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5 Stars Reward Day

Wow!  WE DID IT!  We reached our goal of 5 blue stars for positive behavior of making smart choices.  The smart choices the kinders made to SOAR towards our 5 stars were:  listening, working hard to stay on task, following our class rules.  It took us awhile and it was hard work but we stuck with it and today we are celebrating on a job well done.

Today  our pencils are taking a break from working because the kinders voted to use gel pens and markers instead.  This will be SO fun!  Markers are quite a favorite supply to use during choices.  🙂 . Congratulate your kinder today and look for any papers coming home that are completed with fun colors today!

5 Stars = A Reward!

As a class family, our fabulous kinders, earned 5 stars.  We earned our stars for AWESOME classroom behavior.


To celebrate, we stopped working on Thursday afternoon and took advantage of a beautiful fall day to play outside with our friends.  Here are some pictures of our time together.  Way to go, kinders!