A Daily At-Home Routine for Students


Dear kinder families,

Mrs. Tindall stumbled upon this daily routine tonight on social media and I thought it deserved to be shared on our blog!  Since we will not be in school for four weeks, I strongly encourage you to maintain routine for our kinders (and for all students) during this time of uncertainty! A daily routine, such as this one, can be reassuring to our kinders and it helps to promote positive health and learning.  This routine also encourages our kinders to keep up with schoolwork and extra activities such as outside time and chores!  I think am going to implement this schedule for myself starting Monday. Teachers need a schedule too. 🙂

Hug your little kinders extra tight this weekend and please tell them I am already missing them!  Look for more online learning posts coming from me in the upcoming week:)

Warmly,  Mrs. Bohl

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