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News of the Week—Oct 12-16

COLOR WORD:    ORANGE     We read some pumpkin books to celebrate the color orange.  We made a cute orange tiger and so much more.

POPCORN WORDS:   YES   NO  STOP  GO   We wrote these words in our journals, found/wrote them in our popcorn paper books, used magnets to create new words by changing the beginning sound (go, no, so, OR stop, mop, top, hop) and in our shared reading poem.  

READING: We were introduced to some new strategies to use when we get stuck on unknown words. We learned about Tryin’ Lion, Stretchy Snake, Eagle Eye and Lips the Fish. Tryin’ Lion taught us that if what you’re reading doesn’t make sense, go back and try it again. Stretchy Snake taught us to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out the sounds and then blend them together. Eagle Eye taught us to use the picture on the page to figure out the word. Lips the Fish taught us to get our mouth ready to say the sounds in words. We practiced those skills in our books. We also looked at our popcorn word books and labeled some pictures to help us read them better. In our books we looked for what characters are feeling and labeled that feeling with a sticky note that tells the feeling . 

MATH: This week the kinders found out that they can tell math stories and solve the answers to their math stories. For example:  3 teddy bears came and sat at a table.  2 more teddy bears joined them.  How many teddy bears are at the table?”  3+2=5. They used their math toolboxes to show groups of 5 within numbers (5+1=6) and to compare numbers by using a 5 strip and extra one tiles.  They drew groups of 5 and extra ones and counted groups of objects inside their workbooks.  Friday math games were APPLE ORCHARD I SPY and PUMPKIN RACE.  What fun! 

WRITING:  This week we wrote about our Homes. We learned about how writers think about their important topic, draw it, label the pictures, write words and then write more words. We ended the week by making them colorful and sharing them with our table partner! They are doing a fabulous job drawing detailed pictures, labeling parts of their drawings and trying their best to write a matching sentence such as “I eat at the table. I sleep in my bed. I play in the playroom.”

PHONICS:  We are Word Scientists!  We began to look closely at an alphabet charts to notice which letters have straight or curvy lines, how it can help us match a picture to a letter and noticing things that are the same and different about the ABC charts. We also practiced learning a letter – naming it, sounding it, writing it and using it. We did the same thing practicing our popcorn words.

SPLIT LIT/LITERACY:  The kinders worked on rhyming, identifying letters, producing the sounds, identifying beginning and ending sounds by playing games.  

PBIS Outstanding Mission:  On Monday we departed on a mission brought to us by the PBIS team at Georgetown.  Our mission at our first stop was to determine the best way to SOAR at school which was by Detective Stauffer.  Our second and last stop was led by Mr. Waldie where we discussed who the secret agents are at Georgetown that give Outstandings to students.  This was fun little hunt to introduce Outstandings and remind our students of how we SOAR at school.  Ask your kinder about how they can SOAR daily at Georgetown. 



KOOL KINDERS:   What fun to see and hear about this week Kool Kinders’ show and tell items of Ryan’s World, Fancy Nancy doll, mini car that fit inside a small container, a Leap Frog game and a cuddle buddy mouse.

TURKEY TROT:  The Turkey Trot is going to be a virtual race this year. Check out the PE blog for the Turkey Trot information.   http://mvankoev.edublogs.org

LUNCH:  On October 9, the USDA announced that they would be extending the Summer Food Service Program’s free meals for all students at all schools through June 30, 2021. The SFSP is a continuation of the operating rules in place during the spring/summer school closure from March-August 2020.  If your kinder orders milk with their home lunch that is a charge.

BACKPACK SNACKS: THANK YOU SO MUCH for being conscientious about sending ONLY TWO healthy, NUT FREE snacks…one for the morning, one for the afternoon.  Our snack time is short but enough time to become refueled.  Don’t forget those water bottles! 🙂

Please remember to send your kinder in a coat each day to school. With this changing weather, it is important for the kinders to be warm at recess. Thank you!


*Monday, Oct 19—MUSIC

*Tuesday, Oct 20—GYM 

*Wednesday, Oct 21—ART; Library…Bring back your library book, Homework packet due.   


 *Friday, Oct 23—STEAM;   Fast Friday (early release) Dismissal 12:15 COLOR DAY: Wear BROWN

*Wednesday, Oct 28–Fall Party Donations due at school

*Friday, Oct 30–Fall Party day

Have a fabulous fall weekend. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net  YOUR KINDER IS SPECIAL TO ME! 🙂  ~~Mrs. Bohl

News for the Week–Aug 31-Sept 3

We had a great 4 day week in kindergarten, many sunny warm days to play outside.  Consider sending your kinder with a sweatshirt/coat for the cooler mornings.  We play outside unless it is raining or the wind chill is below O.  Be sure to label your kinder’s coat as it is hard for them to remember which coat/sweatshirt belongs to them.  

