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News of the Week—May 10-14


READING: At the beginning of the week we made connections to a character and their problem in the story.  We asked ourselves…”Has that happened to me?”  We talked about something special breaking or getting/wanting a pet and thought “Has that ever happened to me?” Later in the week, we learned more about characters in the books we read. We read more Froggy books and compared the adventures Froggy goes on in different books. Then we compared two different characters in an Elephant and Piggie book. We noticed what was the same about them and what was different. It is fun studying and learning about characters!

WRITING:  We were busy building our strength in writing Small Moment stories this week.  The kinders are working hard each day.  They chose a story that is true and about themselves.  Then they told the story across their fingers, focusing on the beginning, middle and end.  Drawing the pictures and writing the words came next and ending by sharing their stories with a friend. What hard work!  I am proud of their progress!

MATH:  We compared objects this week.  The kinders learned what longer than, shorter than and  taller than really mean by going on a hunt around the room for real objects they could measure against their pencil.  We also compared objects that are heavier or lighter.   We finished the week by starting to review various math skills we have studied in this unit.  We will be working as “office workers” next week by taking our last math test. 

LITERACY/PHONICS:  We were very busy working on these literacy skills…

  • sorting pictures having short e,o,i  sounds
  • making new words by changing the vowels and other letters
  • reading a short story and answering comprehension questions
  • studying our popcorn words—by, my, one
  • learning to read and write plurals in words 

KOOL KINDER AND THE GUESSING BAG:  The items this week paper clips, Hot Wheels cars, pennies, popcorn and Skittles.

WE SHINE AS READERS:  Pictures using our flashlights to read 🙂


  • Bring 2 snacks each day to school and a water bottle with a spill proof lid please. 
  • Return take home books and library books on Wednesday.  We are collecting all  books for summer inventory.
  • Watch the weather. Please keep in mind that even though the season is spring, some days will be cold, wet and rainy, others will be warm and sunny.  Please continue to send a coat, with your kinder. Boots are not needed unless it rains. Thanks! :).  


*Monday, May 17—STEAM

*Tuesday, May 18—MUSIC

*Wednesday, May 19—GYM; Return TAKE HOME & LIBRARY BOOKS

*Thursday, May 20—ART If your kinder would like a sack lunch from the lunch service, please email me or write a note by Thursday, 5/20

*Friday, May 21–ART  Fast Friday (Early Release) 12:15 p.m. Dismissal. MY STATE IS GREAT–wear clothes which show a place in Michigan

***Have a WONDERFUL weekend. It sounds like it could be a nice weekend to be outside. Mrs. Bohl