Way to go kinders!   I am SO proud of all of your hard work these final weeks of school!  You have FINISHED the end of our kindergarten year together.  As we all know it was not the way we preferred it to be….which is together.  I LOVED seeing all of you during my visits the last week of school.  Your amazing messages on driveways, signs, and very generous gifts warmed my heart SOOO MUCH!!  I cannot begin to thank you enough.  Parents, your amazing perseverance, and flexibility during this whole year has been truly unbelievable.  From the start to the very end, your support has meant everything to me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

As your summer and FUN move along, there are blogs that will be updated with school supplies lists.  So far we have been instructed to keep with this tradition.  Usually, in the first week of July, teachers update their blog for next year’s students.  In this blog, there is usually a wish list or school supplies list that is posted.  I would recommend keeping your eye on first-grade teachers’ blogs to see if there are any supplies listed in July.  The first-grade teachers’ blogs can be found by clicking on this link  Georgetown Elementary School blog.  All teachers are listed on the right side, be sure to scroll down to see them.  I wish you a FUN filled summer and don’t forget to keep in touch!  I won’t say goodbye, only see ya later.  You will always be able to find a warm hug and a loving heart waiting for you from Mrs. Bohl. 🙂 

Usually, we end of the year by having our kinders do a special gift for the FATHER figure in their life.  With our unique end to the year, we went with a virtual gift. Below is a video. It is a gift from your kinder and their friends to all of the Father figures in their lives.  I wish everyone a VERY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.  May June 21 be an awesome celebration of Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Step-fathers, and Father figures alike.  

Questions you might have:

1.  Will I get an end of the year report card for my kinder?  NO.

2.  When will I find out my kinder’s first-grade teacher?  Middle of summer, July ish.

3.  Who will be our principal at Georgetown Elementary?  The interviewing process is going on now.

4.  What if I have questions over the summer?  Please reach out to Mrs. Bohl and I will do my best to find the answers or help you find someone who can.

    • Mrs. Bohl.

5.  What if my kinder wants to talk to Mrs. Bohl?  Send me an email and I would LOVE to connect with them!!!

6.  Is there a summer review I can do with my kinder? I have added this one to our blog:  Summer Review Packet

7.  What if I DO NOT want to receive any more blog updates?  You can unsubscribe.  Here is how:

    • When you receive an email alert that the blog has been updated, scroll to the bottom of the email.  Look for the option “UNSUBSCRIBE”
    • Go through the steps to unsubscribe and you should be all set.
    • If you have any problems feel free to email us and I believe we can change it from our end as well.

School is Done! Hooray!


Dear kinder families, 

Can you believe it?  The school year is done. ALL of the kinders have grown and matured this year in school. When there is a rainy day or when your kinder says “I don’t know what to do!”, encourage them to complete pages in their math workbooks, write more stories, read books, write to 100 and beyond and create a list of popcorn words they know. Continue to foster their love of learning, even in the summer months by using the June/July/August summer calendars or Summer Review Packet posted at the top of our blog under CALENDARS. I hope that the kinders had fun looking at their Kindergarten Memory Books that were inside the bags with your kinders’ supplies.  These books are filled with pages of work that they completed up to our time of learning at home.  I hope that as you look through your kinder’s book you will be filled with memories of the time spent in kindergarten.   

Thank you for VOLUNTEERING this year!  Whether you were a TAKE HOME reading volunteer, helped with a class party, or a combination of them, THANK YOU!  It takes many who love and care for our kinders to give them the best, fun experiences possible.  I could not have done it without you!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KINDER WITH ME!! I feel so blessed to be part of your kinder’s schooling. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement that you have shown this year….a different, unexpected year it was!  It was a privilege to spend my days with your kinder, both in the classroom and in remote learning style.  They are so precious and special.  I feel very honored that you entrusted me to care and teach them this year.  They have grown so much….both in height and maturity.  🙂  I am looking forward to seeing the friendships the kinders have made blossom as they continue to learn at Georgetown.  (I have the fantastic privilege of seeing my kinders in the hallways and maybe getting a hug or two next year!  Hooray!!):)

This video showcases what fun memories we created we this year, both at school and at home.  I hope that you enjoy watching it.      We have had an AMAZING year together! 

Have a fabulous summer!!!  Next year’s teacher will be announced mid to late summer.  You will be notified.