Here is a peek at what your kinder did at school this week:

POPCORN WORDS:     A       COLOR WORD:      RED                                                            The kinders had fun celebrating the color RED today! We colored pictures, sang a red song,  read many books about a big, red dog…..Clifford.  Making a fun craft of Clifford helped us practice our cutting skills and listen to and follow directions.  It was fun to see RED shirts, RED pants, RED socks, RED hair ribbons and RED hair on Thursday.  

PROCEDURES:  We have been learning and practicing how to do many things in our classroom. From how to daily turn in our blue folders and ordering lunch to remembering our number in line and walking down the hallway at school.  They have done a GREAT job practicing this throughout our movement around our school. The kinders are working very hard to keep their hands in their own bubble space when sitting on the floor and in their lap when sitting at their table spots—and not touching their supplies when listening for directions.  Each day I see improvement.  I have a FABULOUS bunch of kinders!!!

COOL TOOLS: The kinders are continuing to work hard each day to being ready to learn by….looking with eyes, listening with ears, voices quiet, hands in own bubble space and sitting like a pretzel (when on the rug).  We are becoming mindful of each other and the climate of our learning classroom.  Our lessons about the cool tools are helping us be aware of others and how to deal with situations.   

Franklin’s Bad Day helped us learn to walk away before saying toothpaste words or doing toothpaste actions to our friends.  The BIG INFLATABLE SHOE is our visual reminder.  We decorated our own shoe to take home.

 When I am angry helped us learn that taking time to chill out when we feel upset is okay. We learned about our Calm Spot or other things we could do like talk to an adult, take a walk with an adult, etc…  The ICE CUBE TRAY is a good reminder.  We played a fun game using a real ice cube and said it was important for us to cool down when we feel angry or upset.  It was COOL! 🙂 .   

We read Hurty Feelings and learned that the tone of your voice and how we say words is very important.  The microphone helps us remember this. 

WRITER’S  WORKSHOP:  The kinders found that writers share information with others about what they know. Examples of these topics were WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO EAT FOR BREAKFAST?  They practiced this by taking turns with their table buddies to be the jelly (speaker) and the peanut butter (listener). The kinders did AWESOME!!!  We also learned that we can think of something that we know about, talk about it and then draw it.  Our topic….wearing masks!  :). It is fun seeing all the different designs on everyone’s masks. 

SPECIAL READER:  We were SO EXCITED to have our principal, Mr. Waldie visit us and read one of his favorite books to us, Elephant and Piggie, A Big Guy Took My Ball! by Mo Willems. He even had a mask with Elephant and Piggie on it!  We laughed a lot because the characters in the book were so funny. It was nice to have him visit our room!

READER’S WORKSHOP:  During our first reading workshop lesson, the kinders learned that readers walk through the world in a special way.  They don’t just see things, they read things too!  We learned that we are readers and can already read different signs in our school, in our classroom and out in our world!  The kinders were excited know that they were able to read familiar environmental print signs. We are learning to LOOK, READ, THINK, LEARN!

We also talked about what it means to be a “Book Lover”.  We learned that a book lover takes care of their books by being gentle with them, not eating or using supplies around them and putting them back where we got them from.  We practiced being a book lover with books at our table spot.

MATH: We started number writing during our handwriting time, stressing that we always start our numbers at the top!  This week we wrote numbers 0,1,2.   We drew pictures to show their number sense like 1 flower, 2 balloons.

We read Anno’s Counting Book, discussed numbers 1-10 and went on an I Spy hunt on the book pages for objects that corresponded to  that number. 

The kinders were introduced to the number tiles 1-5 and 10 counters.  We also learned how to count a group of objects and find different ways to arrange them.  For example: 3 can be shown with 1 red tile and 2 blue tiles or 3 can be shown with 3 red tiles and 0 blue tiles.

Quiet Time:  Each day we have quiet time after lunch for 20-25 min.  The kinders  have a chance to rest their bodies and brains so they will be ready to learn for the rest of the afternoon.  

ABC BOOT CAMP:  Letters Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee were spotlighted this week.  We are practicing identifying the letters and making their sounds by singing fun songs too.


*Backpack snack.—Pack TWO quick, heathy snackS each day.  Be sure to place it in a special small pocket so that it is easy for them to locate.

*Blue folders—send them to school each day (you are all doing a great job with this!  Thank you!!)

*If ordering a hot lunch or milk, please discuss with your kinder what they will be ordering so that they are comfortable and secure with their selections.  

*Parents, please subscribe to this blog so that you are alerted when information is posted about happenings in our classroom.


Monday, Sept. 7–No school. Labor Day

Tuesday, Sept 8—MUSIC;  Return a washed SMALL beach towel. Book Orders due (online…class code L77G6 or paper form/check)   Kool Kinder: Valentina

Wednesday, Sept 9—GYM; Library  Kool Kinder: Braydon

Thursday Sept 10—ART Kool Kinder: Aryana 

Friday, Sept 11—STEAM, Kool Kinder:  Anora  COLOR DAY….Wear YELLOW!   

