OUR AMERICAN SYMBOLS:  The symbols that were studied this week were: 

The Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell and the American Flag


Check out the American Symbols pocket folders that your kinder brought home today.  It contains all of their work. We talked about what it means to be patriotic and what we do to show patriotism. Examples were wear red, white and blue, hang a flag, say thank you to veterans, say the pledge.  At the start of each day, the kinders recite the Pledge of Allegiance by standing tall, still and straight.  This week they learned what those very special words really mean and what sacrifices the men and women of our country made for our freedom. We THANK them so much!!! We made and read a few books. Enjoy having your kinders teach you some cool and interesting facts. 


Friday the kinders dressed in red, white and blue clothing, along with patriotic hats to celebrate the upcoming holiday…Memorial Day.  Have fun waving the mini flags while watching a parade this weekend. 🙂

READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we have been practicing what Reader’s Workshop looks like in first grade.  We sit back to back and read silently.  We have made it to 8 1/2 minutes of TOTAL SILENCE!  What an amazing accomplishment!  The kinders are so proud of themselves and I am so proud of them!  

MATH:  The kinders enjoyed reviewing their math skills by playing patriotic math games all week such as  LINCOLN’S BASE TEN BLOCKS (counting 10 & extra ones); STARS AND STRIPES SUBTRACTION (solving subtraction problems); LET FREEDOM RING ADDITION (solving addition problems); BALD EAGLE’S NUMBER ORDER (putting teen numbers in the correct order).


WRITING WORKSHOP:  We used all of our writing skills to write three cool and interesting facts about the American symbols being studied.  The kinders did a fabulous job!  Check out their writings inside the red  symbol folders.  At the end of the week, the kinders chose their favorite American symbol and gave a reason why they picked it.  They are doing a super job sharing in front of the class too.


COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER:  Can you believe it? Ten more days of kindergarten!  Oh my! 🙂 The countdown to summer has officially begun in our classroom.  Each day we will open an envelope to see what fun activity is scheduled.  Today the first activity was…..


  A perfect day for an EXTRA RECESS!  Eating red, white and blue popsicles was pretty “cool” too!


MYSTERY GUEST READER:  Izabel was so surprised and happy to see her grandma step into the room.  She jumped up right away and gave her a hug.  Izzy’s grandma read Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon.  A favorite book that reminds us to be ourselves and to stand up to a bully. Thank you so much for coming in.


KOOL KINDERS:  We have just enough time for the kinders to be the Kool Kinder one more time.  Each day we are draw out TWO names to be co-Kool Kinders.  They share all of the duties of being the Kool Kinder.   


*LIBRARY BOOKS:  Almost all of the kinders have returned their library books.  Please return your book this week. 

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME BOOKS:  All of the kinders have returned their TAKE HOME books.  Hooray!  They were able to choose a fun bookmark this week to use during their reading time at home. The reading strategies bookmark that was inside their baggies was also sent home.  

*RAINBOW WORD LISTS:  We are finished reading our lists at school.  All word lists will be returned very soon, along with the remaining word lists for you to use over the summer. Thank you for encouraging and supporting your kinder this year.  They did an amazing job learning popcorn words. 



*TUESDAY, MAY 29:  GYM; Birthday celebration for Alexandra;  Countdown to Summer Day 9

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 30:  MUSIC; Birthday celebration for Katelynn (June 20); Countdown to Summer Day 8

*THURSDAY, MAY 31:  ART;Birthday celebration for Jonathan (Aug 12);    Countdown to Summer Day 7

*FRIDAY, JUNE 1:  STEAM;  KINDERGARTEN OLYMPICS.  A fun morning of games with all of the kindergarteners!  Kinders will need to wear TENNIS SHOES…NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR CROCS PLEASE!  They will also need a WATER BOTTLE, LABELED WITH THEIR NAME!  Don’t forget the SUNSCREEN! Volunteers can arrive at 8:45am for instructions. PARENTS & YOUNGER SIBLINGS, YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US FOR A PICNIC LUNCH ON THE PLAYGROUND IF IT FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE.  WE WILL BE EATING AROUND 12:00PM.   Countdown to Summer Day 6

*FRIDAY, JUNE 8:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 12:15p.m.

~~~Have a great long weekend. Enjoy the wonderful weather while you celebrate Memorial Day!  Mrs. Bohl

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