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Week 6 at Home (April 27-May 1)

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I hope you had a restful weekend and enjoyed some of the warmer temperatures and sunshine on Sunday.  I am missing you all and hoping you have a fun week with getting outside, spending time with your family and learning from home.

Below you will see a layout of what the kinders will be learning on Google Classroom this week. If you have any questions about how to access any of this, please send me an email.

Morning Message:

Good Morning Kinders,

Today is Monday!  I hope you have a fun day and enjoy your learning on the computer this week. I have been missing each and every one of you!

Love, Mrs. Bohl

Popcorn Words: have, on, of


  • I can find all the number partners for a given number.
  • I can fluently add and subtract within five.


  • I can tell about events in my life using a journal.
  • I can read non-fiction books just like fiction books.
  • I can learn from non-fiction books.


If you have not joined the specials classes yet, the codes are listed below. To do this, you will need to go up to the 3 horizontal lines on the left of our Google Classroom page and click on add class. You will then enter the codes you see below!

  • Monday – STEAM, the code is: kot3fis
  • Tuesday – GYM, the code is: fc5u2nq
  • Wednesday – MUSIC, the code is: w6us5ym
  • Thursday – ART, the code is: jcv3vln


  • To access the videos that go along with our lessons, make sure you are on your kinder’s school email otherwise they may not work. This is important because our Google Classrooms are linked to their emails only.
  • When your kinder finishes an assignment in google classroom, please click the “turn in” button so we know your kinder completed it.
  • Epic invitations were sent out this past week!  They were sent to parent emails.  Please check it out, this is a great FREE resource for reading  in addition to Raz-Kids.
  • I enjoyed seeing the videos and cute pictures I received this week from kinders in our class.  Thanks for sending them to me.
  • Keep up the great work of encouraging your kinder with their google classroom assignments.