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News of the Week—Sept 28-Oct 2

Fall weather has definitely arrived!  Please send the appropriate coat/sweatshirt for your kinder to wear while playing outside.

COLOR WORD:    PURPLE     Harold and the Purple Crayon was just one of many purple themed books we read.  It was a great book to inspire imagination.  The kinders used their imagination to draw their own purple crayon adventures.  We LOVED hearing an old favorite song of Mrs. Bohl, the song “One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater”.  They really enjoyed making their own one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater monsters. They are decorating our room for a bit. Here is the link to the “Purple People Eater” video we watched. Once again, it was fun looking at the way the kinders chose to wear this week’s color purple.  We have a few more colors to learn.



SPLIT LIT: This week week we began Split Lit (small literacy groups) learning time. We focused on letter identification, letter sounds and rhyming by drawing out apples, matching fun objects to letter mats, playing rhyming games and building rhyming puzzles.

ABC BOOT CAMP:  We are getting close to the end of the alphabet.  Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv were spotlighted this week.

READING:  We continued with our favorite stories in reading this week!  The kinders learned that readers work to sound exactly like the characters  in their storybooks. They use connecting words such as ” and then…and after that…” while they read the next page and point to any popcorn words they recognize. They used their paper Three Billy Goats Gruff  book, puppets and Piggy and Elephant books to practice this new skill. The kinders had a so much fun changing their voice to sound exactly like the troll and billy goats. This little paper book is now in their blue book bin. 

MATH:  The kinders practiced writing numbers, telling math stories (addition & subtraction), comparing numbers, identifying groups of objects up to 5 and recognizing shapes.

WRITING:  We began a new writing unit called Show and Tell this week.  We started by looking closely at our new friend, Mabel. Then we drew and labeled parts of the elephant. We also drew and labeled Pete the Cat. They did a fantastic job! The kinders were SO excited to use their show and tell item from home! The kinders pulled their object out of their brown bag, told their table partner about it and then they drew and labeled some parts.  Labeling is tricky but we are learning to stretch words slowly and write all of the sounds that we hear, especially when we refer to an ABC chart.  Thank you for participating!

PHONCIS:  Mabel taught us that some letters are called consonants and others are called vowels.  Vowels are special letters because they can make 2 sounds!  We had fun using our friends’ names to clap out the syllable beats and to practice writing them by heart.  The kinders ‘owned’ their letters (first letter) and were the teachers to their classmates as to how to write them.

TURKEY TROT:  The Turkey Trot is going to be a virtual race this year. Check out the PE blog for the Turkey Trot information.   http://mvankoev.edublogs.org


*Monday, Oct 5—ART, KOOL KINDER:  Parker

*Tuesday, Oct 6—STEAM;  KOOL KINDER:  Dylan

*Wednesday, Oct 7—MUSIC; Library…Bring back your library book, Homework packet due.    KOOL KINDER:  Grayson

*Thursday, Oct 8–GYM; KOOL KINDER:  Wesley

 *Friday, Oct 9—ART; KOOL KINDER: Mrs. Bohl  Wear BLACK & WHITE