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Learning at Home—March 23

Happy Monday Kinders!  I hope that you had a great weekend! Can you believe all of the snow!  Bundle up and play outside today!  Here is today’s video:

Here are the directions for the DICE GAME I found on a Pinterest site called The Many Little Joys.  


  • 2-4 dice
  • 10 small counters (pennies,Goldfish crackers, legos, Shopkins, etc.)


  1. Each player starts with 2 dice and 5 counters.
  2. The objective of the game is to capture all of the other player’s counters.
  3. On the count of three, both players roll their dice. Each player adds up the sum of his/her two dice, and whoever has a higher number gets to “take” a counter from the other player.
  4. Continue playing until one player has ALL 10 counters. You can set a timer and declare the winner to be the person with the most counters when it goes off, if it takes too long to collect the counters.


  • Getting doubles trumps any other number, and you get to take TWO counters from the other player (This rule helps the game go faster, I think).
  • You could practice subtraction instead of addition skills. Subtract the smaller number from the bigger number, and the player with the larger difference gets to take a counter from the other player.


Today’s read aloud is Come Home Already by Jory John 

Read aloud by Nora!!!  🙂  Kinders, send me a video of you reading and I will be HAPPY to add it to our blog.  

Helpful Resources and Tips

Hello sweet kinder families! With all of the changes and craziness of this week, the Georgetown staff has been working together to make this the most successful experience it can be! With that being said, we have been receiving lots and lots of emails with helpful tips and tools, and Mrs. Reagan asked that we pass along some information to you.

If you would like to use Moby Max at home, here is a friendly parent guide on how to access this resource and navigate the website.

Moby Max Parent Guide

Also, we have been figuring out new ways to stay connected socially while we are all at home. A really fun way we can do this is by sharing videos back and forth using a website called Flipgrid! This is a website that the entire school will be using, so it will be fun to click through the videos and see some familiar faces. You might even get to see your bus buddy!!! I will post the link below so you can have some fun with this!


When you click on the link, you will be asked to enter your school email. This will be your kinder’s username + hpsstudents.net

The next thing you will have to do is enter a code which is: 22faf4f1

Your kinder will then be able to create a video that all of their friends from school can watch. Mrs. Reagan asked the kiddos to share where they are learning at home and show everyone their pet or favorite stuffed animal! 

I know this is overwhelming and new to all of you. Trust me when I say it is just as new to us! So please just remember to BREATHE and enjoy the extra time you get to have with your sweet babies!!! Also, if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me. I love hearing from you and seeing all the pictures you have been sharing! It has been breaking my heart not being able to be at school every day with my wonderful kinders, but the emails and pictures help brighten my day!!

The last link I wanted to share with you is a link just for parents. Mrs. Reagan created another Flipgrid link in hopes that parents could use this as a way to lift each other up by sharing any homeschooling tips you might have or fun ideas other families could try. 

Here is the link: https://flipgrid.com/parenttipsges

The only thing you will be asked to do is enter this code: Ges3909!

Please do not feel pressure to upload videos or use the resources we share with you! This is the time for you to figure out what will work best for you and your kinder. This might look different for everyone… and that is OK! We will all get through this together. I am sending my love to everyone. Stay healthy!