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We had a fabulous 2 day week working and learning together.  Look what happened in kindergarten.

WRITING WORKSHOP:  Small moment writing continues!  Adding how you feel and adding extra words makes the writing more exciting to read was our focus this week.  I surprised the kinders with a treat of gummy bears so we wrote about that experience. We also wrote about when it is recess time. The kinders are doing a FABULOUS job remembering to include words like FIRST, NEXT, LAST in their writing. It sounded something like this:  First Mrs. Bohl had a surprise for us. I was excited! Next she gave me gummy bears. Last I ate my gummy bears.

MATH:  We told math stories using our fruit from our ‘fruit & vegetable market’ adding written equations.  Remembering what each symbol (+ – = ) means and using them correctly is challenging but the kinders are doing a great job.  Playing the game UNKNOWN PARTNER to learn number partners and noticing that 12=10+2 OR 10+2=12 means the same, it is just written differently were math lessons taught this week.  

READER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders are working hard to use their “super powers” as they read so PERSISTENCE POWER was introduced. 

“Persistence Power”  means that we will not give up….we will keep trying, using all of our super powers!  

The kinders are also working on increasing their reading stamina. It can be very challenging for a kinders to keep to themselves, stay in one spot, look at a book the whole time, and not talk to friends. We will work on increasing this time each day.  I am so excited to see how they have progressed as readers.

*POPCORN WORDS:         HOW           NOW                                        The kinders are doing a fabulous job of learning their sight words.  Each day I try to include the week’s words in the daily message and they are able to locate them every time.  Hooray! This week we talked about the different sound /ow/ can make like in ‘cow’ or in ‘snow’. We had to work hard to hear which /ow/ sound we heard when sorting pictures.   Please keep reviewing and working on learning the list of popcorn words that come home.  Identifying sight words will help your kinder become a better reader!  Remember each Thursday we review their rainbow word list and exchange it for a new list.  Your support and work at home is making an impact on your kinder’s learning!  Thank you!!! 🙂


  Alexandra likes spending time with her family just like Clifford did in Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit.


*WINTER GEAR:  Thank you for sending your child with all that they need to stay warm outside….snow pants, hats, mittens, boots. Just a reminder, we will be outside for recess if the temperature is above 0 degrees.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please continue to send 2 healthy, quick snacks with your kinder each day.  Your kinder needs to be refueled so that they be ready to learn.

*JUMP ROPE FOR HEART:  Due Feb. 28. A form was sent home with your kinder this week.  Check out the PE blog for more information. 



*TUES. FEB 13–STEAMValentine’s Day Party  1:50-3:00pm  Parent volunteers who are working at a party center, please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions & set up;  NO reading TAKE HOME BOOKS;  

*WED.FEB. 14GYMValentine’s Day!! HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book. 

*THURS. FEB.15––MUSIC; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS & Rainbow word list; celebrating Blake’s birthday!

*FRI. FEB. 16—ART; Scholastic book order forms due (they are coming home on Monday, Feb. 12)

*FRI. FEB. 23—celebrating Mia’s birthday!

*FRI, MARCH 9–FAST FRIDAY (Early Release Dismissal at 2:15pm)

*MARCH 12 & 14–Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent slips stating your specific date and time (same as in Nov)  will be sent home soon.

There have been quite a few kinders missing school due to illnesses. It’s definitely that time of year.  Our tables are cleaned daily with disinfectant wipes and we try to practice good hygiene with our coughs and sneezes.   Thanks for alerting the office and me when your kinders will be absent. I hope that we all feel better soon. Rest and stay healthy!           Mrs. Bohl

***Sorry about the lack of pictures this week.  Can I blame the 2 day week plus the unexpected snow day?  Next week will be better. 🙂 



Our first 5 day week of kindergarten was filled with learning and fun.  While I was gone on Tuesday, the kinders did some activities centering around the story The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  Here is a picture of our cuties wearing the fun hungry caterpillar hats they created.

Here is a peek at what your kinder did at school this week:

 POPCORN WORDS:           THE      DOG      BLUE                                                            We looked all around our room for color monster because “Blue, Blue lost his shoe” this week. We hope that he  finds his missing shoe 🙂  Blueberry Mouse was one of our color theme books that we read throughout the week.  It was a great book for us to make ‘text to self’ connections about eating blueberry food. We also read Little Blue Truck, a sweet, fun story about friends working together to help each other.  It was fun making our own Little Blue Truck. 

Pout Pout Fish was another favorite. Making their own Pout Pout Fish was a fun choice for some.

 We read a lot this week! Wearing blue was a great way to end our week.  Thank you for helping your kinder choose clothes each week that go with the highlighted color.

READER’S WORKSHOP:  We  are working on building our reading stamina (strength).  We are able to read to self for 4 minutes.  That is fabulous!  While the kinders are reading to self, they are using skills learned during our mini lesson time… choosing a book by looking at the cover and looking inside, reading a book 3 ways (tell a familiar tale, read the pictures, read the words) and reading left to right, top to bottom, page by page. The kinders added another popcorn book  to their blue book boxes and highlighted this week’s words ;”the” and “dog”.  These words were “buttered” (colored with a yellow crayon) so that they popped off the pages as we read it.  Hooray!!!—-because we are becoming readers!  It was exciting for the kinders to learn that they use some of these skills during library time when choosing books to take home.  How cool is that!


