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NEWS—Feb 24-28

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Welcome to March and the anticipation of spring.  We learned this week that the weather during March can be like a lion (wintery, cold) or a lamb (spring-like,warm breeze). The kinders made a lion or lamb based on how they think March will begin.  Check out our results….I think that there might be quite a few disappointed kinders if we don’t have spring like weather. 🙂

MATH: Number bonds were introduced to the kinders this week. This is just another way to see number partners.  The kinders did an amazing job working with this new skill. Tiny Tumblers who live on Math Mountains were practiced again. The Tiny Tumblers practice their tumbling all day long.  Some Math Mountains have a lot of Tiny Tumblers on one side of the mountain and not so many on the other side, but when you count all of the Tiny Tumblers they equal the Math Mountain number. These math mountains help the kinders learn and practice number partners. For example, on math mountain 6 there are 4 tiny tumblers living on one side and 2 tiny tumblers living on the other side.  (4+2=6)   We also practiced identifying 3D shapes and positional words such as under, above, behind, between, in front of, etc.

Friday math games focused on math skills like number partners, identifying teen numbers by showing the ten and extra ones in ten frames, identifying numbers 1-20 and solving addition problems.

POPCORN WORDS:  AND    GET  The popcorn words are becoming a bit harder to recognize so I can not stress it enough that practice at home is so crucial to your child’s growth.  We practice identifying our words many times and in many different ways throughout the day but your child needs to practice them at home too.  Thanks for taking on this important role. Your February flash cards are inside your kinder’s folder.

WRITING WORKSHOP:  We started to learn about PERSUASIVE WRITING.  First we thought of a problem like “not all kids are walking in the halls”.  Next we thought of how we could convince others why you need to walk in the halls.  Our reasons were “Kids can get hurt.  It is a school rule.” Then we figured out a solution such as “Kids need to walk looking forward.”  Finally we learned that we can tell others by making a sign or poster.  Celebrate with your kinder as they show you their writing & sign this weekend.  This was hard work but everyone persevered.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We finished up our learning of Me on the Map.  This week we learned that our town is called Hudsonville.  We used symbols to locate various buildings on a map. Each of the kinders were able to write their own street and house number inside of the booklets.  It was fun to hear that some of the kinders live on the same street. The kinders’ bedroom map was included inside of your kinder’s booklet if they brought it back.  We are SO lucky to live in the fabulous state of Michigan and this amazing town of Hudsonville.

READING: We started learning about reading playdates!  We learned that avid readers don’t only share books, they are always inventing fun things to do with books and friends.  We used the chart below to guide us with our reading play dates!  Students were able to pick if they wanted to play school, play games or play pretend! The students had fun working with their partners and taking part in the reading playdates!  We also learned that really good readers act out the story in their mind, every time they read.  We are learning that reading is a lot like going to the movies because of all the pretending we are doing!  

MYSTERY READER: Landon was happy to see his grandma come to school.  She read Pancakes! Pancakes! by Eric Carle because she likes to bake and make pancakes with Landon.  Thank you so much for stopping by.


Ariya likes Frozen so A Sister Like Me is a favorite book.

Sutton enjoys reading Be my Valentine, Peter Rabbit.

Sabrina likes to follow the steps at Christmas for How to Catch Santa.

Landon likes bugs and There was an Old Lady who swallowed a Fly!

Major brought in a cool book filled with fun facts about Undercover Animals.


*WINTER GEAR:  The cold weather is still here.  THANK YOU for sending your kinder with all that they need to stay warm outside.  Just a reminder, we will be outside for recess if the temperature is above O degrees.  Keep watching the weather forecast each day.  The playground is dirty, please continue to send your kinder with boots and snow pants! Thank you!

*BACKPACK SNACK: Please, please remember to send 2 quick, healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day. Thank you.

*TAKE HOME books: Your kinder is doing an awesome job reading books.  You may have noticed that many of the kinders have moved up a level and there are different colored stickers on their books. Continue to assist and encourage them as needed.  Please help your kinder to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out a new book each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.  The kinders are doing a fabulous job…thanks to your work at home and the reading volunteers.

