Wow! It was very productive week of learning despite the 2 hour delay and snow day. Look what we have been doing!

SPLIT LIT:  This week’s activities focused on building a sentence, writing popcorn words, identifying popcorn words, listening for initial, medial and final sounds in words, changing initial letter to make new words and listening for the /sh/sound in words.  I am so proud of the progress that they are making.  It was a good week of working hard during this time.

MATH: Here are few math skills we covered.  Decomposing teen numbers to show ten and extra ones.



Writing number partners










Solving addition and subtraction problems and looking for shapes inside of pictures.








We will become “office workers” by taking our unit #3 test sometime next week. The test will cover number partners, showing teen numbers as tens and extra ones, solving addition & subtraction problems, combing shapes to make new shapes and more.

POPCORN WORDS:  HE   SHE   It was fun to see that if you add “s” to “he”, you have “she”.  We learned that SH is part of the “h brothers” family (sh,ch,wh,th).  The kinders did a fabulous job identifying if the /sh/ sound is at the beginning or ending of words. 

WRITING:  Telling and writing small moment stories is challenging but the kinders are working hard.  Our story was about our Split Lit learning.  We practiced telling what happens first, next, last by saying the words as we touched our fingers.  Then we drew pictures and wrote the words.  “First we put out the box. Next I do my work. Last I move to a new spot.”

READING:  The kinders continue to use their SUPER POWERS as they read books.  They learned that readers can read faster and smoother is to realize that knowing the pattern helps you sing the words that are the same on every page. Then you can really work at figuring out the words that change.  

Readers also learned that punctuation (sentence stoppers) helps you change your voice as you read. We hunted for periods, exclamation marks and question marks inside the poem Where is Thumbkin? before we read it.  

We learned about another super power that readers use….BOOK TALK POWER.  Book Talk power reminds readers to talk about what the book could be about by looking at the cover & characters prior to reading the book. 

MYSTERY READER: Elliot was all smiles when her grandma and younger brother, Coby walked in today.  She read us I am Human A book about Empathy. A sweet story about caring for others.

*KOOL KINDERS ARE BOOK LOVERS:  We began another new round of being the Kool Kinder.  This time the job of the Kool Kinder is to locate their favorite book from home, decide why they like this book and take it to school to share with their friends.  The book will come back on the same day.

 Carter likes to read Detective Ted & the Case of the MIssing Cookies because he likes to solve mysteries.

   Alesha likes Clifford so Clifford goes to Dog School is one of her favorites.

  Adelyne to read How to Catch a Monster because it is funny.


*WINTER GEAR:  Even though it is cold outside we will go out to play if the wind chill is above O.  Thanks for bundling up your child for play outside and for the bus ride.

*VALENTINE PARTY AND VALENTINE EXCHANGE:   Tuesday, February 14 from 1:50-3:00pm.  Thank you so much for volunteering your time and donations.  ALL spots have been filled!!!  VALENTINE EXCHANGE:  Information has been sent home. Be sure to have your kinder write their names on each valentine.  Please remember to use the name labels for the front of the valentines for easier mailing. The kinders may bring in 4-5 valentines (select randomly from list) on Thurs. Jan 31; Wed. Feb. 6; Fri. Feb. 8; Mon. Feb 11; Fri. Feb 12 to mail. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ALL OF THE VALENTINES AT ONE TIME!  Let the love begin to flow!

*100 DAYS OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION:  Thursday, February 7.  Start thinking about what 100 items your kinder will like to collect and bring to school.  Your kinders 100 collections will be due on Feb. 7. This is the day that they may bring them into school. Please do not send them into school earlier. Have fun collecting 100 items! 🙂 A paper note will come home Monday.


*MONDAY. JAN. 28-STEAM; reading TAKE  HOME BOOKS; Birthday celebration for Tinley (1/26)  


*WEDNESDAY. JAN 30–GYM;  LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book.    

*THURSDAY. JAN 31––ART; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS;  Mail Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail   If your kinder would like a sack lunch on Friday, please email me ( or send a note by Thursday 1/31

*FRIDAY. FEB. 1-STEAM; FAST FRIDAY…Dismissal at 12:15pm  

 *NO SCHOOL: Monday, February 4 WINTER BREAK

*NO SCHOOL: Tuesday, February 5 WINTER BREAK

*WEDNESDAY. FEB. 6—Back at school;  Mail Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail

*THURSDAY. FEB. 7—- Day 100 Celebration

*THURSDAY. FEB. 14—Valentine’s Day Party  1:50-3:00pm  Non food donations due at school by Tuesday, Feb 12. Food donations due Tuesday, Feb. 14.  Parent volunteers who are working at a party center, please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions & set up.

~~~Have a great weekend.  Stay warm and safe!   Mrs. Bohl

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