MATH:  Thank you for encouraging your kinder to complete their math (and literacy) homework. This homework supplements the lessons that are taught and learned throughout the week.   Homework papers will be coming home each Wednesday and are due back by the following week.  Please read the directions with your child, giving assistance as needed, encouraging and praising them all the time.  Thank you for your support! 🙂  Each day we begin our math time by practicing counting to 100, finding numbers on our number chart and finding the group of 5 and counting on.  Our math parade numbers (1-10) show a group of 5 dots and the remaining numbers for numbers 5-10.  For example, 6 can be counted quickly by grabbing the group of five in one hand and adding one to it to make the number 6. The kinders learned a song to assist them in recognizing circles. “A circle is like a button.  A circle is like a button.  Round and round it never stops.  A circle is like a button.” (sung to Farmer in the Dell). This week’s lessons focused on comparing numbers 1-10 using a graph and counting objects.  We learned some super big words like “vertical” (tall like a giraffe) and “horizontal” (long like a caterpillar) too.  


Writing numbers 5 (Half way down, make a fat tummy, put on a hat.  Mr. 5 looks funny) and 6 (A stick and a hoop, does the trick. That’s the way to make a six)  were learned and practiced this week. 

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  We continued to tell stories to a partner and out loud as a class.  We drew a picture of our story and labeled our pictures.  We even tried to label parts of our drawings…focusing on writing the first letter in words and stretching out the sounds in other words. We wrote about the playground and what we do at school.  We worked together by sharing the marker when we drew a story about the walk-a-thon. Awesome job, writers! We are keeping all of our stories inside our writing folders until the end of the unit. They will then come home so your kinder can share them with you!

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  We were excited to see Mrs. Reagan walk into our room and be our very first mystery guest reader.  She read her favorite book, Stand Tall, Molly Sue Melon.  A great story about being yourself.  Thank you so much!

If you would like to be one of our Mystery Guest Readers, look on the sidebar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES to find “Mystery Guest Reader”.  Click on this link to sign up for a date that is convenient for you. We would love to have you read us a story!


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Don’t forget to pack a quick, healthy backpack inside.  Your child needs to be refueled each afternoon.  🙂  Thank you so much for keeping the snacks NUT FREE!

*WARM WEATHER PREDICTED:  Hot summer like days are predicted through the middle of the week before normal fall temps return.  Please send your kinder with a water bottle so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day.  We take frequent water breaks.

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MADDOX!  Thank you so much for the cool gift baggies.


*Monday, Sept. 25—ART, KOOL KINDER: Livia

*Tuesday, Sept. 26—STEAM;  KOOL KINDER: Jonathan

*Wednesday, Sept 27—GYM;   LIBRARY…Please return your child’s book when you are finished reading it.  We have a basket in our room to collect the books as they are returned.  Remember that your child will be able to check out another book ONLY after the prior one is returned.  We have library EACH WEDNESDAY;  Math & Literacy Homework due;   KOOL KINDER: Parker

*Thursday, Sept 28–MUSIC; KOOL KINDER: Mason ; COLOR DAY….Wear GREEN Note change in day because of Eagle Spirit Day on Friday.

 *Friday, Sept 29—ART; KOOL KINDER: Jordan; Eagle Spirit Day…Wear Blue and Gold or Hudsonville gear

*Tuesday, Oct. 25—Turkey Trot  Go to the PE blog on our side bar for more information

*Thursday, Oct. 27—School Picture Retake Day

*Friday, Oct 27—FALL PARTY AND PARADE:  We will be having our first class party on Friday, Oct. 27.  Our party will be a center rotation style with the kinders playing games and making a craft. If you showed an interest to be either a fall party planner or helper, you will be contacted shortly via an email.  Thank you for your willings to make our first party a success. We have so many helpers!!  Please let me know if you have any questions about this fun day.

~~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl




Is it ODD or EVEN?

The kinders have been working on learning what makes a number be called odd or even.  We used EVEN STEVEN and ODD TODD to help us understand this math concept better. ( I would love to take credit for this fun game but alas it came from this fabulous website called First Grade Parade.)  This is what we did….

First, I told the story that Even Steven LOVES things to be fair among his friends.  Everyone always needs to have the same amount.  It is all about being fair! 🙂  However, Odd Todd does not care if friends get a different amount.  It fact, he LIKES that! 🙂  Next,  a kinder chose a number between 1-20 and counted out that many “crackers” (mini unifix cubes) to a plate.  Then we decided who would get the “crackers”…EVEN STEVEN or ODD TODD. Then, the kinder placed the “crackers” one at a time onto each hand, counting each one,  until the plate was empty.  This was a great way for the kinders to visually see if  the “crackers” were equal or not equal.  Finally we decided if we were correct in our choice.  Were the “crackers” divided fairly in each of EVEN STEVEN’S hands or was there a different amount in each hand that ODD TODD would like? 


