Happy 1st Week of Learning at Home

Good morning kinders!  Happy 1st day of “Learning at Home.”  Your teachers can’t wait to see how amazing you do while you are working on your at-home learning.  We have added a few additional educational websites on our blogs.  Have fun exploring these over the next few weeks.  All kinders have or will be receiving Clever information soon.  If you have questions please reach out and we will get back to you with problem-solving.   Below you will see a week of learning ideas.

Our Morning Message

Good morning K team!  I could see the sunshine this morning.  Would you say good morning to a friend?  We should work hard today.

Love, Your K team teachers

Popcorn Words of the week:  could, would, should


Focus on writing #’s 1-20 (can you go higher?-go!)

Number identification 1-20 (can you go higher?-go!)

Use a whiteboard or paper: Addition/Subtraction Fluency with numbers 1-8, look up educational youtube videos on 3D shapes, counting objects up to 10, one-to-one correspondence, writing number sentences that match the picture (for example 10 stars total = 1 purple star and 9 yellow stars. 10=1+9).  


Focus on writing letters to those you can’t see during this break.

Practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters


Enjoy some time reading each day – to someone, to yourself, to a stuffed animal.

Find our popcorn words of the week or past in books or around you.


We would LOVE to build a photo album of kindergarten learners. Feel free to send us a picture of your kinder and how they are learning or having fun during this unprecedented time.  We will share them on our blog to keep us all connected.  

We miss our kinders already!!  Please enjoy the time together and be sure to reach out if you or your family are in need of ANYTHING!  Our school blog has many resources on it for those who may need a grab-n-go meal and other essential items.  We are here for you!  Sending you all hugs and love during this time.


Your Kindergarten Teachers Team

Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Blauwkamp, Mrs. Bohl, Mrs. Stutz and Mrs. Tindall

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