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Constitution Day


Did you know that today, September 17 is Constitution Day?  Do you know what Constitution Day is?  We talked about it at school today.


Today we learned that many years ago important men got together and wrote down important laws on paper and signed their names.  These laws (rules) were made to help the people get along, treat each other fairly and be safe.  At school, we too, have rules we need to follow. We reviewed the pictures of choices we should make during the school day (green choices), and ones that we should never do in school (red choices).

Each day we recite (with motions) our 5 class rules that they can help us soar as learners! These rules are posted in our room, along with all of our signatures (handprints).  Ask your kinder to recite them to you.  They are doing a great job!

1.  Follow directions quickly.

2. Raise your hand to speak.

3.  Make smart choices.

4. Be kind.

5. Make everyone happy.


 We the kids…of Mrs. Bohl’s class….are already working hard to not break any of these rules. We can work better together when we are kind and considerate of one another.  We can make good choices and we DO!  I am so proud of my kinders! 🙂

Georgetown Walk-a-Thon is coming soon

Our school Walk-a-thon will take place on Thursday, September 24.  Each year our Georgetown Elementary Parent Club holds a Walk-a-thon to raise money for our school for extra supplies like books, playground equipment, etc.  A Walk-a-thon takes place at school and entails the whole class going outside (weather permitting) to get our bodies moving.  

This year our Walk-a-thon will look a bit different than it typically has been in the past.  We will be raising money online through a Get Movin’ Fund Hub.  A paper came home this week with details about this event.  Please look inside your kinder’s blue folder.  You may send in donations to the school as well. I will get it to the office. 

We will be having a Theme Week this year! Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to have parents join us when we walk.  I will be sure to take a lot of pictures for you and post them on our blog.  There are some fun prizes that we can earn as a class this year too!!!  Let’s do this kinders!!  🙂

  • Highest Donating Class will receive a Pizza & Ice Cream Party.
  • The top 2 earners of each grade get a Pizza Party with Mr. Waldie.
  • Highest Donating Grade will get a Popsicle Recess.
  • The highest Percent Participation Class will receive donuts and a $50 gift card for their teacher. 

Homework For Your Kinder

Your kinder is bringing home homework! In their blue folder you will find a homework packet. You can work on this homework throughout the week at home and return to school by next Wednesday. Homework will be sent home on Wednesdays and it is due the next Wednesday. Just put it back in your kinder’s blue folder when you are ready to turn it in. This is what the homework packet looks like…

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Book Order due tomorrow 9/8


                       Book Orders are due on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8

                          You may send into school the completed paper forms along with a check made out to Scholastic Reading Club OR you may order online at 

Our code is L77G6 

Thanks for supporting and encouraging your kinder to read!  ~~~Mrs. Bohl

A few things….

Color Day –Tomorrow is RED day- help us celebrate our color of the week by wearing RED tomorrow to school!  See the note in the blue folder for more information.

Beach Towels – Beach towels came home today. We will not need them tomorrow at school since it is a short day. Please wash them and return them to school with your kinder on Tuesday. Please consider a smaller towel for your kinder to use.  The large towels are folded in half to allow proper distancing between kinders.  


Sack Lunch Tomorrow – If your kinder would like a sack lunch to bring home with them from school tomorrow, please email me to let me know. Also, I need to know what kind of milk they would like. Unless I get an email, I will plan on your kinder eating lunch with you. 


This year on the back of your kinder’s blue daily folder you will find a page that looks like the picture above. It has your kinder’s Clever badge, login and password. This information will get them into our Clever site on our class blog. Specific details on how to log in will be sent at a later time. Please leave the information page in the back cover of the blue take home folder. Thank you!!

First Day Checklist

Your kinder’s first day of kindergarten is tomorrow, Monday, August 24!  How exciting!  I know this post is long, but it has lots of important information, so please take a few moments to read it thoroughly.   A HUGE thank you to those of you who donated extra supply items. A kindergarten class can be a very busy place, so we greatly appreciate these items!! 🙂  If you have any donations at home you are welcome to send them into school; otherwise, our cupboards are full with your generous donations.  Thank you so much!

Reminders for Monday

**The 2 name tags found inside the folder are to be worn on Day 1 and Day 2 of school.  Send them wearing their name tag.  My name is also on the name tags which will help get them to our classroom on these busy mornings! 🙂. IF YOU ARE BRINGING YOUR KINDER TO SCHOOL, PLEASE ENTER THROUGH THE BUILDING’S FRONT DOORS.

**Have your kinder that their “ME Bag” with 2 items in it to help us get to know a little something about them!  Be sure to write their name on the bag.  Because we have half days, we might not have time for all kinders to share on the first day.  We will continue with sharing the ME Bags on next day.

**Any school supplies and paperwork (from my home visit) that you might still have at home.   Their extra clothes/mask can stay inside their backpacks in case they need them.