After playing this game a few times, we practiced identifying even and odd numbers by completing a fun math worksheet.  This worksheet came home today inside your child’s folder. Another will come home tomorrow. Be sure to ask them to explain what they did to you.  We remember what we learn when we become the teachers and need to explain what we did.  🙂  


OUR WEEK—-May 8-12

See what we did and learned about this week in kindergarten

SCIENCE:  We finished our unit about Living and Non-Living  this week by making a mini booklet on Animal Needs.  The kinders also had fun creating a flower craft while adding information about what plants can do, what plants need and what plants have.  Science is so much fun! 

READER’S WORKSHOP:  We continued to celebrate becoming readers on Friday by reading with one of our reading strategies beanie babies! Reading to and with friends is always fun!!!


 🙂 Next Friday, we will be reading with flashlight, looking to see if we can spot popcorn words within our books. The kinders are asked to bring in a flashlight on Friday, May 19.  I  have a few extra flashlights to share with kinders who forget. All flashlights will be sent home on the same day.  

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: More topics were introduced, more opinions were given, more reasons were written and more writings were shared with friends this week.  These topics included choosing hot lunch or home lunch; stating why Georgetown school is awesome; and choosing a dog, cat, fish or hamster is a good pet.  I am very proud of them. The kinders will be writing their ON DEMAND Opinion writing next week. 

MATH:  After reviewing various math skills, the kinders used their individual office spaces to take their last math test, Unit #5.  They are becoming very good mathematicians solving addition and subtraction problems, comparing items using terms longer, shorter, taller and showing teen numbers as tens and extra ones.  What a good job they have done!!! 🙂  Their tests will be coming home soon.

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  Isabella beamed with excitement when she saw her mom walk into the room.  She immediately gave her a big hug.  Isabella’s mom brought one of their favorite books, The Rainbow Tiger to read to us because she likes tigers and Isabella likes rainbows.  A sweet story about being ourselves because we each are special. Thank you for stopping by.


*POPCORN WORDS:       BY           MY           ONE                                                                                              What smart kinders I have!  I am working on the end of the year assessments and so far EVERYONE has been able to increase the amount of sight words they can identify.  Hooray for them! I am so very proud of the kinders!! 🙂 I encourage you this summer to continue to practice & review the popcorn words flash cards that have been sent home this year.  Sliding can often happen with basic skills and review is needed to ensure that the concepts are mastered.  


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.




*WEDNESDAY, MAY 17:  MUSIC;  HOMEWORK DUE….literacy and math;   Birthday celebration for Ronen


*FRIDAY, MAY 19:  STEAM;  We are Readers! celebration….Read with a FLASHLIGHT.  Bring a flashlight to school;  Kindergarten Olympic volunteer note due

*MONDAY, MAY 22:  Birthday celebration for Mason (July 1 birthday)

*TUESDAY, MAY 23:  Birthday celebration for Lauren (July 29 birthday)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 24:  Birthday celebration for Hudson (August 19 birthday)

*FRIDAY, MAY 26…..RedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 29…Memorial Day, No School

*FRIDAY, JUNE 2:  Kindergarten Olympics  A note asking for parent volunteers came home.  Volunteers will be notified shortly with details.  This special day would not be possible without your help.  Thank you so much.  If you still would like to be part of this fun day, please let me know by Friday, May 19.