MONTHLY CALENDARS: Three March calendars are available for you to view.  Hot lunch calendarMarch calendarPlease take note of the REVISED copy that was sent home today.  It has the correct weekly popcorn words listed .  March is Reading calendar . Watch for a sign up for opportunities to donate special snacks for celebrating March is Reading month!


*MONDAY, MARCH 2––ART; reading TAKE HOME books; Dr. Seuss celebration–wear red, black & white


*WEDNESDAY. MARCH 4––MUSICLIBRARY  Please remember to return your kinder’s book.


*FRIDAY, MARCH 6ART;  FAST FRIDAY Dismissal at 12:15pm  SHINE A LIGHT ON READING—Bring a Flashlight!

*MARCH 8: Daylight Savings…spring forward! 

*MARCH 9 & 11–—Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent slips stating your specific date and time were sent home.  I am looking forward to sharing your kinder’s awesome progress with you.

*MARCH 9-12–SPRING BOOK FAIR:  We are scheduled to purchase books on Wednesday, March 11. If you would like to have your kinder purchase books, please send the money inside an envelope labeled with their name.  Parent volunteers will be available to help your kinder shop.  The Book Fair will be open during the conference evenings.

*APRIL 2-—Kindergarten PJ Day!  Wear jamies (or comfy) clothes.


~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl

NEWS–Feb. 10-14


READING:  The kinders practiced using their retelling skills all week long.  After listening to a valentine story, the kinders retold the story by recalling the characters, setting (where did it take place) and the order of events.  While they were reading with their partners, the kinders were able to put their retelling skills to work using the books inside of the blue book boxes.  Enjoy hearing your kinder retell you The Day it Rained Hearts using the picture cards at home.

MATH:  It was all about showing teen numbers using tens and extra ones, comparing numbers using the terms GREATER THAN and LESS THAN and solving addition and subtraction math stories.  The kinders completed pages in their math workbooks, used 11-20 mats and manipulatives.  We read another Love Monster story called Love Monster and the Last Chocolate before creating our own math story.

After reading and talking about this week’s newspaper, we decided to combine math and our opinion.  First we tasted candy hugs and candy kisses. Next we colored our paper kiss to reflect our choice.  Then we created a graph of Hugs or Kisses on the board. Last we gave a reason why we liked a candy hug or a candy kiss.

SPLIT LIT: The kinders worked on skills such as syllables, writing and reading CVC words, reading popcorn words, identifying ending sounds and identifying “h brothers” (th & sh sounds).

WRITING WORKSHOP: The kinders began learning how to write a new style  of writing…..Opinion writing.  We started with learning the difference between fact and opinion.  Then we sorted statements into an opinion or fact column.  After hearing a story that relates to the day’s writing, the kinders give their opinion, write two reasons to support why they feel that way and write a closing sentence such as “_____ is my favorite.” or “I really like _______.”  WOW!  WOW!  The kinders are writing like almost first graders! Do I dare say that?  🙂 They are including popcorn words, spaces between words, sentence stoppers as well as giving awesome reasons. Our topics this week were: 1. What animal would you take home from the zoo? 2. Liking winter or summer.  3. Choosing hot lunch or home lunch.  Have I said lately, how proud I am of them! 🙂 . This is difficult writing but they are off to a GREAT start!

HANDWRITING:  We learned the proper formation of the SLANT TO STRAIGHT upper case letters, A, Y, V, W, X.  We will continue to work on writing our letters (upper and lower case) for the remaining school year.  Any extra practice at home would be helpful.  Some fun practice might consist of shaving cream, salt trays, watercolors, markers, bath crayons, etc.  

WHERE IS MRS. BOHL?: I want to let you know that I will be out of the classroom Monday morning. I will be screening next year possible kinders.  Mrs. Voss is coming back and will be the teacher. Hooray!  🙂 Mrs. Bynum will still be in the classroom. I will be back in the afternoon. Please take a few minutes this weekend to talk with your kinder about showing Mrs. Voss kindness and respectfulness by following our class rules and making green choices.


