Fall Party Details and Information

Our fall party is Thursday, October 31! Here is a little Q&A with all of the details about the party. 

Q: What is the schedule for our fall party?

A:  We will be doing fun activities throughout the morning with the other kindergarten classes.  We will be having the fall party in the classroom at 2:00pm

Q: What do I do with my child’s costume?

A: Your kinder may come to school in his/her costume if it allows them to move freely and not get too hot or bothered wearing it during the day, or you may pack it for them to put over their clothes.  We will not have enough time for every kinder to completely change into their costume during school. Their costume must be regular type clothes or be able to be worn over their clothes. We will be removing our costumes (taking them off from over our clothes) after the party is done.  

Q: Is my kinder allowed to wear masks or bring weapons to school as part of their costume?

A: Your kinder can wear a mask during our parade and party, but toy or pretend weapons of any kind need to stay at home. No scary, gory make-up or masks will be allowed.  

Q: Do I need to send an afternoon snack?

A: NO! An afternoon snack is provided as part of our party. Please pack one morning snack for your kinder. 

Q: When can the volunteers arrive to set up?

A: If you are signed up to volunteer to attend the party,  you can arrive at 1:40pm.  The kinders will be out of the classroom so that the party activities can get set up.  Please bring all supplies with you if not sent prior to school.

Thanks to all of our parents and families who are helping with our party on Thursday, Oct 31! We can’t wait for a fun-filled day. 🙂   If you have any questions, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net    Mrs. Bohl







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