*FRIDAY, JUNE 9:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

~~~Have a great weekend.    Mrs. Bohl






OUR WEEK—-April 10-14

Welcome back to school!!  I hope that you had a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing spring break. Mr. Bohl and I enjoyed playing at the beach and pool everyday in Florida with baby Madeline. (it was so nice that she took along her Mommy and Daddy :).  We had wonderful, warm, sunny weather….it was hard to return home to Michigan weather. I can’t resist sharing a few pictures of our 5 month old little sweet pea.


The kinders had a lot of fun telling each other about what they did.  Playdates, going to Rebounders, going to the movie theater, visiting grandparents, staying in a hotel and so much more was shared.  We had a busy week at school.  Take a peek at what we did in kindergarten! 🙂

MATH:  The kinders practiced making teen numbers by showing tens and extra ones, practiced writing addition and subtraction equations by pretending to be the Easter bunny and hopping on a floor number line, used jelly beans and Easter baskets to solve addition and subtraction problems,used unifix cubes to make partners of 7, practiced adding 2 numbers by playing JUST ROLL IT and identified numbers to draw features on the Easter Bunny.  Whee!  That is a lot of math learning!!


READER’S WORKSHOP:  We were introduced to another reading strategy beanie buddy, a parrot called “Jabber, the Reteller”.  Jabber reminds us that by retelling the story using our own words helps us with retaining comprehension.  We love using Jabber, as well as Kitty Cat Connector, Iggy the Inferring Iguana and Picturing Penguin to help us build our comprehension skills.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  This month the kinders will be revisiting the different kinds of writing genres (small moments, how to…, pattern books, informational) that we have learned this year. The kinders began this week with writing small moment stories.  We reviewed what is included in a small moment story:  *a beginning, middle and end; *popcorn words; *capital letters at the start of a sentence; *spaces between words; * feelings; *an ending that includes more than “I went home.”; *to be a true story; *to be a one time, one moment story.  The kinders chose small moments from spring break to write about.  It was so fun to hear stories about playing at the beach, going to Grandma’s house, going out to eat and having playdates.  I am so very proud of the growth and ability they have developed as writers!

SCIENCE….IT ROCKS!: We worked together to list facts that we knew about soil prior to spring break.  This week we read more informational books about soil and created charts like “Where we can find soil” and “Ways we use soil”. To better understand the layers of soil we did a fun experiment.  Soil was put into a glass jar, water was add and shaken around, and then the waiting began.  After a bit we were able to see the layers of rocks, sand, silt, clay and humus.  Can you see the layers?


Before we investigated our personal baggies of soil, we sorted pictures of things found in soil by minerals, plants and animals.  We had fun using magnifying glasses to look closely at our soil and record our findings on a paper.  


Finally we learned how some types of soil are made through wind, rain, ice coming into contact with rocks.  Have your child show and explain the Rocks book and flow map that they took home today.  

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  It was so sweet to see Easton jump up and run across the room when he saw his mom and younger sister, Reese walk in.  She brought The Night Before Easter to read to us because Easter is only 2 days away. She also brought Easter smarties for each of the kinders because we are learning new things and are “smarties.” Thank you so much for the surprise treat as well as letting us keep the book in our classroom library!!!  If you still would like to be a guest reader (a 2nd time is great too) you have 2 options.  1.  You can sign up under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITiES on the side of the blog.  2.  You can email me and we can arrange a date/time that works for your schedule. At this time all of the remaining dates are available.


*POPCORN WORDS:       HIM          JUMP                                Please, please keep practicing at home!  The kinders are becoming fabulous readers!

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY: We celebrated with Isabella and who turned 6 on Tuesday. Thank you so much for the birthday treats.


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME books:  Please help your child to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out a new book each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.



*TUESDAY, APRIL 18: GYM;  reading TAKE HOME BOOKS;  LIBRARY: Please return your kinder’s book.  

*WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19: MUSIC; HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy; BOOK ORDERS DUE…..this is the last book order for the year;  ART SHOW 5:30-7:30pm Click here for more information



*WEDNESDAY, MAY 10…Spring Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center &  Huizenga Park.  Parent volunteers have been contacted. All parents (and younger siblings) are welcome to join us at Huizenga Park for a picnic lunch and playtime. Please send back the the bottom portion of the yellow note if you are planning on joining us.

~~~Have a Blessed Easter weekend.  Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—March 6-10

Take a peek at what your kinder did this week at school.

ONCE UPON A TIME—-GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS:  We read MANY stories of The Three Bears…the ‘original’ versions, along with others like Goldilocks and the 3 Hares, Tackylocks and the Three Bears and Goldi Rocks and the Three Bears. We used the Shape Go map during retell, focusing on what happened in the beginning, the middle and the end of story.  

We learned what porridge is (oatmeal) and agreed (after tasting) that porridge for breakfast is good. Yum, Yum!  Enjoy learning from your kinder as they show you their story pocket materials.


 READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we learned what the illustrator’s role is in writing non-fiction books.  They help us learn something new, they zoom in to help us see details up close and they work with the author to make sure the pictures match the words.  When the kinders read their books, they are busy noticing these features.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we complied new information called facts about bears onto a large chart and referred to that chart throughout the week.  We organized our facts onto our “have, can, are” papers.  As we wrote our informational booklets we asked ourselves “What else can I add?” by remembering what writers and illustrators do…write words and drawing matching detailed pictures.  

MATH:  Earlier in the week we worked on writing partner equations, solving addition & subtraction problems, drawing tens and extra ones for teen numbers and more. At the end of the week, the kinders did a great job working within their office spaces as they took the unit #4 math test..  They are becoming awesome math learners. I am so proud of the results.  I will send home their graded math tests home soon.  We will begin unit #5 next week.

SPLIT LIT: The kinders continue to work independently for 15 minutes each day while their friends meet with either Ms. Lisa or myself.  They have new literacy activities to explore and complete.  Be sure to ask your child what they needed to do as their papers come home. 


*POPCORN WORDS:     WHERE          THERE             WERE              Please, please keep practicing at home!  Some of these popcorn words are a bit more challenging to learn and remember.  You are unable to stretch them out but need to just remember them by looking at them.  However, we do like it when some words rhyme like ‘where’ and ‘there’. 🙂

*OUTSIDE GEAR:  THANK YOU for sending and continue to send your kinder in boots or outside play shoes.  The snow has disappeared but the wood chips are very wet and dirty and the wind is very COLD.  Keep listening to the daily weather report for sending the correct coat…winter, spring or sweatshirt.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please, please remember to send a healthy, peanut free snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME books:  Please help your child to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out a new book each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.

*PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES:  Our Spring Conferences will be held Monday, March 13 – Wednesday, March 15 from 4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Conference time reminders were sent home  with your kinder. Please let me know if you will not be able to attend conferences or if you have a conflict so that we can reschedule. Report cards will be sent home Monday.  If possible, please take a moment to review it.  We will be looking at it together. Please arrive on time, as we have 15 minutes to discuss your wonderful kinder! I will  do my best to stay on schedule.  I can’t wait to share your Kindergartener’s progress with you!! They are AMAZING!!!