Ellery likes to read Unicorn Day because she likes unicorns.

Katelyn thinks this little bear is cute in Make a Wish Bear.

Adrian likes the repeating pattern in Sneezy the Snowman.

Jude likes bugs in the book Bugs in my Hair.

Evelyn thinks Press Here is a funny book.

MYSTERY READER:  Sabrina was so happy to see her dad come into the room.  He read The Day the Crayons Quit.  A fun story about using ALL of the crayons when drawing pictures.


*WINTER GEAR:  Please send your kinder with all that they need to stay warm on the bus ride and while playing outside….snow pants, hats, mittens, boots. Just a reminder,  we will be outside for recess if the temperature is above 0 degrees. We play out in the fields, and our playground does not get plowed, thank you for your help. 


*MONDAY, FEB 17—GYM; TAKE HOME books;  Mrs. Bohl out of the classroom in the morning. Mrs. Voss is here.


*WEDNESDAY. FEB. 19STEAM;  LIBRARY Return library book!  Homework due 

*THURSDAY. FEB. 20MUSIC;  If your kinder would like a sack lunch on Friday, please email me or put a note in their folder by 2/20

*FRIDAY. FEB. 21—-GYM;  Fast Friday…dismissal at 12:15pm

~~~~Have a fantastic weekend.  Stay safe and warm . Mrs. Bohl

NEWS—Oct. 7-11

Fall weather is here!  Please continue to send a warm coat or sweatshirt with your kinder.  The weather can quickly change so it is good to be prepared.  We go out for a break/recess in the morning, lunch and end of the day.

COLOR WORD:    PURPLE     Harold and the Purple Crayon was just one of many purple themed books we read.  It was a great book to inspire imagination.  The kinders used their imagination to draw their own purple crayon adventures.  We LOVED hearing an old favorite song of Mrs. Bohl, the song “One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater”.  They really enjoyed making their own one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater monsters.  Here is the link to the “Purple People Eater” video we watched. They are decorating our room for a bit. After reading Purplicious, the kinders were curious if red and blue really would make purple. We couldn’t pass up the chance to be a scientist and try it out using red and blue paint. Amazing….it really DID make purple!!! 🙂  Once again, it was fun looking at the way the kinders chose to wear this week’s color purple.  We have a few more colors to learn.


HANDWRITING: We spent some time distinguishing between letters and numbers. We started learning the proper formation of lower case letters.  This week it was the “straight line” letters (l,t,i) These booklets were sent home.  Please refer to this booklet as your kinder continues to practice writing at home.  They are doing great but some upcoming letters are more difficult than others to form properly, so extra practice is always beneficial.  Writing with markers, chalk, bathroom crayons and even in shaving cream are some fun different ways to inspire your kinder.  


POPCORN WORDS:  ME   BE   WE   WILL   The kinders were excited to see that our popcorn words rhymed (at least 3 of them).  We found these words inside our daily message, we unscrambled the letters to spell them correctly and found them in books. Thank you for working with your kinder at home.

MATH:  We spent the first part of the week reviewing the math skills that we learned…writing, identifying and counting object for numbers 1-5, identifying and drawing shapes, completing dot to dot pictures.  On Wednesday we took our first math test using individual “office spaces” (a folder separating them from their neighbor) .  They settled in and did a GREAT job of working hard on answering all the questions.  These tests will be graded and given to you soon. I am amazed at how much each kinder has grown in their math skills and abilities!! Thank you for working and supporting them at home.  We started unit #2 by searching for groups of objects 1-10. Friday math games were about identifying shapes, exploring with pattern blocks, identifying numbers 1-6 and counting objects.

READING WORKSHOP: We used storybooks like Piggy and Elephant  to help us notice that characters have feelings.  Sometimes the characters even show strong feelings, as in the book Ilama llama mad at Mama. . When a reader forgets what the words say, they can look at the pictures to help them remember what the words are.  We practiced this together by using a favorite book, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear.

WRITING: The kinders learned that Show and Tell writing can be about important places.  Together we wrote a Show and Tell 3 page book about the library.  Writers and illustrators make decisions on what to draw and label.  The kinders worked hard to do this on each page.  We even tried to write a sentence about our pictures using some popcorn words.  Our Show and Tell book sounded like this:  We will hear a book. We will pick a book.  We will get a book.  The kinders are turning into fantastic writers!

