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News of the Week–Feb 1-5

GROUNDHOG DAY: We learned a few fun facts about groundhogs, we made a groundhog craft and predicted if the groundhog would see his shadow and go hiding for 6 more weeks of winter OR would he not see his shadow and stay outside for an early spring. According to our classroom graph, many of the kinders were predicting a cloudy day.  How about you? What did you predict?

POPCORN WORDS:  HOW   NOW   The kinders noticed right away that these two words rhyme and that we wrote “how” A LOT of times during our How to….writing.  

READING:  They learned that snap words (popcorn words you can identify in a snap) can be disguised with endings of -ed, -ing, -s.  The kinders  activated their extra strength book talk power by remembering what we read by retelling who was in the story, where it took place, and predicting what might happen. The kinders are developing this skill as their reading level grows.  

MATH:  We reviewed math skills in preparation for our unit #3 test on Wednesday.  The kinders worked hard as “office workers”.  I will share their math test results with you next week. We enjoyed reading Ten Grouchy Groundhogs a few times before we read and completed the emergent reader Ten Little Groundhogs. We looked at the ten frame to determine how many groundhogs there were.  Then, we reread the text and crossed off the last groundhog.  Last, we completed the number sentence at the bottom of the page.  See the earlier posting for our Day 100 activities.  We will begin Unit #4 next week.

WRITING: The kinders began learning how to write a new style  of writing…..Opinion writing.  We started with learning the difference between fact and opinion.  Then we sorted statements into an opinion or fact column.  After hearing a story that relates to the day’s writing, the kinders give their opinion, write two reasons to support why they feel that way and write a closing sentence such as “_____ is my favorite.” or “I really like _______.”  WOW!  WOW!  The kinders are working towards writing like almost first graders! Do I dare say that?  🙂 They are including popcorn words, spaces between words, sentence stoppers as well as giving awesome reasons. Our topics this week were: 1. What animal would you take home from the zoo? 2. Liking the swings or the slide. Have I said lately, how proud I am of them! 🙂 . This is difficult writing but they are off to a GREAT start!

BLACK HISTORY MONTH:  ROSA PARKS This week we learned that Rosa Parks showed courage when she refused to give up her seat on a bus. Thanks to her bravery, anyone can sit where they choose on a bus. 

WE HAVE MAIL:  Yes, we have mail inside of our valentine mail bags.  How exciting!  The kinders were able to begin mailing the valentines this week. They were a bit disappointed that the mail bags were not coming home right away but they became excited when they found out more valentines are coming their way.  Memory kind of moments.  🙂  I also wish that I could include the conversations that took place during these first mailings.  So many kinders filling each others’ buckets by offering to help and squealing with excitement when they saw similar valentines.  Oh my…I love this time of the year!  Please bring the rest of the valentines to be mailed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

KOOL KINDERS SPREADING KINDNESS AND A BEING BOOK LOVER: We heard about kinders showing love to their cats and giving their parents and grandparents hugs this week.  What kind hearted kinders! 🙂 We also read some fun books.

PE NEWS: Kids Heart Challenge through Feb 15.  Please see the PE Blog for more information. Below is the sign up link. http://www2.heart.org/goto/georgetown

TAKE HOME BOOKS: I want to take a moment and thank you…kinder families…for writing comments about your kinder’s reading.  Those comments are very helpful.  I am working on having the kinders read for me to determine their best independent reading level.  Your kinder may be taking home new level books.


WINTER GEAR: Please remember to send your kinder with snow pants, boots, a hat, gloves/mittens and coat every day!  

SNACK & WATER BOTTLE:  Please remember to send 2 healthy snacks AND a water bottle with your kinder each day. If possible, enlist your kinder in choosing their snacks.  Many are commenting that they don’t like the snack that is packed.

HEADPHONES:  Please send in a pair of headphones for your kinder to use in STEAM If you have not already done so.  Thank you!


*Monday, February 8—Winter Break–NO SCHOOL

*Tuesday, February 9—ART Mail Valentines. STUFFED ANIMAL DAY Bring a small stuffed animal that fits inside the backpack.

*Wednesday, February 10—STEAM; TAKE HOME BOOKS & LIBRARY Don’t forget your books!  Homework packets due  Mail Valentines

*Thursday, February 11—MUSIC 

*Friday, February 12—GYM Valentine Party 

Enjoy the 4 day weekend!  Be safe and stay warm!  Mrs. Bohl

Stuffed Animal Day–Feb 5

We did it!  

We have earned our 5 star reward!

The kinders voted and we are having a…

STUFFED ANIMAL day tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 5!

The kinders may bring a small stuffed animal to school.  Please make sure that the stuffed animal fits inside their backpack.

It will be a fun day!

(In case we have a snow day, the stuffed animals can come to school on Tuesday, Feb 8 instead)