*TIME CHANGE:  Don’t forget to move  your clocks forward one hour Saturday night. Remember the saying….. “SPRING AHEAD”


*MONDAY, MARCH 13–GYM; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS; preview (look at) book fair books; parent teacher conferences 

*TUESDAY, MARCH 14–MUSIC; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS;  LIBRARY: I am not sure if Mrs. VandenBerg will be coming into our room to exchange books or not.  To be on the safe side, please return your book; parent teacher conferences

*WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15– ART; HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  purchase book fair books (If you would like to have your kinder purchase books, please send the money inside an envelope labeled with their name.  Parent volunteers will be available to help your kinder shop.); parent teacher conferences

*THURSDAY. MARCH 16–STEAM; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS;  ST PATRICK’S DAY–wear green if you wish

*FRIDAY, MARCH 17– GYM; ST PATRICK’S DAY–wear green if you wish

*THURSDAY, MARCH 30:  Kindergarten PJ Day


~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—Jan. 23-27

Wow! It was very productive week of learning. Look what we have been doing!

SPLIT LIT:  If the kinders finish completing their “main” work at their independent centers before it is time to switch groups, they can move on to the “dessert” bins. These bins are filled with both literacy and math activities such as: reading books filled with popcorn words; using letter cubes to spell CVC words; solving addition and subtraction problems using manuplatives; sorting various objects. They really enjoy these new activities.

MATH: We took our unit #3 test on Monday. There was a wide variety of math concepts within this unit.  The kinders had some difficulty with following directions and answering the questions so we spent a few days reviewing and reteaching the material.  At the end of the week the kinders retook the test again. I will send home their tests shortly. Your kinder took home their volume 1 math workbook this week.  This book can stay at home and does not need to be returned to school.  Use this workbook for review and have fun completing any pages we did not do in class.  Unit #4 was started this week. We told addition and subtraction math stories using fruits and vegetables from our “food market”.  We also practiced making number partners of 10, noticing patterns like switching partners (2+8=10 or 8+2=10).  

FUN WITH FRIENDS: We invited our neighbors (Mrs. Estefan’s kindergarteners) to come and play our Friday math games with us. We played SNOWBALL FIGHT (writing number partners of 7); TEEN NUMBER MEMORY (matching teen numbers to their number partners. ex: 13  10+3); I KNOW MY SHAPES (identifying shapes).  It was so much fun to interact with our friends.

WRITING WORKSHOP: The kinders have continued to practice writing small moment stories. We have talked about being super star writers. Super star writers use finger spaces between words, use a capital letter at the beginning of sentences, add detail to pictures and words, label their pictures and add punctuation. We have all become super star writers!! Next week the kinders will be writing a small moment story without teacher assistance.  This story is their “on demand” story that I will grade for report cards. Their writing narrative or small moment stories will come home shortly. Enjoy reading their stories and celebrate with them on how far they have become as writers!  I’m so impressed with them! I know that you will be too! Our next writing unit will focus on writing “How to…” books.  

READERS WORKSHOP:  The kinders learned that they can be teachers too by working with partners as they rev up to read by asking questions and helping each other figure out unknown words.  On most days we are now able to read quietly to ourselves for 15 minutes.  That is awesome!  Way to go, kinders!!! 🙂

MYSTERY GUEST READER: Jacob was all smiles when his Grandmom walked in today.  She read us one of our favorite books Harry the Dirty Dog.  Both Jacob and his Grandmom have dogs that get dirty like Harry.  She surprised us by letting us keep the book in our classroom library. How sweet! Thank you for the book and for coming into to read

.      REMINDERS  There are a lot of them 🙂

*POPCORN WORDS:          AT      THAT                                                      We learned how to make a lot of new words by adding different letters to the beginning of -at. Have fun using the cat slider at home too. I love it when the kinders eyes sparkle with excitement!  🙂  We will continue to learn these popcorn words, along with some new ones, next week. January popcorn flash cards were sent home…please add them to the existing cards at home for practice.

*WINTER GEAR:  Even though it is cold outside we will go out to play if the wind chill is above O.  Thanks for bundling up your child for play outside.


 Gabriel enjoys reading Twas the Night Before Christmas because he likes Santa.

  Jacob likes bears so We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is one of his favorites.

  Bentley likes to use his imagination as he listens to The Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye  (a chapter book!)

 August shared Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site because he likes trucks.

 Madison likes her new book, Don’t Push The Button! because it is very silly.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION:  We gave Lily birthday wishes on Thursday.  She turned 6!  Thank you for the birthday treat bags!

*VALENTINE PARTY AND VALENTINE EXCHANGE:   Tuesday, February 13 from 2:00-3:00pm.  VALENTINE EXCHANGE:  Information has been sent home. Be sure to have your kinder write their names on each valentine.  Please remember to use the name labels for the front of the valentines for easier mailing. The kinders may bring in 4-5 valentines (select randomly from list) on Wed. Feb. 1; Thurs. Feb. 2; Tues. Feb. 7; Thurs. Feb 9; Fri. Feb 10 to mail. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ALL OF THE VALENTINES AT ONE TIME!  Let the love begin to flow!

