News of the Week—June 1-3

This week we put a bit of fun into our last days of learning together.  

POPCORN AND MOVIE DAY:  On Tuesday, you should have heard the cheers that filled our classroom when the kinders found out that we would be having a popcorn and movie day. WOW! 🙂  We enjoyed tasting 3 different flavors of popcorn….plain, caramel and cheese after sorting the various flavors.   The class results showed plain is yummy but caramel and cheese were the favorites.  We also incorporated learning into playing a popcorn math related game such as; POPCORN MATCH UP.


KINDERGARTEN OLYMPICS GAME DAY: Wednesday morning the kinders had SO much fun playing games…Olympic style.  Thank you so much for those who donated supplies and games for this morning fun!  Please see the previous posting for pictures.

BUBBLE DAY:  On Thursday, excitement was heard when the kinders found out that they were allowed to chew BUBBLE GUM in school!  Oh, my goodness! 🙂 I think that our neighboring friends could hear us. (gum is not allowed, so what a treat!!)  We chewed & chewed & chewed before some actual bubbles were made by some kinders. We talked about how you can blow a bubble before we tried. We made these cutie pie kiddos and created a graph that shows if we like or do not like to blow bubbles. We even watched a video of how bubble gum is made in the factory.  Of course we had to relate it to math….it is school!!! The kinders popped up when they heard that math time was going to be playing a math addition game using gum balls. Practicing adding numbers this way is fun!  Listening to a story or two filled out this fun day.

WRITING:  The kinders learned what a bucket list is and have been excited to create their own summer bucket lists.  They wrote a list about PLACES TO GO, THINGS TO DO, FOODS TO EAT and FRIENDS TO SEE Get ready to read what they have on their “bucket list” next week.  Some of the lists are quite long.  I think that you will stay busy this summer. 🙂

SUMMER LEARNING : The end of the school year can often bring LOTS of anxiety in children.  My goal  has been to help the kinders feel proud of their accomplishments this year and celebrate our time together.  So while we have been having enjoying some fun activities during our last days together, the focus is on how much we have grown.  This week we read a book that to explain how the kinders can keep their brains active and continue learning during the summer.   In your kinder’s folder this week, there was a Summer packet. This packet contains literacy, writing and math activities that your kinder can work on over the summer. Happy Learning!!

TIME WITH OUR 5th GRADE BUDDIES:  We spend some time on Wednesday afternoon with our buddies by enjoying a popsicle and playing on the playground together.  We wish them well as they move on to the middle school next year.


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