, June 1. Hooray!!

Here are a few reminders:

*Parent volunteers are asked to be on the Kindergarten playground at 8:45 a.m. for instructions.  Games should be finished around 12:00. Please stop at the office prior to this time for a name tag!

*Don’t forget to  wear tennis shoes, shorts and t-shirts.  We will be running and playing lots of games.  NO FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS PLEASE!!

*Please send a home lunch and drink  for your kinder.THERE WILL BE NO HOT LUNCH!  We will be eating a picnic lunch as a class. at 11:45am-12:00pm.  Parents and younger siblings are welcome to join us for a picnic lunch on our playground.  

*Please send a water bottle with your kinder’s name clearly marked on the outside.  It is going to be WARM and we will want to stay hydrated during our games.

*Apply sun screen BEFORE coming to school.

*Please send ONE backpack snack for the afternoon.  The kinder teachers are supplying pretzels for the morning snack. 

*Volunteering parents please dress in comfy active clothes.  You will be walking around with the kinders helping them play the games.  If you want to take along a lunch so that you can join us…you are welcome.

We can’t wait to enjoy a fun filled morning with all our kindergarten classrooms!!  Let the games begin!! 🙂

~~Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—May 1-5

Look what your kinder did at school this week.

SCIENCE:  Hooray! We have learned that not all plants grow at the same rate but thank goodness they all sprouted!  We watered  and journaled about the growth of our bean plant and you now have the responsibility of caring for that plant. Be sure to continue to write in the journal about what you do! 🙂 I hope that  you can find a good spot in your yard for planting the bean plant.


We also spent some time this week learning facts about worms and connecting their importance to the soil we learned about earlier.  Today we compared real worms to gummy worms by investigating each up close.  Take a peek inside your kinder’s Wonderful Worms booklet to read our findings. Can you tell which worm is which? 🙂


MATH:  The kinders compared objects using math terms such as longer than, shorter, heavier than, lighter than.  We also reviewed showing tens and extra ones for teen and twenty numbers.  The kinders will be taking their LAST math test…Unit #5 this coming Thursday. Please encourage your kinder to do their best.  The test will cover addition & subtraction problems; comparing numbers using terms shorter, longer, heavier, lighter; showing tens & extra ones for teen numbers; and   On Friday, we played FLOWER POWER working on writing and solving addition problems. A fun way to practice this math skill.

READER’S WORKSHOP:  We are constantly celebrating being READERS!   Reading everyone’s clothing today was a lot of fun.  It soon became a challenge to see how many popcorn words were on each others’ clothing.  Thank you for helping your kinder participate. The kinders became Jabber the Reteller as we retold the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.  I hope that you have heard the story!  We had fun creating the beanstalks.

TAKE HOME BOOKS:  Thank you  so much for encouraging and supporting your kinder this year as they participated in our TAKE HOME book program.  We have one more week of reading.  Then we will begin to collect all of the books for summer inventory. Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who came into school each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to listen to the kinders read.  It would not have been possible without your assistance.  I am so grateful for your help!

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders began learning how to write their last style  of writing…..Opinion writing. Each day they give their opinion about a topic, write two reasons to support why they felt that way and write a closing sentence.  WOW!  WOW!  The kinders are writing like first graders!  They are including popcron words, spaces between words, sentence stoppers as well as giving awesome reasons.  Have I said lately, how proud I am of them! 🙂  

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  James jumped up and gave his dad a big hug as he entered our room and was pretty excited to see that his mom and little sister came along too.  His dad brought along another fun book that needed a flashlight to uncover hidden pictures.(James’ mom was a mystery reader earlier this year and introduced us to these cool flashlight books.)  This one was called Wonders of the USA.  The kinders were excited to recognize many of the symbols such as Statue of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Bald Eagle.  We will be studying various American Symbols soon so what a surprise introduction.  Thank you so much for stopping by this morning.


*POPCORN WORDS:        HAVE     ON      OF                                                 It is amazing.!  Before a kinder can move the letter magnets to spell our popcorn words, the class is shouting out the word.  The kinders are beginning to SPELL the words in addition to identifying them.  How amazing!

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*PLAYGROUND:  Our playground is very wet and muddy and then it is dry and dirty.  Please keep this in mind as you send your kinder to school. Rain boots or outside play shoes might be a good idea until the spring weather clears.  Thank you for being considerate of helping to keep our inside floors and rugs clean.


*MONDAY, MAY 8:  ART; reading TAKE HOME books

*TUESDAY, MAY 9: STEAM; reading TAKE HOME books and POPCORN words; 

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 10:  Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center &  TimberTown  HOME LUNCH WITH DRINK INSIDE OF LABELED PAPER BAG IS NEEDED. We will not be ordering hot lunch. Please feel free to join us for our picnic lunch.  We will be at the park around 12:00pm. Your kinder will need a home lunch and water bottle to enjoy during our picnic lunch.  NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS. TENNIS SHOES NEED TO BE WORN!!  We will be walking through woods and trails and playing on a big playground.  Please dress your child according to the weather. We will be OUTSIDE for most of the day!; HOMEWORK DUE….literacy and math;  Birthday celebration for Easton!


*FRIDAY, MAY 12:  ART: FAST FRIDAY (Early Release  Dismiss at 12:15pm)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 17:  Birthday celebration for Ronen

*FRIDAY, MAY 19:  Kindergarten Olympic volunteer note due

*MONDAY, MAY 22:  Birthday celebration for Mason (July 1 birthday)

*TUESDAY, MAY 23:  Birthday celebration for Lauren (July 29 birthday)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 24:  Birthday celebration for Hudson (August 19 birthday)

*FRIDAY, MAY 26…..RedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 29…Memorial Day, No School

*FRIDAY, JUNE 2:  Kindergarten Olympics  A note asking for parent volunteers came home.  Volunteers will be notified shortly with details.  This special day would not be possible without your help.  Thank you so much.  If you still would like to be part of this fun day, please let me know soon.

*FRIDAY, JUNE 9:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

~~~Have a great weekend.    Mrs. Bohl



2 Special Upcoming Events

Dear Kinder Families,

We have 2 special events occurring in kindergarten.  Please read the following information.  Exciting things are still happening in kindergarten!


Field Trip:  Our field trip is on Wednesday, May 10  We will be visiting Hemlock Crossing Nature Center and then traveling to Huizenga Park in Zeeland for lunch and play time at TimberTown.  We will be leaving school at 9:15 a.m. promptly and returning around 2:00 p.m. Remember, as a chaperone you will need to provide your own transportation to the field trip location.  PLEASE pack your kinder a lunch and drink for the day with their name labeled on their paper lunch bag and sent it to school with them in the morning.  Thank you to all of our parents who are able to attend the field trip and chaperone the kinders. All parents are welcome to join us for our picnic lunch and fun.  We will be at the park around 12:00pm.  Please dress your kinder according to the weather. We will be OUTSIDE for most of the day, rain or shine. NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS. TENNIS SHOES NEED TO BE WORN!!  We will be walking through woods and trails and playing on a big playground.  We will go on this trip rain or shine….rain gear may be needed. 


Kindergarten Olympics:  What are the Kindergarten Olympics?  A fun day of games where all the Kindergarten classes join together!  We will be having the Kindergarten Olympics on Friday, June 2.  A note asking for parent volunteers went home in your child’s folder this past Friday. If you are interested in volunteering, please return the bottom portion of the note by Friday, May 19.