*100 DAYS OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION:  Wednesday, February 8..  Start thinking about what 100 items your kinder will like to collect and bring to school.  Your kinders 100 collections will be due on Feb. 8. This is the day that they may bring them into school.  Please do not send them into school earlier. The collections will return home the same day. Begin collecting 100 items and decide how your kinder would like to display them.  Have fun! 🙂

*CALENDARS: The February calendar  has been posted under CALENDARS.  A lot of fun events, popcorn words, birthdays are listed on this document.  The February lunch menu has also been posted under the side tab Hudsonville Food Service.


*MON. JAN. 30-ART; reading TAKE  HOME BOOKS  

*TUES. JAN. 31–-STEAM; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS; LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book.    

*WED.FEB. 1–GYM; HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  Mailing Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail; Avery’s birthday celebration 

*THURS. FEB. 2––MUSIC; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS;  Mailing Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail  

*FRI. FEB. 3— ART; FAST FRIDAY (Early Release…Dismissal at 12:15pm)  If your kinder would like a sack lunch, please email me (kbohl@hpseagles.net or send a note by Thursday 2/2.

 *NO SCHOOL: Monday, February 6 WINTER BREAK

*TUES. FEB. 8—- Day 100 Celebration

*TUES. FEB. 13—Valentine’s Day Party  2:00-3:00pm  Donates due into school by Tuesday, Feb. 7.  Parent volunteers who are working at a party center, please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions & set up.