**A SMALL beach towel for rest and break times.  This will allow your kinder to have their own personal bubble space. All towels will be sent home at the end of the week for cleaning.

**A snack for your kinder.  We will take time to refuel in the morning.  Please discuss these with your kinder and have them separate pocket in the backpack.  

**A water bottle labeled with your kinder’s name.  We want them to stay hydrated.     

**If possible, make sure that your kinder eats a good, healthy breakfast.  I know that butterflies may be fluttering inside of some tummies, so do your best. 🙂

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Aug. 24.  1st DAY OF SCHOOL…Half day. Dismissal at 12:15pm   Me Bag due
  • Tuesday, Aug. 25. Half day.  Dismissal at 12:15pm
  • Wednesday, Aug. 26 Half day. Dismissal at 12:15pm
  • Thursday, Aug. 27. Half day.   Dismissal at 12:15pm
  • Friday, Aug. 28…NO SCHOOL

I’m looking forward to a wonderful first day of kindergarten!  If you have any questions please email me at .  Sign up for email updates by filling in your e-mail address in the subscribe by e-mail rectangle located on the upper right side of our blog. 

See you on MONDAY!  Mrs. Bohl

Sack Lunch Option

On early release days you have the option to order a sack lunch for your kinder from our food service program. If you choose to order a sack lunch, your kinder will be sent home with a sack lunch which consists of a ham and cheese croissant sandwich, veggies, fruit and milk. They will charge your kinder’s hot lunch account. 

If you would like your kinder to bring a sack lunch home next week for any of our early release days, please email me ( to let me know. In kindergarten, I do not order a sack lunch for the kinders to bring home unless I receive an email from the parents. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll plan on your kinder eating lunch at home. 

Welcome to Kindergarten!

HOORAY and WELCOME to Kindergarten!  

Can you believe it?  In a few days you will be coming to school and having fun learning new things while playing with friends. I am so excited that you will be part of my kinder family. Please watch this video for a special message from me….Mrs. Bohl 🙂

You can find out some more fun facts about me when you click on MEET MRS. BOHL at the top of our blog page.  Be sure to explore all of the pages, posts, and links as well. 

Here is our Kindergarten School Supplies List  Be sure to read it so that you are aware of what supplies your kinder will need for kindergarten.

Please take a few moments and subscribe to our classroom blog.  See the widget on the side bar.  By subscribing (filling in your e-mail address in the subscribe rectangle box located on the upper right-hand column) you will be alerted to new postings so that you will know immediately what is happening in Kindergarten. Our class blog will be the site for information about school supplies, special events, pictures, curriculum, assessments, and so much more. We have so much fun in kindergarten, we don’t want anyone to miss one minute of the action.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions, concerns or if you just want to say “HI”. 

For now….enjoy the last few days of summer by playing outside,  going swimming in a pool, riding your bike or whatever else you can think of that is fun and safe to do.  

I can’t wait to see you!   Mrs. Bohl

School is Done! Hooray!


Dear kinder families, 

Can you believe it?  The school year is done. ALL of the kinders have grown and matured this year in school. When there is a rainy day or when your kinder says “I don’t know what to do!”, encourage them to complete pages in their math workbooks, write more stories, read books, write to 100 and beyond and create a list of popcorn words they know. Continue to foster their love of learning, even in the summer months by using the June/July/August summer calendars or Summer Review Packet posted at the top of our blog under CALENDARS. I hope that the kinders had fun looking at their Kindergarten Memory Books that were inside the bags with your kinders’ supplies.  These books are filled with pages of work that they completed up to our time of learning at home.  I hope that as you look through your kinder’s book you will be filled with memories of the time spent in kindergarten.   

Thank you for VOLUNTEERING this year!  Whether you were a TAKE HOME reading volunteer, helped with a class party, or a combination of them, THANK YOU!  It takes many who love and care for our kinders to give them the best, fun experiences possible.  I could not have done it without you!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KINDER WITH ME!! I feel so blessed to be part of your kinder’s schooling. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement that you have shown this year….a different, unexpected year it was!  It was a privilege to spend my days with your kinder, both in the classroom and in remote learning style.  They are so precious and special.  I feel very honored that you entrusted me to care and teach them this year.  They have grown so much….both in height and maturity.  🙂  I am looking forward to seeing the friendships the kinders have made blossom as they continue to learn at Georgetown.  (I have the fantastic privilege of seeing my kinders in the hallways and maybe getting a hug or two next year!  Hooray!!):)

This video showcases what fun memories we created we this year, both at school and at home.  I hope that you enjoy watching it.      We have had an AMAZING year together! 

Have a fabulous summer!!!  Next year’s teacher will be announced mid to late summer.  You will be notified.

Lots and lots of love,  I really do love your kinders! (Can I still call them that now that they are first graders?) Please keep in touch and have a fabulous summer!  Mrs. Bohl :)