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Hooray for the hard working kinders!! They are working hard to continue to make good choices at school (keeping hands, to self, using kind words, following school rules, etc) while being ready to learn AND to listen when others talk. The kinders are also working hard to put their eyes on the teacher so that all directions/instructions are heard. This is what first graders do and we are practicing to do the same.  Thank you for the continuing to courage your kinder at home!  Their choices make the difference in their learning.  We have 9 blue stars….we only need 1 more for fun reward.  Can we make it to 10 this week?  I think that we can!!!

MATH:  We are getting to the end of our math unit.  This week we worked on identifying teen equations (10+6) and teen totals (16), writing teen numbers, identifying partners of 6,7 & 8 and showing numbers by using 5 groups.  For example: to show 7, we drew 5 circles in a line and then drew 2 more circles in a line underneath.  Telling and solving addition and subtraction problems are also part of our daily routine.  Our Friday math games were TEEN NUMBER MEMORY (matching teen equations to the total); SHAPES ARE FUN (identifying shapes); SNOW FORTS (practicing number partners of 7).  


WRITING WORKSHOP:  We are diving deeper into writing Small Moment stories that are true one time, one place stories. At the beginning of the week we worked together to choose a small moment story about celebrating birthdays at school. We practiced telling the story over our fingers, drew detailed pictures and worked on stretching out sounds in the words we wrote. Don’t forget that we also work to include spaces between popcorn words and sentence stoppers (punctuation). Wow!! Next week the kinders will have the opportunity to choose their own small moment to write about.    This is a VERY challenging unit for kinders! I am proud of their perseverance and effort.  We are working to do our best!!

HANDWRITING: We learned how to write lower case letters u,i,e. We are working on writing our “full name” correctly on our papers.  This means ONLY the first letter is capital and the rest of the letters are lower case.  The  kinders are able to write their full name but many of the letters are written incorrectly.  There is a mix of upper and lower case letters within the first and last name.  Please begin practicing this new skill at home.  Thanks! 🙂

FUN CENTERS:  Mason’s mom, Scarlett’s dad, Jaxon’s dad and Peyton’s dad helped the kinders do a science experiment, play math games and make a craft on Friday afternoon.  Fun centers consisted of BLUBBER, BLUBBER  (learning how penguins stay warm in the very cold water); BEARS IN THE CAVE (identifying number partners 5-8); BUILDING MY SNOWMAN (writing names) and RACE TO THE SNOWMAN (identifying – + symbols).  Thank you so much for taking time to join us in learning.  It meant a lot to us.  


READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we got ready to read (revved up) by learning that letters help us read.  By looking at the beginning letter , noticing a ‘switch’ of letters (is it a frog or toad?) and looking all the way through we can figure out words as we read. The kinders are doing an awesome job!  We are increasing our reading time too.  We are averaging 16 minutes a day. Hooray for reading! 

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  Livia was surprised and excited to see her dad come into the room.  He brought along The Tortoise and the Hare.  He chose this book because he likes to play sports with Livia.  Thank you for stopping by.


*POPCORN WORDS:        MAKE       SAID                                                                              We found them in our day’s messages and within our popcorn books.  We learned about “bossy e” who quietly tells the hard worker (vowel) to say their letter name (long a) instead of their letter sound (short /a/ sound) in “make”. Flippy the Dolphin (a reading strategy) was spotlighted. We also learned to look for “talking” lines (quotation marks) to let us know that a character is talking.  Identifying “said” helped making this task easier.

*KOOL KINDERS ARE BOOK LOVERS:  We began another new round of being the Kool Kinder.  This time the job of the Kool Kinder is to locate their favorite book from home, decide why they like this book and take it to school to share with their friends.  The book will come back on the same day.

 Maddox brought How do dinosaurs say Merry Christmas.

 Hunter likes I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda because he likes donuts.

  Livia likes the book Mommies because she loves her mom.

  Parker likes to read Attack of the Nindroids because he likes Legos.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO snacks each day with your kinder. They would probably enjoy a snack from home. Thanks so much for making these snacks healthy ones!  

*TAKE HOME BOOKS:  The TAKE HOME books will begin Monday! Thank you in advance for reading this book with your kinder and reminding them to return these books in the baggies each Monday,Tuesday and Thursday.  If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know and I will be happy to add your name to the schedule. 

*WINTER CLOTHES:  Thank you for dressing your child in warm outside winter gear.  Sending an extra pair of mittens or socks inside their backpacks might be helpful.


*MON. JAN. 22–-ART; reading TAKE  HOME BOOKS; Birthday celebration for Livia (1/21)


*WED. JAN. 24GYM;  HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book.

*THURS. JAN. 25–-MUSIC; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS and Reading the Rainbow word lists

*FRI. JAN. 26ART; 

*FRI. FEB. 2—Fast Friday (Early Release)

*MON. FEB. 5 & TUES. FEB 6—Winter Break Day—No School

*TUES. FEB 7—School begins again

*FRI. FEB 9—Day 100 Celebration

*TUES. FEB. 13—Valentine’s Day Party 2:00-3:00pm Planning will begin soon.

~~ So many good things happening at school. We are learning a lot!  Have a great weekend!    Mrs. Bohl