*SAT. FEB. 25—-Daddy Daughter Dance: 6:30-9:00pm.  The cost is $30 per couple.  RSVP’s are due by Friday, Jan. 27.  Attached is a copy of the Invitation.Georgetown-Invite

~~~Have a great weekend.  Stay warm and safe!   Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—Jan. 9-13

Hooray for the kinders!! They are working hard to continue to make good choices at school while being ready to learn AND to listen when others talk. The kinders are also working hard to put their eyes on the teacher so that all directions/instructions are heard. This is what first graders do and we are practicing to do the same.  Thank you for encouraging your kinder at home!

MATH:  The kinders practiced writing number partners of teen numbers by playing a fun snowball (paper balls) game.  Ask your child how to play this game.  Materials needed:  scraps of paper balls, paper (we used whiteboards & markers).  If you have questions, let me know. 🙂  Telling and solving addition and subtraction problems are part of our daily routine.  

WRITING WORKSHOP:  We are diving deeper into writing true one time, one place stories. The kinders choose their own small moment story to write, practiced telling their story over their fingers, drew detailed pictures and worked on stretching out words to write. In addition they are being encouraged to include spaces between popcorn words and sentence stoppers (punctuation) Wow!!  This is challenging for kinders! I am proud of their perseverance and effort.  We are working to do our best!!

HANDWRITING: We learned how to write more letters this week….j,l,k,y.  We are working on writing our “full name” correctly on our papers.  This means ONLY the first letter is capital and the rest of the letters are lower case.  The  kinders are able to write their full name but many of the letters are written incorrectly.  There is a mix of upper and lower case letters within the first and last name.  Please begin practicing this new skill at home.  Thanks! 🙂

READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we got ready to read (revved up) by thinking of words we might see in the story.  Then we learned that letters help me read.  By looking at the beginning letter , noticing a ‘switch’ of letters (is it a frog or toad?) and looking all the way through we can figure out words as we read.  The kinders are doing an awesome job!  We are increasing our reading time too.  We are averaging 16 minutes a day. Hooray for reading! 

PIZZA LUNCH:  Thanks to your supper choices of ordering Marco’s Pizza, we could enjoy a pizza lunch on Thursday.  How exciting!  It tasted Y-U-M-M-Y!!  Can you tell the kinders like pizza?  🙂



*POPCORN WORDS:        MAKE       SAID                                                               We found them in our day’s messages and within our popcorn books.  We learned about “bossy e” who quietly tells the hard worker (vowel) to say their letter name (long a) instead of their letter sound (short /a/ sound) in “make”. Flippy the Dolphin (reading strategy) was spotlighted. We also learned to look for “talking” lines (quotation marks) to let us know that a character is talking.  Identifying “said” helped making this task easier.


 Ronen likes Because a little bug went Achooo because he likes funny books.

 James likes to watch football so Twas the night before GAME DAY is a favorite book.

 Madelyne enjoys silly books like I know an Old Lady who swallowed a fly.

 Lauren likes to eat cupcakes with sprinkles so If you give a cat a cupcake was the perfect book to take to school.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a snack each day with your child. They would probably enjoy a snack from home, rather than plain pretzels in my cupboard. 🙂 Thanks so much for making these snacks healthy ones!  

*BIRTHDAY WISHES:  We celebrated Madelyne’s birthday (Jan. 12).  She turned 6 years old.

*TAKE HOME BOOKS:  The TAKE HOME books will begin Monday! Thank you in advance for reminding your kinder to return these books in the baggies each Monday,Tuesday and Thursday.  If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know and I will be happy to add your name to the schedule. 

*WINTER CLOTHES:  Thank you for dressing your child in warm outside winter gear.  Sending an extra pair of mittens or socks inside their backpacks might be helpful.


*MON. JAN. 16–-MUSIC; reading TAKE  HOME BOOKS; Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

*TUES. JAN 17–-ART; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS   HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book.

*WED. JAN. 18–STEAM;  


*FRI. JAN. 20MUSIC; Fun Centers (volunteers arrive at 1:40 for instructions)

*FRI. FEB. 3—Fast Friday (Early Release)

*MON. FEB. 6—Winter Break Day 

*WED. FEB. 8—Day 100 Celebration

*MON. FEB. 13—Valentine’s Day Party 2:00-3:00pm

~~If you read this entire posting.  Hooray!  It was long again this week.  So many good things happening at school.  Have a great weekend!    Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—Jan. 3-6


 TAKE A PEEK AT WHAT YOUR KINDER DID IN SCHOOL THIS WEEK              Be ready it is a long posting 🙂

WONDERFUL WINTER:  The snow outside was the perfect backdrop for learning inside.  We read another book by Jan Brett (she wrote The Gingerbread Baby) called The Mitten.  A great story about animals climbing into a mitten to stay warm.  We used our retelling skills to sequence the order of animals crawling into the mitten. We enjoyed reading Move Over, Rover! a fun story about animals climbing into Rover’s doghouse.  We practiced using our comprehension skills by sorting character pictures from each story.  The kinders did a fabulous job. We will make snowmen to decorate the back of our room on Monday.  We don’t think they will melt inside our warm room. 🙂

MATH:  The kinders are working on telling and solving addition and subtraction stories by using objects.  They also are working to see 5-groups for numbers 6-10, for teen numbers and to tell why that is useful when counting.  The kinders practiced sorting and classifying objects while giving reasons why they classified the items that way.  

HANDWRITING:  We focused on learning the proper formation of the some of the hard workers….u,i and e.  We are learning that lines on the paper are like a highway road.  The lower case letters do not take up all of the highway only part of it. The kinders are doing a super job writing letters in isolation but transferring the proper formation during ‘regular’ writing time is challenging for them.  Extra encouragement as they write at home is always helpful. 🙂  The kinders were excited to see that their last name was added to the personal name tags.  They will begin adding their last name to their papers, working towards writing their full name by memory.  Please encourage them at home to use proper letter formation on their homework papers.

READER’S WORKSHOP:  Our new unit is called “Revving Up”.  The kinders learned that race car drivers rev up their engines to get them ready before a big race, we need to rev up our minds to get ready to read.  Some ways to do this is to *look at the cover and title of a book, *take a picture walk, *tell the story and *read the words.  You can practice these skills at home prior to reading their library books and TAKE HOME books (which will start soon).

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  We began a new unit that revisits writing Small Moment stories, otherwise known as Personal Narrative. We started our review by sketching a simple picture of the many things we did over vacation…opening gifts, going on a trip, taking down the Christmas tree, playing with friends, visiting family, etc.  We reviewed what makes a good small moment story….*a true story about things people do, *things happen in order, *a (single) small moment stretches across pages. We decided to write our first small moment story about Opening Gifts. The kinders practiced how tell what happened first, next and last and stretch those details across pages. They drew detailed pictures depicting these events. We will add the words on Monday.

*KOOL KINDERS ARE BOOK LOVERS:  We have begun the next round of being the Kool Kinder.  Your kinder will have the opportunity to choose a book from home and take it to school.  They will tell why they chose that particular book before we read it together for story time. The book will return home on the same day.  

   Jaelene loved sharing Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuess because she thinks the book is “COOL”.

  Connor likes Llama, Llama books so he brought Llama, Llama red pajama.


*POPCORN WORD:      WAS                                                                                  We added just one word to our growing list of popcorn words that we are working on identifying in a snap.  A great week for review too.  

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Thank you for packing a quick, healthy backpack snack each day.

*OUTSIDE CLOTHES:  Thank you for dressing your child in warm outside winter gear.  Sending an extra pair of mittens or socks inside their backpacks might be helpful and more comfortable to wear later in the day.  

*JANUARY CALENDAR:  The January calendar has been posted under CALENDARS at the top of the blog.  It contains information about specials, birthdays and monthly events.   

*TAKE HOME BOOKS PROGRAM:  A schedule has been created and sent home with those who have volunteered.  If you would like to part of the program you can email me and I will be happy to add to the schedule.  The existing volunteers would love to have a partner on their days too. 🙂 This exciting reading program WILL BEGIN MONDAY, JANUARY 16!  Thank you for volunteering and being part of your child’s education.  Practice reading the book that will come home at the end of next week and RETURN THE BOOK INSIDE OF THE BAGGIE ON MONDAY.  

*READING RAINBOW POPCORN WORDS:  The day for reading through your kinder’s colored popcorn word list is changing.  The new day is…..TUESDAY! Please remember to send the list back to school every TUESDAY.  Remember these word lists were created from the 60 sight words that each kinder is working on to master before the end of the school year! The words are broken up into smaller lists so that they are easier to learn.  Each list is a new color of the rainbow!  Even though new lists are added to their page protectors, please continue to review previous papers so that words are not forgotten (pointing to each word out of order is best). The goal is to identify these popcorn words automatically and in a snap! The word lists will all stay inside the page protector and can be kept inside your kinder’s blue folder. This is a safe spot to keep it to ensure it won’t be lost and is in their folder for Tuesday’s reading. 

*RAZ-KIDS:  The Raz-kids online reading program information was given to you.  Are you taking advantage of this free reading online reading program.  (Thank you to the PTC for covering the cost)  Please take advantage of this alternative opportunity to read books.  A fun, educational way to spend some time with your kinder on these cold winter days.


*Monday, January 9— GYM

*Tuesday, January 10–MUSIC;  LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book; READING RAINBOW WORD LISTS…..NOTE CHANGE IN DAY!!!; BOOK ORDERS DUE (online or paper form with a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs)

*Wednesday, January 11—ART;  HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy; 

*Thursday, January 12—STEAM; Birthday Celebration for Madelyne

*Friday, January 13—ART; “Fast Friday” Early Release,  Dismissal at 12:15pm  EMAIL ME OR SEND A NOTE BY THURSDAY (1/12) IF YOUR KINDER WOULD LIKE A SACK LUNCH.

*Monday, January 16–TAKE HOME books begin 

