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Hooray for the hard working kinders!! We are working hard to make smart choices at school (keeping hands, to self, using kind words, following school rules, etc) while being ready to learn AND to listen when others talk. The kinders are also working hard to put their eyes on the teacher so that all directions/instructions are heard. This is what first graders do and we are practicing to do the same.  Thank you for the encouragement from home!  Their choices make the difference in their learning.  

MATH:  This week we worked on teen equations (10+6) and teen totals (16), writing teen numbers, identifying partners of 6,7 & 8 and showing numbers by using 5 groups.  For example: to show 7, we drew 5 circles in a line and then drew 2 more circles underneath.  Telling and solving addition and subtraction problems are also part of our daily routine.  Our Friday math games were TEEN NUMBER MEMORY (matching teen equations to the total); MAKE 5 (number partners of 5); SNOWBALL COVERALL (identifying 1-20 & matching them to 1-20 in ten frames) and BEARS IN THE CAVE (identifying number partners of 6 & 7).  


POPCORN WORDS:        MAKE       SAID        We found them in our day’s messages and within our popcorn books.  We learned about “Magic e” who quietly tells the hard worker (vowel) to say their letter name (long a) instead of their letter sound (short /a/ sound) in “make”. We had fun playing with letters to create more words using -ake.  We also learned to look for “talking” lines (quotation marks) to let us know that a character is talking.  Identifying “said” helped making this task easier.  Many kinders noticed that “ai” in the word said made the  short /e/ sound but in other words like rain, sail, “ai” work together to say a.  How silly and sometimes confusing! 🙂

WRITING:  We reviewed that a small moment is a true story that happened to us and is a small part of a larger story that takes places during one event.  At the beginning of the week we worked together to create a list of “seed” stories about school. Then we chose a small moment story about being the Kool Kinder and enjoying taking Snuggles home. We practiced telling the story over our fingers using the words first, next last.  (First, we draw a stick out of the box. Next I take Snuggles home. Last I tell my friends what I did with Snuggles). Then we drew detailed pictures and worte as many popcorn words as we could and stretched out sounds in unknown words Don’t forget that we also work to include spaces between popcorn words and sentence stoppers (punctuation). Wow!!  This is a VERY challenging unit for kinders! I am proud of their perseverance and effort.  We are working to do our best!! ( I will do better next week taking pictures during this time.  We are just so busy that I that forget.  Sorry 🙁

SPLIT LIT:  This week the kinders worked on beginning sounds, rhyming, sorting upper & lower case letters, sentence order in their independent centers.  They worked on identifying the initial, medial and final sounds in words with Mrs. Rossback and read books while I re-assessed kinders on literacy skills.  I am so proud of their progress.  You will find a note listing the skills your kinder will be working on next inside of their blue folder.

HANDWRITING: The SLANT TO START letters A,Y,V,W,X  was spotlighted this week. This completed learning the formation of uppercase letters.  We will continue to review formation of ALL letters during writing times.  We will begin to write our “full name”  on our papers too….starting next week.  This means ONLY the first letter is capital and the rest of the letters are lower case.  The  kinders are able to write their full name but many of the letters are written incorrectly.  There is a mix of upper and lower case letters within the first and last name. Please begin practicing this new skill at home. Thanks! 🙂

READING:  This week we learned that we can activate our PERSEVERANCE POWER…that means we don’t give up! We continue to try to use all of our super powers while we read.  We also learned that readers use their voices to bring a book to life….and to make it exciting and interesting to read. We don’t want to sound like a robot but try to read fluently. The kinders are doing an awesome job!  We are increasing our reading time too.  We are averaging 15 minutes a day. Hooray for reading! 


MYSTERY READERS:  Lila was thrilled and excited to see that her mom (and baby sister, Nora ) was the mystery reader on Wednesday afternoon.  We heard There is a Monster at the End of the Book because her mom LOVED hearing this story when she was a kinder and Lila LOVES the book now!  How fun to pass down favorite stories.

Friday morning Lillian’s mom & Grandma entertained us with reading the book Not quite Norwhal.  A sweet story about learning who you are and accepting others.


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO snacks each day with your kinder. They would probably enjoy a snack from home. Thanks so much for making these snacks healthy ones!  

*TAKE HOME BOOKS:  The TAKE HOME books will begin Monday! Thank you in advance for reading this book with your kinder and reminding them to return these books in the baggies each Monday,Tuesday and Thursday.   

*WINTER CLOTHES:  Thank you for dressing your child in warm outside winter gear.  Sending an extra pair of mittens or socks inside their backpacks might be helpful.




*WEDNESDAY. JAN. 23–MUSIC; LIBRARY Please remember to return your kinder’s book.


*FRIDAY. JAN. 25ART; birthday celebration for Tinley (1/26)

*FRIDAY. FEB. 1—Fast Friday (Early Release)

*MONDAY. FEB. 4 & TUESDAY. FEB 5—Winter Break Day—No School

*WEDNESDAY. FEB 6—School begins again

*THURSDAY. FEB 7—Day 100 Celebration…information coming soon

*THURSDAY. FEB. 14—Valentine’s Day Party 2:00-3:00pm A sign up sheet for volunteering and donations will be posted this weekend.  

~~ So many good things happening at school. We are learning a lot!  Have a great weekend!    Mrs. Bohl


Here is what we did the first 2 days of school.  See the previous postings for the rest of the week.

MATH: We combined shapes (pattern blocks) to make other shapes. We played a fun game to practice partners of 10.

As you know, this month we were given missions each day from Jingle Joy to spread  kindness to others. The kinders are so sweet and love to do nice things for others!  We had some kindness shown to us on Tuesday, when Mrs. Bast’s second graders came to our room and read to us! We wanted to say thank you, so we made them a snowman as a thanks!

LITERACYWe worked on stretching out sounds in words and listening for the middle sound in words.  Those hard workers (vowels) can be tricky but the kinders are working hard to figure out the sounds.

Stay safe as you travel visiting family or if you stay home.  Enjoy the next two weeks with your kinder….making memories together.  If you find you are in need of some activities to do with your kinder you can refer to the light green paper in the blue folder or look below for ideas…..

*practice counting by 1’s and 10’s to 100

*writing numbers 1-30

*practice identifying popcorn words using your flash cards

*create and write new pattern books or create a list of things

*practice writing first and last name (first letter capital, rest of letters lower case)

*read books together 

*go sledding, make a snowman, drink hot chocolate, have fun together!


*POPCORN WORDS:            REVIEW OF WORDS         Ask your kinder to show you how to play Scramble Them Up.   (Use your letter cards to scramble up the letters in popcorn words…and then put the letters in correct order. Example:  okol  is  look)

*WINTER GEAR: Please send appropriate winter gear with your child each day.  It keeps them warm when playing outside.  An extra pair of socks, mittens or gloves might be a good idea to keep inside their backpacks if their original pair gets wet.  Please take time over break to label your kinder’s snow pants and boots if you have not done this.

   We celebrated Jacob’s birthday on Tuesday.

  We celebrated Carter’s birthday on Thursday.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember each day to pack TWO quick, healthy snacks for your kinder.

*TAKE HOME BOOK PROGRAM:  I am planning to create a schedule over vacation. Thank you for volunteering and choosing to be part of this learning. If you still would like to be part of this fun volunteer activity, please email me and I will be happy to include you in the schedule. We will begin this program in January.  It is so exciting to see our kinders become readers.

*The January calendar is posted under CALENDARS at the top of the blog.  A paper copy was sent home this week.

*The January lunch menu is available to read under the FOOD SERVICE tab on the side bar.


*Monday, December 24 – Friday, January 4:  NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break.  School resumes on Monday, January 7!

*Monday, January 7—Back to School; GYM; Zander’s birthday (Jan 6) celebration

*Tuesday, January 8—ART

*Wednesday, January 9—STEAM;  LIBRARY Don’t forget your book! 

*Thursday, January 10—MUSIC; If your kinder would like a sack lunch on Friday, an email or note is due today

*Friday, January 11—ART; Fast Friday Dismissal at 12:15pm

~~~I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; hoping that you spend time making family memories that will be remembered fondly.  I look forward to seeing my kinders on January 7.  Thank you for sharing them with me each day! 🙂  Mrs. Bohl

Look inside the folders….

These three items came home with your kinder today:

1 – Where in the world is the Gingerbread Man? suitcase

Gingy is off flying back to the North Pole to be ready for the holidays.  We learned about his last stop….Russia.  It was fun to listen to a short video of how the names of fruits are spoken in Russian.  We even were able to copy some of the fruit names.  The kinders are so excited to share their suitcases, passports, and journals with you! 

2 – Popcorn cards & books

The December popcorn cards and popcorn books are inside the blue folders.  Please add these cards and books to your exsiting piles for practice at home.  The kinders are doing so well in reading these books.  You might even notice some patterns. 🙂

3 – Pattern Writing books

We are finished with the writing unit on Pattern books.  Enjoy seeing the growth your kinder has made.  As a group, we worked hard to stretch out sounds in the words, to add spaces between words and to include sentence stoppers like a period.

Here’s to three more days of fun before break!

Wednesday – Grinch Day (dress in Grinch theme or green)

Thursday – Party Day (1:50-3:00 pm)

Friday – Polar Express Day (wear pajamas)


I hope that you enjoyed the extra day home with your kinder.  The kinders were VERY excited about playing in the snow during recess.  Here a just a few pictures to enjoy!

Take a look at what your kinder in school this week.

GINGERBREAD MAN:  He likes to run!  The gingerbread man has many ways of avoiding being caught! We found this out by reading  The Gingerbread Man by Karen Schimdt.  All month we will be reading different versions of this story, comparing the endings of each book.  Will he get caught?  Will he escape?  Wait and see! Even our newspaper was about how to make a gingerbread man!

I hope that you had fun decorating your gingerbread boy/girl at home.  They are fantastic and special.  Hopefully, these gingerbread men won’t run away!! 🙂  For now they are on our hallway board. You can send your decorated gingerbread boy/girl in next week too, if they are still at home.

WRITING:  All month long we are DISCOVERING PATTERNS in books. During writing time, we are learning how to write simple pattern books. We already wrote 2 books…Foods I ate (for Thanksgiving) with the pattern….I ate ____.; I can do stuff with the pattern…I can _____.  I am so proud of their hard work.  They are stretching out sounds in words, writing popcorn words and using fantastic penmanship.  The kinders are so excited about this new writing adventure.  

HANDWRITING:  We began learning the proper formation of the upper case letters starting with the STRAIGHT LINE family of L,T,I,E,F,H. 


SOCIAL STUDIES:  The Gingerbread Man is on the Loose!  Gingy (our mini gingerbread man) is traveling the world, helping us learn about some different countries. 

We are boarding an imaginary airplane and flying the globe learning different fun facts about that country. This week he landed in Australia…the land down under.  Upon landing in the new country, each kinder has their own passport stamped as they de-board the airplane.  Gingy sent us some postcards with neat pictures of various landmarks.  The kinders are drawing their favorite fun fact in a book.  We also watched 2 videos, learning more facts about landmarks and animals that are indigenous to Australia.  The kinders enjoyed the animal video so much they wanted me to share the link so they could watch it again at home. Mrs. Rossback visited Australia so she also shared what she saw and did there.  Very cool! It was neat to learn that Australia’s flag has the same colors as American flag….red, white and blue….only in a different design.

READING: The kinders dove deeper into learning what to share with their reading partners.  They shared their favorite part of the story, something that is cool,  I didn’t know that? fact and that happened to me! connection with their reading buddy.  Our time of reading continues to become longer.  We are making progress! 🙂

MATH:  The first part of the week was wrapping up on learning and reviewing some math skills.  At the end of the week, the kinders  used their individual “offices”again when they took the unit #2 math test.  After I finish grading the tests I will send them home with the kinders.  Next week we move on to unit #3.   

SPLIT LIT:  I am so proud of the kinders!  Tuesday the kinders were re-introduced to different tasks (worksites). The activities at the stations will focus on writing, rhyming, beginning sounds and sight words. The kinders will be identifying letters/sounds, blending/segmenting sounds in words and recognizing sight words while working in small groups with Mrs. Rossback or myself when not working independently.  

*POPCORN WORDS:   AN      CAN     MAN     RAN                                                      How fun it is to be able to make more words if  you can identify ‘an’. We enjoyed using a gingerbread man slider to this.  We used these words many times in our writing and reading this week. I am so proud of how well the kinders are doing in identifying popcorn words. Thank you for practicing at home…..keep it up.  

MYSTERY  READERS:   On Wednesday, Amelia quietly and sweetly greeted her mom.  We enjoyed hearing Thidwick the big hearted moose by Dr. Seuss. It was her dad’s favorite story when he was younger and now Amelia loves it too!

Friday, both Jase and Colton ran across the room to give their mom and dad a hug as they entered the room with their younger sister, Chloe.  Mom read Zip Line, a sweet story about a little girl having a zip line (scar) on her chest from having heart surgery and how we are all different. It is Colton’s favorite story because he too has a zip line from heart surgery when he was younger.  Thank you for coming in.


*WINTER GEAR:  Please send winter gear each day with your child.   It is cold and the snow is here.  We want our kinders warm.  They may wear their gym shoes inside of school every day or you can send a pair of shoes. Please consider buying velcro closings on boots if you need to purchase new ones this year. Wearing snow boots in our room is not an option.  🙂 . DON’T FORGET TO LABEL YOUR KINDER’S CLOTHES!

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Thank you for packing 2 quick, healthy backpack snacks each day!

*5th Grade Candy Canes:  Mon. Dec 3 thru Fri Dec 14. The cost for each candy cane is $1.00 and they will be delivered the same day they are ordered. Please enclose the money inside a labeled envelope, listing the number of candy canes needed. See earlier posting for more details.


*Monday, Dec 3—STEAM

*Tuesday, Dec 4—MUSIC

*Wednesday, Dec 5—GYMNo Library due to Holiday Gift Shop.  Enjoy your kinder’s book another week;  HOLIDAY GIFT SHOP: We are scheduled to shop at 2:00pm  If you would like your kinder to participate, please provide the necessary information for family members they need to shop for on the outside of the envelope.  Enclose your kinder’s money inside. Please make checks payable to GEORGETOWN PTC.

*Thursday, Dec. 6—-ART

*Friday, Dec.7— STEAM 

*Thursday, Dec 13–-HOLIDAY MUSIC PROGRAM  Kinders arrive at 6:15pm, program begins at 6:30pm at Fair Haven Church 2900 Baldwin Street, Hudsonville.  

*Wednesday, December 19–Grinch Day—-wear Green or dress like Grinch characters

*Thursday, Dec 20–-Holiday Party  It will be held from 2:00-3:00pm.  We have enough volunteers for the party but  opportunities to donate snack items are available.  Go to this google document to sign up.  Thank you for being part of our second class party.  If you would like your kinder to participate in the class book gift exchange, please send a  wrapped book (suited for either a boy or girl) with tag on the outside. (TO A FRIEND   FROM (YOUR KINDER’S NAME)  ALL BOOKS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14.  Ordered books will arrive in time for the party.

*Friday, December 21-Polar Express Day…wear pj’s!

*Monday, December 23 – Friday, January 4:  NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break.  School resumes on Monday, January 7!

*TAKE HOME BOOK PROGRAM:   This exciting program will begin in January.  If you are interested in listening to the kinders read, this volunteer opportunity is for you!  A note explaining this program will be sent home soon.  

~~Have a great weekend!   Mrs. Bohl

News of the Week—Oct. 8-12

The weather is changing from summer to autumn, from warm to cooler days, from sunny to cloudy and rainy.  Thank you for sending your kinder in layers.  We go outside to play in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon. We love our playground! 🙂

Here is what your kinder did at school this week

POPCORN WORDS:     ME    BE    WE    WILL        The kinders were excited to see that our popcorn words rhymed (at least 3 of them).  We found these words inside our daily message, we unscrambled the letters to spell them correctly and found them in books.

COLOR WORDSBLACK    WHITE       We read Harry the Dirty Dog, Harry and the Neighbor, Harry goes to the sea, Please, Mr. Panda and Thank you Mr. Panda as our color theme books.  We also watched a non-fiction video about panda bears. We all agreed they are cute black and white bears so it was obvious that we needed to make panda bears.  It was fun to use a fork as our paint brush.

Our newspaper this week was all about spiders so we just had to read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.  We were surprised to learn that half of the us LIKE spiders and half of us DO NOT LIKE spiders.  It’s always good to include some math into our learning!


Thanks for participating by wearing black and white! 🙂 Our surprise black & white snack this week was OREO cookies.  Not very healthy, I know but very tasty.  

 MATH:  We continued to practice writing our numbers, especially 1-5 and identifying groups of numbers 1-5. This coming Tuesday, Oct. 16 we will be “office workers” as we take our very first math unit test.  The children will be assessed on number writing 1-5, identifying and drawing groups of numbers 1-5, identifying shapes and completing dot to dot pictures.  I know that they will do a fabulous job!

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  Sharing stories and writing was all about our time in our special classes….music, gym, art, STEAM.  I am amazed at the details the kinders are including in their drawings, with many kinders adding labels. We are working hard to stretch out sounds as we trace the words in the sentence that tells about the picture.

READER’S WORKSHOP: We are enjoying reading/looking at the books in our book boxes. Each kinder received a READING MAT.  They stack their books and put them on the green dot side and beginning reading. When they are done with a book, it moves to the red dot side.  When all of the books are on the red dot side, the kinders can read them back to the green side. We practiced getting right to work during our private read time. The kinders also worked hard on staying quiet the whole time, reading the whole time, and staying in one spot the whole time during this private read time.  After private read time, the kinders LOVE picking a favorite part in a book and sharing with a partner.  Mini lessons taught the kinders that there are 3 Ways to Read a Book. We are doing an awesome job!  WE ARE BECOMING READERS!


CHOICES:  It is one of our favorite times of our day.  The kinders enjoyed creating structures out of big and small Legos, putting puzzles together, building with wood blocks, drawing and writing on white boards, exploring with playdough and more. 


LITERACY: This week the kinders worked in groups with either Mrs. Rossback or myself to strengthen their literacy skills such as letter ID, letter sounds, rhyming and hearing syllables in words. As the year progresses, the kinders will continue to work in small groups, as a whole group and independently with specific literacy skills such as listed above as well as  popcorn/sight word practice and beginner reader skills. In addition, we read our Hh poem together, hunting for capital and lower case letter Hh, rhyming words and even popcorn words.  Ask your kinder to read and explain their Hh poem paper to you.

HANDWRITING:  We started working on the “counter clockwise” lower case letters of f,c,a,d.  More “counter clockwise” letters next week.  You can help at home by encouraging your kinder to write their letters with proper formation.  Using various writing tools like markers, watercolors, chalk or even pudding wax paper makes practice very fun.

MYSTERY READER:  Lillian was the one who was surprised this week.  Her mom came in to read Hedgehugs Autumn Hide and Seek.  A sweet book about making new friends.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read a story to us.  



*HEADPHONES FOR STEAM CLASS:  Mrs. Totten is asking the each kinder bring in a pair of headphones to use during class when they are working on the computer.  The headphones do not need to be fancy, but easy to put on and labeled with your kinder’s name.  We will keep these headphones at school until the end of the year.  Please try to have them to school by the first of November.  Thank you!

*TWO BACKPACK SNACKS AND WATER BOTTLES: Thank you for sending 2 healthy snacks each day and water bottles.  I do have graham crackers available if you forget. 🙂

*MYSTERY GUEST READERS:  There are many dates available to be a Mystery Guest Reader. Please go to the side bar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES and click on “Mystery Guest Reader” to sign up.  Please do not let the date or time hinder you from volunteering, we can alter that if needed.

*NOVEMBER PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES:  Please complete this survey as soon as possible.  SURVEY CLOSES OCTOBER 19 at 11:59pm.  This will help us schedule your kinder’s conference. 

*WARM SWEATSHIRTS OR COATS:  Please continue to send your kinder to school based on the weather. The mornings and days are becoming cooler, but we still go outside to play.

   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMMA. She turned 6 on Wednesday. Thank you for the birthday treat bags!  


*Monday, Oct. 15—MUSIC; KOOL KINDER-Breslyn

*Tuesday, Oct.16–GYM;

*Wednesday, Oct. 17—ART;  LIBRARY BOOKS due

*Thursday, Oct. 18–STEAM;  

*Friday, Oct. 19—MUSIC;  COLOR DAY: Wear ORANGE

*Tuesday, Oct. 23—Turkey Trot  Go to the PE blog on our side bar for more information

*Tuesday, Oct. 30—School Picture Retake Day Please return the original picture package during retakes. Absent students pictures will be taken at this time.

*Wednesday, Oct 31—FALL PARTY AND PARADE— The kindergarten parade will begin at 10:15am. Our classroom party will follow. NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!!  Fun activities are being planned. Your kinder is welcome to wear the basics of their costume to school and/or the under layers.  We will then add the accessories and the outer layer of costumes before the parade. Otherwise they can bring their costume to school in a labeled bag.  They will be putting on their costumes OVER their school clothes prior to the parade. WE WILL NOT TAKE TIME TO REMOVE CLOTHES AND PUT ON OTHER CLOTHES.  If your kinder’s costume is regular clothes (farmer, cheerleader,etc ) they are welcome to wear them all day if it will not hinder their movement and learning.  PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND OR SCARY, GORY MAKEUP/MASKS.  Please be respectful of others. 

~~Have a great weekend,  Mrs. Bohl



We have started to a new activity to learn our popcorn (sight) words called READING THE RAINBOW.”  

The kinders have been given a colored sheet of 6-8 sight words to practice at home. When they have mastered these words, they will receive  a new color (paper) of the rainbow. This is another technique that I use to teach popcorn words.  

These word lists were created from the 60 sight words that each kinder is working on to master before the end of the school year! The words are broken up into smaller lists so that they are easier to learn.  Each list is a new color of the rainbow!  Even though new lists are added to their page protectors, please continue to review previous papers so that words are not forgotten (pointing to each word out of order is best). The goal is to identify these popcorn words automatically and in a snap!

The word lists will all stay inside the page protector and can be kept inside your kinder’s blue folder. This is a safe spot to keep it to ensure it won’t be lost and is in their folder for each Thursday. The kinders will have the opportunity to read through their list with either a parent volunteer or the 8th graders from Mr Van Noord’s class (they come into our classroom each Thursday morning) and receive a new list.

It is amazing to see their growth!! Keep up the good work!! Thank you for your support and help at home.  It is so important for your kinder to be successful and grow!  If you have any questions, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net       Mrs. Bohl


A bit of summer weather for the start of the week and a bit of fall weather for the end of the week.  Thank you for sending your kinder in appropriate clothing.

Here is a peek of what your kinder did at school this week.

POPCORN WORDS:       IS   HIS   THIS    GREEN                                                       These popcorn words ‘popped’ into our learning this week.  We enjoyed reading Little Yellow and Little Blue, a sweet story about friendship and differences.  The kinders found out for themselves what happens when you mix yellow and blue.  It makes GREEN! Check out the play dough that came home today. We also read many Froggy books, enjoyed many giggles and made a lot of connections.  Making a green Froggy was fun too! Ribbit!  Ribbit! 🙂


Of course, wearing GREEN was a great way celebrate.

MATH:  Daily we wake up our Math brains by checking out our Math 100 chart.  We add one each day. For example, we started with 0 and added one more. 20+1=21  We learned that 21 is made of 2 groups of 10 and 1 ones! The kinders continued to learned that they can write numbers, count objects, draw groups of items and tell math stories, using introductory adding and subtracting skills. During math centers, the kinders played 4 math games to reinforce these new skills. SCHOOL TOOLS MATCH UP (identifying 1-10 and counting objects); exploring with PATTERN BLOCKS; playing SHAPE UP! (identifying shapes);  and SILLY MONSTERS (using play dough to count sets of numbers 1-10)  


HANDWRITING:  We practiced writing number 7 (across the sky, down from heaven, that’s the way to make a seven) and number 8 (make an S, do not wait, that’s the way to make an eight) using mini chalkboards and in our handwriting books. They are doing great but some numbers are more difficult than others to form properly, so any extra practice at home would be appreciated. We are also working hard to improve on writing our names correctly and neatly.

MYSTERY GUEST READERS: We had 3 guest readers….yes 3!!  How exciting.  On Tuesday, Jonathan was surprised to see his Uncle Jason walk into the classroom. He lives in Minnesota and came out to visit ArtPrize and Jonathan.  Uncle Jason works in a hospital so he read the perfect book by Dr. Seuss Oh, the things you do that are good for you! 

On Friday, Scarlett bounded up and jumped into her mom’s arms.  She arrived with her baby brother, Warren and her Grandma.  Her mom read us God found us you.  A sweet story about adoption and finding a forever family because baby Warren joined their family this summer by adoption.  

Her grandma read us The little girl who LOST her name.  This story had a surprise ending when we found out her name was SCARLETT.  It was also cool to learn that her grandma was born in Taiwan but lives in Connecticut now.  She is visiting for a few days.  

Thank you to everyone for taking a break out of your day to come and read us a story.  If you are interested in being a Mystery Guest Reader, there is a link on the side bar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES that will allowed you to sign up on our calendar.

GOOD CHOICES:  We are working SO HARD to make choices that will have a positive impact on our daily learning.  This week we began using a class scoreboard. Throughout the day, our class earns either smile points or frown points, depending on our choices and behavior. When we end the day with more smile points, we get a CLASS WIN and put up a star.  We are working towards 10 stars…..we have 9.  Only ONE more star to go!


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Don’t forget to pack ONE quick, healthy backpack inside.  Your child needs to be refueled each afternoon.  🙂  Thank you so much for keeping the snacks NUT FREE!

*WARM WEATHER PREDICTED AGAIN!:  Warm summer like days are predicted for some of our upcoming days.  Please send your kinder with a water bottle so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day.  We take frequent water breaks.


*Monday, Oct 2—STEAM, KOOL KINDER: Tristan

*Tuesday, Oct 3—GYM;  KOOL KINDER: Makenzie

*Wednesday, Oct 4—MUSIC;   LIBRARY…Please return your child’s book when you are finished reading it.  We have a basket in our room to collect the books as they are returned.  Remember that your child will be able to check out another book ONLY after the prior one is returned.  We have library EACH WEDNESDAY;  Math & Literacy Homework due;   KOOL KINDER: Izabel

*Thursday, Oct 5–ART;  KOOL KINDER: Katelynn

 *Friday, Oct 6—STEAM;  KOOL KINDER: Anderson;  COLOR DAY….Wear PURPLE

*Friday, Oct 13—Fast Friday (Early Release Day….Dismissal at 12:15pm).

*Tuesday, Oct. 25—Turkey Trot  Go to the PE blog on our side bar for more information

*Thursday, Oct. 27—School Picture Retake Day

*Friday, Oct 27—FALL PARTY AND PARADE:  We will be having our first class party on Friday, Oct. 27. The parade of costumes will be at 2:10pm with our party following.  It will be a center rotation style with the kinders playing games and making a craft, ending with a party snack.  If you showed an interest to be either a fall party planner or helper, you will be contacted very soon via an email.  Thank you for your willings to make our first party a success. We have so many helpers!!  Please let me know if you have any questions about this fun day.

~~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl



OUR WEEK—Feb. 27-March 3

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Welcome to March and the anticipation of spring.  We learned this week that the weather during March can be like a lion (wintery, cold) or a lamb (spring-like,warm breeze).  Well,  so far March has been more like a lion.  We are not sure when the ‘lambs’ will arrive but we all think that they should come soon to Georgetown.  🙂  

ONCE UPON A TIME—THE LITTLE RED HEN:  Each week during March we will study a favorite fairy tale.  We began this unit by learning what makes a story a fairy tale.  *A fairy tale usually begins with “once upon a time” and may have a happy ending.  *A fairy tale may have talking animals and a not so nice character.  *A fairy tale may take place in a forest and contain the number 3.  *A fairy tale may teach us a lesson.  The kinders were introduced to a comprehension/retelling map called the Shape Go Map.  Each shape helps with recalling details of the story. This week we learned what the author’s intent/lesson/heart of the story is that “friends help and work together.” We listed many ways we can help others.  For example: You can help in the kitchen, help pick up toys, help make food, help by being nice to friends, help by making good choices. We have such kind hearted kinders! 🙂  We also read a variation called The Little Red Hen makes a Pizza and compared that to the original story.  Please take a time to review all of the Red Hen activities your child took home inside their fairy tale pocket.  A lot of learning took place this week. 

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders are very excited to be informational writers.  We read non-fiction books about “chickens”(an easy choice because of The Red Hen) and charted all of the facts that we learned….then we ran out of room on our chart. 🙂 Then we organized these facts onto our “have, can, are’ papers and highlighted 3 favorite facts we wanted to write about. We practiced telling these facts across our fingers, wrote them down and illustrated them in a booklet.  Wow!  That was hard, but exciting work.

READERS WORKSHOP:  Seeing the smiles on the kinders’ faces when they made connections to their non-fiction writing lessons, after learning they would be reading and having non-fiction books in their book bins was priceless!  Our mini lessons taught us how the author’s role is to teach us facts, how they choose a title, how they use features, like bold words, arrows, captions, etc. to let us know what’s important and how they organize their writing.  The kinders were excited to add non-fiction books to their personal collections to use during reading time.  Our quiet reading time is up to 12-14 minutes. Yippee!!

MATH:  Telling and solving addition and subtraction story problems are  now part of our daily math routine.  Completing pages inside of our math workbooks gives the kinders extra practice independently. We learned about 3D shapes, focusing on cones and cylinders.  We again practiced showing how to make teen numbers with ten and extra ones by making the pages for a mini teen book. The kinders will be ‘office workers’ again at the end of next week when they take their unit #4 math test so please take time this weekend and next Wednesday to complete the math homework.  Any extra practice in solving story problems, completing addition and subtraction stories, drawing tens and extra ones for teen numbers would be helpful.  Thanks so much!

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  If you are interested in being one of our guest readers, please take a look on the side bar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES.  There are many dates still available.  You are welcome to come and read a second time if you like. If a different time is more convenient for your schedule, please contact me. 


*POPCORN WORDS:           HOME         WENT     ABOUT                                Our popcorn words are becoming a bit harder to recognize so I can not stress it enough that practice at home is so crucial to your child’s growth.  We practice identifying our words many times and in many different ways throughout the day but your child needs to practice them at home too.  Thanks for taking on this important role.

*WINTER GEAR:  The snow is back.  THANK YOU for sending your child with all that they need to stay warm outside.  Just a reminder, we will be outside for recess if the temperature is above O degrees.  Keep watching the weather forecast each day.

*BACKPACK SNACK: Please remember to send a quick, healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME books:  Please help your child to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out a new book each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.  Tuesday is reading popcorn word list too. The kinders are doing an awesome job…thanks to you at home and the reading volunteers.


*MONDAY, MARCH 6––STEAM; reading TAKE HOME books 

*TUESDAY, MARCH 7––GYM; reading TAKE HOME books; reading POPCORN WORD LIST;  LIBRARY  Please remember to return your child’s book.




*MARCH 13, 14,15–—Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent slips stating your specific date and time were sent home.  I am looking forward to sharing your kinder’s awesome progress with you.

*MARCH 13-16–SPRING BOOK FAIR:  We are scheduled to preview on Monday, March 13 and purchase books on Wednesday, March 15. If you would like to have your kinder purchase books, please send the money inside an envelope labeled with their name.  Parent volunteers will be available to help your kinder shop.  The Book Fair will be open during the conference evenings.

*MARCH 17—Wear GREEN—St. Patrick’s Day

*MARCH 30-—Kindergarten PJ Day!  Wear jamies (or comfy) clothes.


~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl

Rainbow popcorn word lists…

Your kinder is learning so many popcorn (sight) words.  I am very impressed!  They are determined and excited to advance to new lists each week. Please remember the goal is to have the kinders retain the words and be able to read them in context. 

This week you will notice that the kinders did not take home a new word list.  The kinders read their previous word lists to the parent volunteer.  Please use this week to continue to review ALL of the word lists inside the page protector.  If your kinder needs more of a challenge, encourage them to work on spelling their words, using them in full sentences.

Remember, you are encouraged to keep the word lists inside your kinder’s folder so that you can practice them each night.  The kinders will read their word lists again on Tuesday.

Thank you so much for your support and work at home.  If you have any questions, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net  

OUR WEEK—Feb. 7-10

We had a fabulous 4 day week working and learning together.  Look what happened in kindergarten.

WRITING WORKSHOP:  The kinders were introduced to our new unit called Procedural: How to…..writing. Our first lesson was about creating a list of the many things that we how to do. They learned that telling the steps across our fingers help us remember and to tell the steps in order.  We will begin writing out and illustrating the steps of “How to  ______”  next week. They also made a fun cupcake mini book about Things I Love.  I hope that you enjoyed seeing how much your kinders love you! 

MATH:  We told math stories using our fruit  from our ‘fruit & vegetable market’ adding written equations.  Remembering what each symbol (+ – = ) means and using them correctly is challenging but the kinders are doing a great job.  We observed the differences between 2D shapes (circles, triangles, etc) and 3D shapes (cone, sphere, cube).  We learned that 2D shapes are flat but 3D shapes take up space.  We were introduced to Tiny Tumblers who live on Math Mountains.  The Tiny Tumblers practice their tumbling all day long.  Some Math Mountains have a lot of Tiny Tumblers on one side of the mountain and not so many on the other side, but when you count all of the Tiny  Tumblers they equal the Math Mountain number. (Math Mountain 6 might have 4 Tiny Tumblers on one side and 2 Tiny Tumblers on the other side).  Part of this coming week’s math homework will be about Math Mountains.

READER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders are working hard to use their “super powers” as they read. Our reading strategy buddies of Lips the Fish, Stretchy the Snake, Flippy the Dolphin, Chunky Monkey, etc. help us figure out unknown words.  Our new reading buddy of Kit Kat Connector helps us make connections to the books that we read.

The kinders met another new buddy called Picturing Penguin this week.  His job is to help us visualize what is happening so that we can remember details.

The kinders are also working on increasing their reading stamina. We were able to read silently for 2 minutes.…..wohoooo! It can be very challenging for a kinders to keep to themselves, stay in one spot, look at a book the whole time, and not talk to friends. We will work on increasing this time each day.  I am so excited to see how they have progressed as readers.

SCIENCE;  The kinders really enjoy being scientists so we did a science experiment with candy hearts.  We predicted what would happen if you put candy hearts inside of a glass filled with water.  Most of us predicted that the candyt would sink and they were correct.  However….the longer they stayed inside the water the candy hearts began to float to the top.  Wonder why?  Dropping hearts inside water was fun so why not try other liquids.  So….candy hearts went into Sprite soda pop and vinegar.  We found out that bubbles floated around the hearts in the soda pop like fizz and vinegar made the hearts brighter.  

As we talked about our observations we began to wonder what would happen if candy hearts were dropped into other kinds of liquids like milk, lemonade, apple juice and warm water (not just room temperature water we tried before).  We decided to try warm water (it was the only liquid available at school 🙂  Guess what?  It also sank and the words disappeared. All of the liquids except the vinegar changed from being clear to colored as time went on.  

Ask your kinder for more information and be prepared…some of them might want to try some experiments at home.

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  It was so sweet to see Madison glow when she noticed her mom walk into the room.  She immediately jumped up and introduced her mom to the class.  We listened to Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast. A new story for all of us about friendship and getting along with other.  We were so surprised when Madison’s mom said that we could keep the book in our classroom library.  How exciting!  Thank you so much!!!!  Please continue to check your calendar for any open dates.  We would LOVE to have you stop by and read us a story.


*POPCORN WORDS:         HOW           NOW                                                             The kinders are doing a fabulous job of learning their sight words.  Each day I try to include the week’s words in the daily message and they are able to locate them every time.  Hooray!  Please keep reviewing and working on learning the list of popcorn words that come home.  Identifying sight words will help your kinder become a better reader!  Remember each Tuesday we review their list and exchange it for a new list.

*KOOL KINDERS AND THE SURPRISE BOX:  The kinders are now taking home the Surprise Box. When the Surprise Box arrives at your house, you will need to select an item to place inside.  Then you and your kinder will need to think of 3 clues that describe the item.  Your kinder will tell the class the clues, having their friends try to guess what the item is. So far the week, the Surprise Box has been filled with a light sabor, camera and rose.  

*WINTER GEAR:  Thank you for sending your child with all that they need to stay warm outside….snow pants, hats, mittens, boots. Just a reminder, we will be outside for recess if the temperature is above 0 degrees.

*BOX TOPS:  Due Feb. 28. A new form was sent home today or you can pick up one from the main office. (Don’t forget to send in your Family Fare receipts, too!)  Thanks for collecting!


*MON. FEB. 13—GYM Valentine’s Day Party  2:00-3:00pm  Parent volunteers who are working at a party center, please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions & set up.

*TUES. FEB 14–MUSIC; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS; reading POPCORN WORD LIST; LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book. 

*WED.FEB. 15–ART;  HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy


*FRI. FEB. 17GYM; Celebrating Jaelene’s birthday!  Scholastic book order forms due (they are coming home on Monday, Feb. 13)

*SAT. FEB. 25—-Daddy Daughter Dance: 6:30-9:00pm. 

*FRI, MARCH 7–FAST FRIDAY (Early Release Dismissal at 2:15pm)

*MARCH 13, 14,15–Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent slips stating your specific date and time will be sent home on Monday, Feb. 13.  

There have been quite a few kinders missing school due to illnesses. It’s definitely that time of year.  Our tables are cleaned daily with disinfectant wipes and we try to practice good hygiene with our coughs and sneezes.   Thanks for alerting the office and me when your kinders will be absent. I hope that we all feel better soon. Rest and stay healthy!           Mrs. Bohl