End of the Year Work

The end of the year is fast approaching and can often bring LOTS of anxiety in children.  My goal  has been to help the kinders feel proud of their accomplishments this year and celebrate our time together.  So while we have been having enjoying some fun activities during our last days together, the focus is on how much we have grown.  This week I have incorporated a book that explains what it is going on in our classroom or building during these last weeks of school.  So far we have read the following books about….

SUMMER LEARNING – Designed to explain how the kinders can keep their brains active and continue learning during the summer.   In your kinder’s folder today there was a Summer packet. This packet contains literacy, writing and math activities that your kinder can work on over the summer. Happy Learning!!

CLASSROOM CLEANUP— Designed to help the kinders be part of getting the classroom ready for a new batch of kinders next year.  The booklet helps to explain how the classroom (and our building) starts to look different.  Today we worked as a class family to organize and resort our book library.  (Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the how well the kinders did working/cleaning/sorting.  They were AMAZING!) . We will spend a little bit of time cleaning up other areas tomorrow.

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