~~~Have a great weekend and welcome back to the school routine!  This was a long posting….thank you for reading to the end.  Mrs. Bohl



A very short week but yet full of learning….

HANDWRITING:  We learned how to form letter J, the last of the CENTER STARTER capital letters.  We will begin focusing on the lower case letters after Thanksgiving vacation.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Thank you so much for assisting your child in choosing an item that they are thankful for. The kinders wrote about what they are thankful for and why.  It is so exciting to see how they have progressed thus far in their writing. We have so much to be thankful for! 🙂  We are truly blessed!  We completed our learning about the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims and the Native American Indians came together as friends.  WE did that too!  We gathered together with our friends from Mrs. Estefan class on Tuesday to enjoy time together to make a Thanksgiving Story Bracelet.  When you are with friends, it is always fun! 🙂

IMG_5257  IMG_5258  img_6878  img_6879 img_6880  img_6881  img_6882  img_6884 img_6883  img_6885  img_6886

MATH:  We took Unit #2 test this week.  I will share the results with you after Thanksgiving vacation. They worked hard on this task!  We will begin  Unit #3 next week.  It will focus on finding 10-groups, making teen numbers (10 and extra ones….10 ones and 4 more ones = 14) and solving addition & subtraction problems.  Thanks for completing the math homework each week!  Today we had fun practicing making partners of ten.  First we rolled a giant die to find out how many cubes we needed to lay on our turkey ten frame.  Then we used a second color of cubes to complete the ten frame.  An example is: 4 red cubes + 6 yellow cubes = 10 cubes.  After a while, we added coloring dots on a turkey feather to match our cubes.  Finally, we cut out the feathers and attached them to our turkeys.  Please ask your kinder to count the dots and tell you the number partners of their turkey feathers. (Sorry, I had some pictures to share with you but technical difficulties are occurring)


*POPCORN WORDS:          OR       FOR                                                               We learned that some words sound the same but can have different meanings and can be spelled differently. Example:  “for” and “four”.  Please add the November flash cards to the rest of your popcorn word cards and keep practicing.  The kinders are doing awesome in identifying these words.

*WINTER OUTSIDE CLOTHES:  Please, please send your child in warm outside clothes so that they can enjoy their time outside while staying dry. Please have your kinder wear boots/snow pants when it is snowy. We can not have wet, muddy shoes inside of school. They can wear their gym shoes inside of school each day if you do not want to send shoes each day.  

*DECORATED GINGERBREAD BOY/GIRL:  They are due back to school next week.  Have fun being creative! 🙂  Watch them closely so that they don’t run away! 🙂

*CALENDARS:  December calendar has been posted under CALENDARS at the top of our blog.  The December lunch menu can be found on the side bar under HPS FOOD SERVICE.


*THANKSGIVING VACATION:  November 23-25 No school.  Enjoy the time with family.

*Monday, Nov 28—ART; Gingerbread boy/girl due this week

*Tuesday, Nov 29—STEAM;  LIBRARYDon’t forget to return your child’s book!

*Wednesday, Nov 30—GYM;  HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy

*Thursday, Dec. 1—-MUSIC;  

*Friday, Dec. 2— ART;  Early Release Day  Dismissal at 12:15pm Please email me before 9:30am or send a note inside your kinder’s folder if they would like a sack lunch.  Happy Birthday celebration for Aubrey

*Dec 5-8—HOLIDAY GIFT SHOP: We are scheduled to shop on Monday, Dec. 5 from 1:50-2:30pm  If your kinder would like to purchase gifts, please fill out the envelope sent home with names and amount to spend.  

*Friday, Dec. 9—Friday Fun Centers:  3 volunteers needed

*Tuesday, Dec. 13–CHRISTMAS MUSIC PROGRAM  Save the date—-Georgetown Holiday Music Program  6:30pm at Harbor Ministries, (formerly known as Fair Haven Church) 2900 Baldwin Street, Hudsonville.  

*Tuesday December 20–Christmas Party  It will be held from 2:00-3:00pm.  Planning will begin soon.  We will be using the online SignUp for donations.  Thank you for being part of our second class party.

*Thursday, December 22 – Monday, January 2:  NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break.  School resumes on Tuesday, January 3!

~~Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am so very thankful for your kinder.  I feel very grateful that I have the awesome privilege of teaching them each day.  Thank you so much for your support!  Mrs. Bohl