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Learning at Home–April 2

Good Morning kinders!  I hope that your day is WONDERFUL….wearing your jamies?!  Listen to the message to find out why. 🙂

Today’s message:

  We will have another ZOOM Get Together Chat TOMORROW NIGHT, Friday, April 3 at 6:30pm.  Bring a piece of paper and pencil/marker/crayon OR a whiteboard, marker.  I hope that you can join us! 🙂

Google Classroom Pictures and more:

Today’s read aloud is Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow A perfect book for when you are wearing jamies!

Learning at Home—March 31

Good morning kinders!   It was SOOOOOO FUN seeing all of you last night.  I am so happy that you were able to join in our chat.  If you were busy, no worries.  We will have another ZOOM get together soon.

Today’s morning message:

Doing math:

Today’s read aloud is Nugget & Fang by Tammi Sauer.    Look who the guest reader is!  🙂

Learning at Home—March 30

Good morning kinders!  I hope that you had a FANTASTIC weekend.  Here is today’s message:

Zoom Video Chat:

   Today we will be having our first ZOOM video chat TODAY, MONDAY, MARCH 30 at 6:30pm. :). Check your home email for the link to join.  

Pictures from kinders at home:

Today’s read aloud is LLama, Llama Gram and Grandpa by Anna Dewdney

Learning at Home—March 27


READING KNOCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!!  Find a fun pair of socks, put them on and snuggle down with a good book to celebrate MARCH IS READING MONTH at home.  Have a great weekend! 🙂

Today’s good morning message:

If you want to share a joke with me, send me a short video or you can go on Flipgrid by following Mrs. Reagan’s directions below.

Step 1: Go to flipgrid.com/georgetownrocks

Step 2: Sign in to the Grid

  • Join with your school email.  This is your student ID/Login + hpsstudents.net
  • Enter your password. If you forgot it, have you parent check their email.  I sent them all out last week.
  • If it asks for a code, the code is georgetownrocks

Recording a Video 

Once in a Grid click the green plus to record in three easy steps:

  1.  mceclip0.png  Tap to record – Tap the record button on the bottom to start. Add fun stickers, filters, text, and more. Tap the arrow on the bottom right to advance.
  2. mceclip1.png Review your video – Trim, rearrange, or add more. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.
  3. mceclip2.png  Take a selfie – The selfie will be the cover image for your video. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.
  4. mceclip3.png  Submit your video – Edit your name, add a title, or attach a link. Then submit!

Pictures of our friends:

Today’s read aloud is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

2nd Week of Learning at Home–3/23-3/27


Good afternoon kinders!  I miss you all so much!  I love getting the pictures you’ve been sending me.  Keep working hard and being good listeners for your parents.

Our Weekly Message

Hi Kinders,  As I looked outside this morning, I saw a bunch of snow. It has been a crazy month of March. Take a break from reading and math to enjoy the snow today!

Love, Mrs. Bohl

Popcorn Words of the week:  as, has


Work on adding and subtracting numbers within 10 (or up to 20 if you want a challenge!)

Grab a handful of Legos and count them. Make a pattern with the Lego colors! 

Count your stuffed animals – Use them as a way to create story problems (There were 4 animals playing in the field, but the bunny hopped away. How many animals are left?)


Practice writing upper and lowercase letters

Write a letter to a friend in class or Mrs. Bohl (2594 Floral Drive, Zeeland)

Write our popcorn words or write a morning message each day and include our popcorn words in it. 


Keep on being an AVID reader! Find different spots to read around your house and always keep a stack of books nearby.

Don’t forget to checkout YouTube for our teacher read alouds!   We are having fun recording books for you to listen to, I hope you’re enjoying them! 🙂

You could record yourself reading a book and send it to me!


It has been really sad not being in class together.  I can not thank you enough for checking our classroom blog for suggestions and daily short videos to encourage you and your kinder. Feel free to  take a picture or video that shows your kinder learning at home. I LOVE putting this on our blog so that we can see each other….in a new way.  If you don’t want your picture or video posted, that is fine too.  I still like seeing them.  Please remember to use the Educational Fun links on the blog. Raz-kids is a great resource for reading! 

Also, check out the Georgetown school blog for information on grab-n-go meals and other essential items.  The meals are available to ANY CHILD who may be in need.

I can’t wait until we are back learning together again!! Sending you all hugs and love during this time.  Mrs. Bohl

Learning at Home—March 23

Happy Monday Kinders!  I hope that you had a great weekend! Can you believe all of the snow!  Bundle up and play outside today!  Here is today’s video:

Here are the directions for the DICE GAME I found on a Pinterest site called The Many Little Joys.  


  • 2-4 dice
  • 10 small counters (pennies,Goldfish crackers, legos, Shopkins, etc.)


  1. Each player starts with 2 dice and 5 counters.
  2. The objective of the game is to capture all of the other player’s counters.
  3. On the count of three, both players roll their dice. Each player adds up the sum of his/her two dice, and whoever has a higher number gets to “take” a counter from the other player.
  4. Continue playing until one player has ALL 10 counters. You can set a timer and declare the winner to be the person with the most counters when it goes off, if it takes too long to collect the counters.


  • Getting doubles trumps any other number, and you get to take TWO counters from the other player (This rule helps the game go faster, I think).
  • You could practice subtraction instead of addition skills. Subtract the smaller number from the bigger number, and the player with the larger difference gets to take a counter from the other player.


Today’s read aloud is Come Home Already by Jory John 

Read aloud by Nora!!!  🙂  Kinders, send me a video of you reading and I will be HAPPY to add it to our blog.