We have LIBRARY on Wednesday!

Did you see that they took home a library book this week?  On Wednesday we visited the library for the first time.  


We met Mrs. VandenBerg, the school librarian.  





   We sat on her blue rug where she will read us stories.  Today Mrs. VandenBerg taught us how to choose a library book.

    We were able to look at ALL the books and choose one.  There are LOTS of books in the library!

      We  waited in line to check out.  We put our own library card and book under her red beeping light.   

  We are excited to take home our book.

This is a new routine, so your kinder will need your help to remember to return the book each Wednesday. Your kinder may borrow this book for ONE WEEK, and then it must be returned to school by next Wednesday in order to check out another book.

If you are finished reading the book prior to Wednesday, your kinder may return the book anytime! We have a basket inside our classroom that will hold our collection of library books. 

Thank you for encouraging reading and helping with this new responsibility!  Happy Reading!! 🙂


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