Have a restful weekend. Sleep well. We have a 4 day week ahead. Thank you for sharing your kinder with me. They are wonderful!  Mrs. Bohl

A few things….

Color Day –Tomorrow is RED day- help us celebrate our color of the week by wearing RED tomorrow to school!  See the note in the blue folder for more information.

Beach Towels – Beach towels came home today. We will not need them tomorrow at school since it is a short day. Please wash them and return them to school with your kinder on Tuesday. Please consider a smaller towel for your kinder to use.  The large towels are folded in half to allow proper distancing between kinders.  


Sack Lunch Tomorrow – If your kinder would like a sack lunch to bring home with them from school tomorrow, please email me to let me know. Also, I need to know what kind of milk they would like. Unless I get an email, I will plan on your kinder eating lunch with you. 

NEWS—-Nov 4-8

POPCORN WORDS:  ARE    LITTLE     AM    Again we made new words by adding a letter to the beginning of “am”.  We enjoyed reading the shared reading poem This Little Piggy and the book Biscuit. . Each day we read this poem and book, noticing popcorn words, rhyming words, making new endings to the poem and more.  It is one of our favorite times of the day.

READING WORKSHOP: We started a new reading unit called “We are SUPER READERS!” The kinders learned they have PICTURE POWER! They can use the pictures while reading to help them become readers. They also have POINTER POWER! The kinders use their pointer finger pointing to each word they read one time and practiced reading from left to right. We practiced with pictures and colored dots “reading” them from left to right.  We did all of this with fun pointy fingers. The last power we learned about was SNAP WORD POWER! When we see words we know, we read them in a SNAP! We did this while reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Who Do You See?

MATH:  We practiced showing numbers using using blue dots. We added one blue dot each time to make the number bigger. Then we practiced showing the equations. For example, 2 + 1 = 3.  They noticed the pattern that occurs when you add these numbers, seeing that each number sentence has a + 1, each answer increased by 1.  One kinder said, “Hey it looks like stairs!”  We also told addition and subtraction math stories by drawing and writing matching equations.  

WRITING:  We started writing PERSONAL NARRATIVE stories or as the kinders like to call them small moment or true life stories. These are stories about themselves, something that’s happened to them or something they’ve done. Each kinder came up with their own idea, told their story to a partner, drew the pictures to their story, added labels and words. They worked very hard on their stories this week!  I am so proud of the kinders!!!

RAINBOW DAY:  Oh, my!  What a fun way to celebrate knowing how to read and write color words.  We read color books and had some much fun learning a silly poem about Rainbow Hair and then making a person with Rainbow Hair.  

HANDWRITING: We practiced the lower case letters of the Slant family (k,v,w,x,z).Thank you for working on this at home too.

MYSTERY READERS:  Reagan was surprised to know both of our mystery readers this week.    First, on Wednesday, her MiMi (grandma) came to read The Otter who Loved to Hold Hands.  What a sweet story!

On Friday, Reagan’s mom came and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It was a favorite story when she was a little girl and now she reads it with Reagan and her younger siblings.


WINTER GEAR – Brrrr….our Michigan weather is changing quickly. Please be sure to gather up those warmer coats, mittens, boots, hats and snow pants. When it snows, this gear is mandatory to play outside. When the snow arrives we do go outside and play! However, if the temperature or wind chill get below freezing we do opt to stay inside. If anyone needs any help with getting these winter items PLEASE let me know. Keep in mind that the goal for all kinders to get their winter gear on and off independently. Please LABEL your Kinder’s winter gear.  It will make it easier for me to help each child keep track of their own belongings.

SNACKS – Please remember to send your kinder with 2 snacks and a water bottle each day. We have a morning and an afternoon snack. I always have Cheerios and graham crackers for kinders who forget. 


*Monday, Nov 11—GYM

*Tuesday, Nov 12—ART Kylie’s birthday celebration

*Wednesday, Nov 13—STEAM; Library–Please help your kinder remember their library book.  Homework packet is due    

*Thursday, Nov 14–-MUSIC   If your kinder would like a sack lunch from the lunch service, please email me or write a note by Thursday, 11/14.   Jet’s Pizza Night

*Friday, Nov 15—ART Fast Friday (early release) Dismissal at 12:15;  Katelyn’s birthday celebration (Nov 16)    Popcorn Friday

*Nov. 18—Parent-Teacher Conferences   Book Fair Preview Day   Allan’s birthday celebration

*Nov. 20—Parent-Teacher Conferences   Book Fair Purchase Day….No Library

*Nov. 27—Nov. 29—NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Vacation

*Dec. 12—Holiday Program… 6:30 p.m. at Fair Haven Church in Jenison.  More details coming as date approaches. The kinders are very busy practicing their songs!          

Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl