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OUR WEEK—May 22-26

OUR AMERICAN SYMBOLS:  Check out the American Symbols  pocket folders that your kinder brought home today.  It contains all of their work. The symbols that were studied this week were The Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell, The American Flag.  At the start of each day, the kinders recite the Pledge of Allegiance by standing tall, still and straight.  This week they learned what those very special words really mean and what sacrifices the men and women of our country made for our freedom. We THANK them so much!!!  On Friday, the kinders dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the upcoming holiday…Memorial Day.  Eating red, white and blue popsicles was a “cool” way to end the day.  


READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we have reviewed and worked on recall and comprehension using the Shape-Go Map.  This has also been a great tool to help us think about the lesson a story is trying to tell and teach us about within our fictional stories.  We have also practiced making connections between the text to self (how we can personally relate to the story we are reading). Please continue to practice these important reading skills this summer when you read together.  The kinders shined so “BRIGHT” as readers this year that they needed sunglasses to read today.  What a fun way to end our celebrating as readers this month of May.


COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER:  Can you believe it? Ten more days of kindergarten!  Oh my! 🙂 The countdown to summer has officially begun in our classroom.  Each day we will open an envelope to see what fun activity is scheduled.  Today the first activity was…..


Here are some pictures of our time outside.  A perfect day for an EXTRA RECESS!!!



*LIBRARY BOOKS:  All of the kinders have returned their library books.  Hooray!  Thank you so much for your prompt response.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.



*TUESDAY, MAY 30:  MUSIC; Countdown to Summer Day 9

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 31:  ART; Countdown to Summer Day 8

*THURSDAY, JUNE 1:  STEAM; Countdown to Summer Day 7

*FRIDAY, JUNE 2: KINDERGARTEN OLYMPICS.  A fun morning of games with all of the kindergarteners!  Kinders will need to wear TENNIS SHOES…NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR CROCS PLEASE!  They will also need a WATER BOTTLE, LABELED WITH THEIR NAME!  Don’t forget the SUNSCREEN! Volunteers can arrive at 8:45am for instructions. PARENTS & YOUNGER SIBLINGS, YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US FOR A PICNIC LUNCH ON THE PLAYGROUND IF IT FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE.  WE WILL BE EATING AROUND 12:00PM.   Countdown to Summer Day 6

*FRIDAY, JUNE 9:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 12:15p.m.

~~~Have a great long weekend. Enjoy the wonderful weather while you celebrate Memorial Day!  Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—April 24-28

Can you believe it?  It is the end of April and we are moving into our last full month of school.  We began  learning about another new science unit,  we enjoyed learning by playing games, making a craft.  I am so proud of the kinders and their choices while I was away this past week.  Ms Smith told me that the kinders were awesome and she would love to return again if needed.  That is great news that every teacher wants to hear!  🙂

SCIENCE:  What is Alive? helped us begin our learning about living and non-living things.  The kinders learned that living things need *air, *water, *food, *soil (plants), *space (habitat)  and can *move, *grow.  We created a class tree map (are, have, need) for plants, working together to write answer on both the class poster and their own papers.  They made their own mini poster for ‘Parts of a Flower’, labeling each section, which came home today.  We are continuing to water and watch to see if our bean seeds will grow.  Many are starting to sprout!  Hooray! 🙂  

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:   I am so proud of the kinders and their writing. This month was all about reviewing the different genres of writing.  Their writing pieces will come home next week. I hope that you enjoyed learning some facts from reading their All About Plants books. Next week we will begin our last writing unit…Opinion Writing.  Wow! I know that the kinders will do a fabulous job and will enjoy this type of writing. 

MATH:  The kinders are doing well comparing numbers, identifying numbers that are Greater than and Less than other numbers.  They are also doing well showing teen numbers using tens and extra ones.  Thank you so much for encouraging your kinder to complete their homework each week.  This helps to solidifying their learning.  


FUN CENTERS:  Thank you so much to Gavin’s mom, Ronen’s mom and Gabriel’s dad for helping us learn while having fun.  We practiced using our predicting, comparing and counting skills by playing MAGIC BEANS, identified popcorn words by playing GOING BUGGY, and used our questioning skills by playing GUESS WHO.  Thank you so much for volunteering to be part of fun centers each month.  The kinders looked forward to this time and it would not have been possible without your support and help.  


END OF THE YEAR ASSESSMENTS:  Preparation for the end of the year assessments and records have begun.  I am excited to be the listener as I ask each kinder read books to me.  They are doing an AMAZING job!! They are making FABULOUS progress.  Supporting your kinder at home by practicing/reviewing popcorn words, reading books, completing math homework and more has helped your kinder be a successful learner.  Thank you so much.  

MYSTERY GUEST READERS:  August was so surprised to see his mom walk through the door. She chose to read Dachy’s Deaf.  because she works in an audiologist’s office. A fun story about a dinosaur who learns the importance of wearing his hearing aides.  A fabulous giant THANK YOU to her office for giving each kinder their own book. How very thoughtful of them.  Enjoy reading these books (they came home today).  

Avery jumped right up and ran across the room to welcome her Mimi (grandma).  Mimi lives in the Upper Peninsula and was visiting Avery and her family.  She read Franklin in the Dark, because Avery likes to read Franklin books.  Thank you so much for creating time in your schedule to come read to us!



*POPCORN WORDS:     COME   SOME                                             April popcorn flash cards were sent home to add to your kinder’s collection. The work that you do at home helps your kinder be the best student they can be. Thank you!

*KOOL KINDER AND THE SPRING TIME JOURNAL:  We are enjoying being the Kool Kinder for the last time. Be on the lookout for your kinder to take home our class SPRING TIME journal.  Choose one activity that you enjoy doing as a family in the spring.  Your kinder will draw a detailed picture and write 2 sentences explaining your activity.  Have fun discussing and choosing your activity! 🙂

*MONTHLY CALENDAR:  May is FILLED with many birthday celebrations.  Be sure to look at the May June calendar for May and summer birthday celebration dates, along with other important information.  It has been posted under CALENDARS at the top of our blog.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME Books:  Please help your child to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out a new book each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.  We only have two weeks left…keep reading!!!



*TUESDAY, MAY 2: ART; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS & POPCORN WORD LIST;  LIBRARY: Please return your kinder’s book.  

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 3: STEAM; HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy 



*WEDNESDAY, MAY 10:  Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center &  TimberTown   Please feel free to join us for our picnic lunch.  We will be at the park around 12:00pm. Your kinder will need a home lunch and water bottle to enjoy during our picnic lunch.  NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS. TENNIS SHOES NEED TO BE WORN!!  We will be walking through woods and trails and playing on a big playground.  Please dress your child according to the weather. We will be OUTSIDE for most of the day!  Birthday celebration for Easton!

*FRIDAY, MAY 12:  FAST FRIDAY (Early Release  Dismiss at 12:15pm)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 17:  Birthday celebration for Ronen

*MONDAY, MAY 22:  Birthday celebration for Mason (July 1 birthday)

*TUESDAY, MAY 23:  Birthday celebration for Lauren (July 29 birthday)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 24:  Birthday celebration for Hudson (August 19 birthday)

*FRIDAY, MAY 26…..Red, White and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 29…Memorial Day, No School

*FRIDAY, JUNE 2:  Kindergarten Olympics  Volunteer note due Friday, May 19

~~~Have a great weekend.   Stay dry and warm 🙂   Mrs. Bohl