LITERACY:  We finished ABC Boot Camp with letters Xx,Yy, Zz.  We will continue to review these letters, practice producing their sounds in small groups and in large group.  Our shared reading book for the week was Fall Leaves.  Reading this book together helps us in identifying parts of a book, noticing patterns, rhymes, popcorn words and more. It was pretty cool that our poem was about fall leaves too. It is becoming a favorite part of our morning.

MYSTERY READER: On Tuesday Ariya was thrilled to see her mom and her younger sister, Eden.  We enjoyed listening to Thelma the Unicorn.  Thelma learned that being yourself (a horse) is better than wanting to be something else…like a unicorn.  A great lesson for us to remember too.

On Wednesday Kennedy’s grandpa was our Mystery Reader.  He read Be Kind, Be Brave and Be You by Charles Schulz.  We love having grandparents stop by as much as parents.  

There are many open dates so if you are considering being a Mystery Reader, please sign up here  

FAMILY PUMPKIN PROJECT:  We have quite a few pumpkins that are disguised as a unicorn, princess, cat, snowman and more.  I totally forgot to take a picture…I will do that soon.  Thank you for participating. The pumpkins are fabulous!!!


BACKPACK SNACKS…THANK YOU SO MUCH for being conscientious about sending ONLY TWO healthy, NUT FREE snacks…one for the morning, one for the afternoon.  Our snack time is short but enough time to become refueled.

KOOL KINDERS:   The kinders are excited to be the Kool Kinder again.  We are now drawing out a stick with a kinder’s name on it to determine the next day’s Kool Kinder.  A yellow reminder note will come home the day prior. The kinders are bringing in a show and tell item from home.  After you choose the show and tell item, please talk with your kinder about what information they are going to share with the class.  We love to hear why they chose it, who gave it to them or where did they get it, etc. 

BLUE FOLDERS and BACKPACKS:  Please get in the habit of taking out your kinder’s blue folder each night and removing the papers, art work, etc.  Please place any notes back inside the folder.  That is the best place for me to find them.  Cleaning out your kinder’s backpack of extra things will make it less heavy and allow more room for their folder and lunch box.  Thank you!


*Monday, Oct 14—ART

*Tuesday, Oct 15—STEAM 

*Wednesday, Oct 16—MUSIC; Library–Please help your kinder remember their library book.  Homework packet is due 


 *Friday, Oct 18—GYM; FAST FRIDAY (early release)  Dismissal at 12:15pm  Wear BLACK AND WHITE

*Friday, Oct 29—Picture Re-Take Day AND Turkey Trot 

*Thursday, Oct. 31—Fall Class Party, 2:00-3:00 p.m.  There are still openings to donate supplies.  Here is the sign up list.  




COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER:  We hardly start our day before the kinders ask “When can we open the envelope?” We had fun learning and practicing our literacy and math skills through these theme related days.  This week’s envelopes held:

Day 9—-WATERMELON FUN DAY   We read stories about watermelons, we sang “Down by the Bay” completed a rhyming book, painted paper plates to look like watermelons, practiced solving addition and subtraction problems using watermelon “seeds” and ate watermelon.

Day 8—BUBBLE DAY    Excitement was heard when the kinders found out that they were allowed to chew BUBBLE GUM in school!  Oh, my!  I think that our neighboring friends could hear us. (gum is not allowed, so what a treat!!)  We chewed & chewed & chewed before some actual bubbles were made by some kinders. We talked about how you can blow a bubble before we wrote out the steps. That writing just needed a fun picture so we made these cutie pie kiddos. We also created a graph that shows if we like or do not like to blow bubbles. We even watched a video of how bubble gum is made in the factory.  Of course we had to relate it to math….it is school!!! The kinders popped up when they heard that math time was going to be playing a math addition game using gum balls. Practicing adding numbers this way is fun!  Listening to a story and taking home our own bubbles filled out this fun day.

Day 7—-POPCORN AND MOVIE DAY  You should have heard the cheers that filled our classroom.  Oh my!! 🙂  We enjoyed tasting 3 different flavors of popcorn….plain, caramel and cheese after sorting the various flavors.   The class results showed plain is yummy but caramel and cheese were the favorites.  We also incorporated learning into playing popcorn related literacy and math games such as; POPCORN ANYONE?; POPCORN MATH; POPCORN MATCH UP.