Lots and lots of love,  I really do love your kinders! (Can I still call them that now that they are first graders?) Please keep in touch and have a fabulous summer!  Mrs. Bohl :)

Last Day of Learning at Home–June 5

Good morning my awesome, fabulous, wonderful, super smart kinders!  Today is the last day I can call you my kinders!  You will want to open your Day 1 envelope.  Don’t forget to open the envelope with the smile face tomorrow when you are officially FIRST GRADERS!  I will wave to you at the car parade.  Watch today’s video:

Riding a rollercoaster

The Hidden Worlds of National Parks                 

Visit a Dairy Farm

Robert. Irwin’s Australia Zoo

Children’s Museum in Indianapolis

San Diego Zoo

Today’s read aloud is Be Brave, Little Penguin by Giles Andreae.

Last week of learning at Home–June 3

Good morning boys and girls!  Find a time today to open your Day 3 envelope.  I think you will like the surprise! Today’s video:

. Today we will have a special class ZOOM meeting at 10:00am to CELEBRATE BEING READERS!  Bring your favorite book to share with your friends.  The ZOOM link was sent to your email last night.

Kinders having fun:

Today’s read aloud is A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman

Last week of learning at Home—June 2

Good morning fantastic kinders!  Say “Hello” to a beautiful day!  Be sure to open your Day 4 envelope for a fun surprise.  Watch today’s video to see the theme for the day:

We will NOT be having our weekly ZOOM meeting tonight.  We will have the last ZOOM meeting TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 AT 10:00AM. Link for meeting will come tonight.

Crazy Hair pictures:

Today’s read aloud is A Friend Like You by Andrea Schomburg.

Last week of learning at Home—June 1

Good morning kinders!  Welcome to June!  This is our last week of school.  Get ready to END THE YEAR WTH BANG! by opening your Day 5 envelope!  Check your email from Mrs. Reagan for your time today to pick up your kinder’s supplies at school.  I will be there in the morning.  I hope to see you there!  Today’s video:

Today’s read aloud is The Bravest Fish by Matt Buckingham.

Week 11 at HOME (June 1-5)

WOW!  I cannot believe that this is our last week of kindergarten.  There are SO MANY emotions that I am feeling.  From disappointment and sadness to gratitude and pride.  While our week looks VASTLY different than that of our typical end of the year I am truly SO THANKFUL to have had the opportunity to be part of your kinder’s educational journey.  This will truly be a class that I will NEVER forget!  Thank you for partnering with me as we experienced our year together.  While we may be ending the year with a very different experience, with a lack of togetherness and fanfare please know that my heart is FULL of pride and gratitude to you all for sharing your kinder with me!!  

The month of May flew by so fast and we are now entering the month of June and our last week of virtual learning!  This week our virtual learning will look a bit different. An assignment will be posted to Google Classroom both Monday and Tuesday.  We will have our last class zoom meeting on Wednesday morning at 10:00am INSTEAD of Tuesday night.  Be sure to check our blog each day because my morning videos will hold special, fun messages.

Morning Message:

Good morning kinders,

Our last week of school is here.  You did it!  I was so happy to see you last week when I came by your house.  This week I have many fun activities planned for you through our blog.   What is one thing you are looking forward to doing for fun over summer break?


Mrs. Bohl

Popcorn Words: Review – Try and spy as many popcorn words as you can in our morning message!


  • Google classroom lesson: I can check my reading superpowers. 
    • Journal prompt: What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? Why?
  • Special: STEAM
  • Check our blog today for the countdown to summer balloon pop and read aloud.  Open Day 5 envelope!


  • Google Classroom lesson: I can show teen numbers.
    • Assignment:  Create and play a teen number game. 
  • Special Gym
  • Check our blog for the countdown to summer balloon pop and read aloud. Open Day 4 envelope!
  • We will NOT be having a ZOOM class meeting tonight!


  • Check our blog today for our countdown to summer balloon pop and read aloud.  Open Day 3 envelope!
  • 10:00a.m. ZOOM Readers Celebration.  An email with the invite will be coming.


  • Check our blog for the countdown to summer balloon pop and read aloud.  Open Day 2 envelope!


  • Check our blog today for our countdown to summer balloon pop and read aloud.  Open Day 1 envelope!


  • STEAM, the code is: kot3fis
  • GYM, the code is: fc5u2nq


  • You will be able to pick up your kinder’s belongings tomorrow, June 1st. Please refer to the email you received from Mrs. Reagan about your pickup day and time. If you have any questions, please email me!  I am happy to help.
  • We will be having an end of the year parade for all of the students to see their teachers! If you would like to attend, you can find all of the information listed on our school blog.
  • Please continue to send me pictures of your kinders for our Father’s Day project.  They are due by June 4!
  • Summer Learning Packet and our June Calendar are both located at the top of our blog for your use.  
  • I LOVE seeing the pictures of your kinder learning at home or just having fun.  Keep on sending them in!  
  • Please check out our district website for  HPS District Covid-19 Updates