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NEWS—Nov. 25 & 26


A very short week but yet full of learning….

SOCIAL STUDIES: We completed our learning about the pilgrims, Native American Indians and the first Thanksgiving. We learned what it was like to live the life of a Pilgrim child and a Wampanoag child.  We watched two short videos on a day in the life of a child who grew up living the pilgrim life and a child who grew up living the Wampanoag life.  We learned that pilgrim children picked their crops, they helped their families and they gathered firewood.  We learned that Wampanoag children scared away birds from their crops, collected water, picked crops and helped their families.  We learned both groups of children played with other children, ate meals, and had a place to sleep.  It was so fun learning about what life was like for children 400 years ago!

We made a storytelling bracelet by using colored beads to tell the story of the First Thanksgiving.  Enjoy having your kinder retell it to you. We also made a Thankful Bag that was filled with various objects to tell a special someone they are thankful for them. 

After reading the story of Stone Soup, we followed a recipe filled with popcorn words as we added our ingredients.  We put in corn, potatoes, peas, green beans, onions, tomatoes, spices and of course stones! After it cooked for a very long time we ate our delicious soup together. I am so proud of the kinders who were not sure if they would like the soup but tried it and they loved it.  

MATH: We practiced telling addition and subtraction stories by using Native American Indians (brave & squaw), a canoe, blue paper for water and fish crackers. “The brave caught 3 fish.  Then he caught 2 fish. How many fish did he catch?” or “The squaw cooked 6 fish. The brave ate 2 fish. How many fish were left in the pan?” A fun way to learn! We practiced making partners of ten too.  First we rolled a giant die to find out how many dots we needed to color on the turkey feather. Then we used a second color to color the remaining dots to make 10.  An example is: 4 orange dots + 6 brown dots = 10 dots.  Finally, we cut out the feathers and attached them to our turkeys.  Please ask your kinder to count the dots and tell you the number partners of their turkey feathers. 


WRITING: We read a book about giving thanks before the kinders wrote about what they are thankful for and why.  It is so exciting to see how they have progressed thus far in their writing. We have so much to be thankful for! 🙂  We are truly blessed!

2nd Grade Reading Celebration:  Mrs. Gates invited our class to join her 2nd graders for a reading celebration!  The 2nd graders were spread out throughout their room and they each had nonfiction books that they studied and were experts about!  We learned about dinosaurs, farming, weather, space, etc….It was so much fun to learn some new facts from our 2nd graders!

SPLIT LIT: The activities had a Thanksgiving theme to help the kinders practice identifying initial sounds, words that began with T/words that did not begin with T and rhyming words.  The kinders’ literacy skills are improving all the time!

Important Information

There is no homework this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Please enjoy time with your family and friends. Homework will resume on 12/4.

CALENDARS:  The DECEMBER calendar (paper copy was sent home 11/26) and the December lunch menu is available.  Please refer to these calendars for upcoming events and hot lunch choices.


*Mon. Dec. 2  MUSIC ;  Book Orders due (paper form or online) 

*Tues. Dec 3  GYM

*Wed. Dec 4  ART;  Library Don’t forget to return your book!

*Thurs. Dec 5  STEAM

*Fri. Dec 6    GYM

*Dec 12—Wrapped books due for our Holiday Book Exchange if you would like to participate.  

*Dec. 12—Holiday Music Program… We will travel to Fair Haven to rehearse from 10:00-11:00.  6:15 kinders arrive, 6:30 p.m. program at Fair Haven Church in Jenison.  

*Dec. 13–Fast Friday 12:15pm dismissal

*Dec 18—Grinch Day

*Dec 19—Holiday Party  2:00-3:00PM Activities are being planned.  Details about donations and volunteers will be available soon.

*Dec 20—Polar Express Day   Wear jamies to school

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Mrs. Bohl