Day 6—GAME DAY   We enjoyed playing games outside in the morning during our Kindergarten Olympics.  We also played games in the afternoon inside our classroom.  The kinders chose from Uno, Top It, CandyLand, Chutes and Ladders, Fiddlesticks, Play Ball, Bingo to name a few.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders learned what a bucket list is and have been excited to create their own summer bucket lists.  They have written a list about PLACES TO GO, THINGS TO DO  and FOODS TO EAT.  They will be writing  about another topic next week.  Get ready to read what they have on their “bucket list” next week.  Some of the lists are quite long.  I think that you will stay busy this summer. 🙂

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS:  Thank you so much for the birthday treats!

 Happy birthday to Jase!

 Happy birthday to Colton!

FOUND….IS IT YOURS?  This cold pack needs to go home with the right kinder.  If you are missing a cold pack from your kinder’s lunch box, please email me and I will be happy to send it your way.


*MONDAY, JUNE 3:   MUSIC;  Countdown to Summer Day 5

*TUESDAY, JUNE 4:  GYM;  Countdown to Summer Day 4

*WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5:  ART; Countdown to Summer Day 3


*FRIDAY, JUNE 7: STEAM;  Countdown to Summer Day 1; Last Day of School.  Fast Friday (Early Release Dismiss at 12:15)

~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl



Here is what we did the first 2 days of school.  See the previous postings for the rest of the week.

MATH: We combined shapes (pattern blocks) to make other shapes. We played a fun game to practice partners of 10.

As you know, this month we were given missions each day from Jingle Joy to spread  kindness to others. The kinders are so sweet and love to do nice things for others!  We had some kindness shown to us on Tuesday, when Mrs. Bast’s second graders came to our room and read to us! We wanted to say thank you, so we made them a snowman as a thanks!

LITERACYWe worked on stretching out sounds in words and listening for the middle sound in words.  Those hard workers (vowels) can be tricky but the kinders are working hard to figure out the sounds.

Stay safe as you travel visiting family or if you stay home.  Enjoy the next two weeks with your kinder….making memories together.  If you find you are in need of some activities to do with your kinder you can refer to the light green paper in the blue folder or look below for ideas…..

*practice counting by 1’s and 10’s to 100

*writing numbers 1-30

*practice identifying popcorn words using your flash cards

*create and write new pattern books or create a list of things

*practice writing first and last name (first letter capital, rest of letters lower case)

*read books together 

*go sledding, make a snowman, drink hot chocolate, have fun together!


*POPCORN WORDS:            REVIEW OF WORDS         Ask your kinder to show you how to play Scramble Them Up.   (Use your letter cards to scramble up the letters in popcorn words…and then put the letters in correct order. Example:  okol  is  look)

*WINTER GEAR: Please send appropriate winter gear with your child each day.  It keeps them warm when playing outside.  An extra pair of socks, mittens or gloves might be a good idea to keep inside their backpacks if their original pair gets wet.  Please take time over break to label your kinder’s snow pants and boots if you have not done this.

   We celebrated Jacob’s birthday on Tuesday.

  We celebrated Carter’s birthday on Thursday.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember each day to pack TWO quick, healthy snacks for your kinder.

*TAKE HOME BOOK PROGRAM:  I am planning to create a schedule over vacation. Thank you for volunteering and choosing to be part of this learning. If you still would like to be part of this fun volunteer activity, please email me and I will be happy to include you in the schedule. We will begin this program in January.  It is so exciting to see our kinders become readers.

*The January calendar is posted under CALENDARS at the top of the blog.  A paper copy was sent home this week.

*The January lunch menu is available to read under the FOOD SERVICE tab on the side bar.


*Monday, December 24 – Friday, January 4:  NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break.  School resumes on Monday, January 7!

*Monday, January 7—Back to School; GYM; Zander’s birthday (Jan 6) celebration

*Tuesday, January 8—ART

*Wednesday, January 9—STEAM;  LIBRARY Don’t forget your book! 

*Thursday, January 10—MUSIC; If your kinder would like a sack lunch on Friday, an email or note is due today

*Friday, January 11—ART; Fast Friday Dismissal at 12:15pm

