Spreading Kindness in December

This is Jingle Joy….the kindness elf.


During the month of December, she has been living in our classroom. Maybe your kinder has already told you about her??

Each morning the kinders looked eagerly (actually “excitedly” is a more accurate word 🙂 ) around the room to locate her hiding spot.  She was found on top of the flag, inside the empty one hundred bucket, on top of the big whiteboard, way up high on top of the cupboards and inside the kitchen sink as well as other places.  Did you notice that she likes to climb up high?  (ha, ha).  Her main mission was to help us spread kindness to others.  Please ask your kinder to explain about our daily secret missions.  This was and still is TOP SECRET!! 🙂  

It was an amazing, fun time for us to learn how to think of others during this holiday season….and always!  Have some fun spreading the Magical Reindeer Food (on your front lawn) that Jingle Joy left for each kinder. They were so excited to find her gift.  I just loved seeing their happy and (believing) faces! 🙂


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