~~~I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; hoping that you spend time making family memories that will be remembered fondly.  I look forward to seeing my kinders on January 7.  Thank you for sharing them with me each day! 🙂  Mrs. Bohl


Thank you for supporting Georgetown and allowing your kinder to think of family members as they chose gifts at the Holiday Shop.  They had a lot of fun picking ‘just the right’ gift for their loved ones.  


GINGERBREAD MAN: We continued to read many different versions…The Gingerbread Baby, The Gingerbread Girl, The Gingerbread Girl goes Crackers. We are having fun comparing the endings of each of these stories.  More to come next week.

MATH:  We started unit #3 by meeting TEN BUG…a bug that has ten dots on it and helps us look for groups of ten. The Kinders had fun when ten bug flew around and talked to each of us. Looking for partners of numbers 2-6 (ex: 1+3=4,2+2=4,3+1=4 are partners of number 4) were also part of this week’s lessons.  The kinders used the “break apart stick” and math tiles to help them visually see this concept. Telling addition and subtraction math stories are becoming part of our daily math practice. Ask your kinder about how we like to act out our stories. 

Math games played were GINGERBREAD MEN PATTERNS (making patterns) and WHERE IS THE ELF? (identifying numbers 1-20)  Math is so much fun!! 🙂

WRITING: We continued to write pattern books have repeating words on each page, but one word changes. Sometimes the word that changes is at the beginning of the sentence, at the end of the sentence and in the middle of the sentence. This week we wrote four pattern books! All of the kinders are doing an excellent job!  I am so proud of them.  

WEEKLY NEWSPAPER:  The topic was HIBERNATION.  We read a fiction book that helped us identify animals that sleep during the winter.  Then we read our newspaper that gave us true facts about how bears get ready for the winter.  

READING:  The kinders learned that readers have SUPER POWERS!

This week it was all about POINTER POWER.  By pointing under each word, making sure that what they say matches what is written and remembering that even longer words get one tap, help to strengthen their super powers. We practiced using our pointer power by reading a Gingerbread Man book filled with popcorn words and by using some very cool googly eyes. Pointer Power….activate!!  You can practice using pointer power at home too!

HANDWRITING:  We worked on writing CLOCKWISE family letters,     Encouragement to write neatly and slowly is stressed as we work on these letters. Thank you for your continual practice at home. 🙂 

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE GINGERBREAD MAN?:  Gingy (our mini gingerbread man) sent us a big envelope filled with post cards from his latest destination…..FRANCE.  We learned about the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, etc.  We agreed that we would like to eat a chocolate souffle, baguette, crepes but escargots would not be tasty.  Mrs. Rossback has had them and she said “they are a bit slimy”.  🙁 . It was fun to see that their flag had the same colors as ours….red, white and blue.  (Sorry….no pictures….we were so busy learning that I forgot! 🙁 )

MYSTERY READERS: Lila jumped up with glee and a small shout when she saw her grandma walk into the room on Wednesday.  She read a Piggy and Elephant book…There is a bird on your head!  What a silly, fun story.

Thursday Aria ran to greet her mom.  She read The Giving Tree.

Elliot was so surprised to see her mom and baby sister come into the room.  We heard Elliot’s favorite story, An Awesome Book.  A sweet story about dreams.

It is always fun to have grandparents & parents come and read to us.  Thank you!!

POPCORN WORDS:     LOOK      RUN       FROM                                    Like always, we used them in the our writing and found them in books!


*WINTER GEAR:  Please continue to send winter gear each day (when necessary) with your child.   It has become cold and snowy outside and we want our kinders warm.  They may wear their gym shoes every day or you can send a pair of shoes.  Wearing snow boots in our room is not a good option.  :)  Refer to earlier posting for more information.  PLEASE LABEL YOUR KINDER’S CLOTHING!

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Thank you for packing 2 quick, healthy backpack snacks each day!

*PARTY DONATIONS:  Thank you so much for your donations.  Please send in ALL non-editable donations to school by Monday, Dec 17. Food items can be dropped off in the morning.  Party volunteers can arrive at 1:30pm to set up.  Please be respectful of Mrs. Reagan’s request……Due to the large number of parent volunteers attending class parties with in the school, Mrs. Reagan has limited the parent attendees to ONLY those volunteering. You MUST have completed a background check if you wish to volunteer. Thank you for understanding.  Click on this link to see who is scheduled to volunteer.  

*5th Grade Candy Canes:  Mon. Dec 3 thru Fri Dec 14. The cost for each candy cane is $1.00 and they will be delivered the same day they are ordered.  Please enclose the money inside a labeled envelope, listing the number of candy canes needed.


*Monday, Dec 10—MUSIC  

*Tuesday, Dec 11—GYM  

*Wednesday, Dec 12—ART;  LIBRARYDon’t forget to return your child’s book!  

*Thursday, Dec 13–-STEAM; HOLIDAY MUSIC PROGRAM  Georgetown Holiday Music Program  6:30pm at Fair Haven Church, 2900 Baldwin Street, Hudsonville.  Kinders arrive by 6:15pm;    Sack lunch orders (by note in kinder’s folder or email) due for tomorrow’s Fast Friday

*Friday, Dec. 14— GYM;  Fast Friday Dismissal at 12:15pm

*Monday, Dec. 17–ALL non-food party donations are due at school

*Wednesday, December 19–Grinch Day—-wear Green or dress like Grinch characters. We will learn how to make our heart grow!

*Thursday, Dec 20–-Holiday Party  It will be held from 2:00-3:00pm. Parent volunteers can arrive at 1:30 for set up.  All donations should be brought to school by Monday, Dec. 18.  Food donations should arrive on party day in the morning.  If you would like your kinder to participate in the class book gift exchange, please send a  wrapped book (suited for either a boy or girl) with tag on the outside. (TO A FRIEND   FROM (YOUR KINDER’S NAME)  ALL BOOKS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14 but can come into school anytime.   

*Friday, December 21-Polar Express Day…wear pj’s!  Come to school wearing your cozy pajamas.  Wear boots and snow pants for outside play but slipper shoes are welcome inside of school.  NO STOCKING FEET ARE ALLOWED. NO STUFFED ANIMALS OR BLANKETS.  Thank you! Be prepared for a fun day of learning.  

*Monday, December 23 – Friday, January 5:  NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break.  School resumes on Monday, January 7! 

~~Have a great weekend!   Mrs. Bohl


Two Important Reminders

Kinder parents, here are two reminders for you…..

Don’t forget to return your kinder’s library book by Wednesday so he/she can check out a new one during our library time! 

If your kinder would like to order a sack lunch on Fast Friday (early release) Sept. 14, please either send a note inside your kinder’s folder OR send me an email by Thursday, Sept. 13.