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100 Days of Learning!


Wow!  Can you believe it? Today we celebrated 100 days of learning in kindergarten.  

All day long we did activities revolving around the number 100!  We read books, we counted to 100, we played math games identifying 100 numbers, we showed our 100 collections, we did 100 exercises and so much more.

100 COLLECTIONS: Thank you for helping your child collect and count 100 items!  We had fantastic, creative collections!









The kinders practiced counting to 100 and “counting on” from a given number by playing the Race to 100 game with a friend. They each took home a game board so you can play at home for math review, too! 



The kinders learned how to flip a penny, recognize heads or tails, and record the results of the penny toss. They had lots of practice with this skill because they flipped a penny 100 times!!!



Throughout the day, our class was able to enjoy 100 minutes of play time (recess, break times, and play centers). Here are some of the play centers the kinders enjoyed.

  • GUMBALL MACHINE CRAFT: Kinders used do-a-dots to make 100 gum balls. 
  • 100 BLOCKS: Kindes built structures out of 100 wooden blocks. 
  • 100 CUPS: Kinders made towers & castles using 100 red plastic cups.



We are excited to have more days of learning in kindergarten ahead of us. 

Day 100 Celebration will be tomorrow 2/12


Due to the snow day this past Friday……….

We will be celebrating 100 days in school TOMORROW..Monday, February 12!  Hooray!!

Don’t forget to bring your collection of 100 items!  The collection will come home at the end of the day.  We will be having a day full of “hundreds” of fun activities and learning experiences! 



See what was on our agenda for this week.

MATH:  The kinders practiced number writing 1-20, told addition and subtraction stories and built teen numbers using 10 stick cubes and mini cubes during this week’s lessons.


Friday math games consisted of….

  ROLL AND COVER (practicing adding 2 numbers)

  GOOFY GROUNDHOGS (identifying shapes)

  WHICH BURROW IS MINE? (solving subtraction problems using a number line)

SPLIT LIT:  The kinders are enjoying working on various literacy skills like rhyming, practicing their handwriting by writing sentences containing lots of sight words, reading and writing popcorn words and listening to stories on a CD and drawing their favorite part of the story.


HANDWRITING:  Lower case letters p,r,n,m are called DIVER LETTERS because we need to dive down and come back up to finish writing the letter. We also practiced writing them correctly within words too.


WRITING WORKSHOP:  We worked hard this week telling and writing shared small moment stories.  We wrote about our blubber experiment, Split Lit time and making our valentine bags.  We learned what is needed to write a 5 star sentence by editing a small moment story. The kinders are doing an amazing job remembering to add details and labels in their drawings.  They are also working very hard to use popcorn words, spaces between words and sentence stoppers (.  !  ?)  I am so proud of them!


GROUNDHOG DAY: On Thursday 19 kinders predicted “Will we have an early spring?”and 4 kinders thought “Will we have 6 more weeks of winter?  On Friday, the kinders found out that YES the groundhog did see his shadow by watching a video from USA Today. Six more weeks of winter….we are ready!! 

We read a popcorn word book and watched a video to learn some true facts about groundhogs. We found out that groundhogs CAN eat leaves, berries, bugs, live in burrows, gnaw on wood, whistle and hibernate all winter.  They HAVE fur, sharp claws and teeth. Groundhogs ARE rodents, can be a big as large cat and can be called woodchucks. We practiced making patterns and hearing sounds in words too. We also made a fun groundhog puppet to use when retelling a poem in addition to a celebration groundhog hat. A fun day of learning!


READER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders LOVE using their SUPER POWERS when they read.  They are continuing to use their SUPER READING POWERS (Lips the Fish, Chunky Monkey, Flippy the Dolphin, etc) to figure out unknown words. In addition to using POINTER POWER & SNAP POWER, the kinder learned how to use PICTURE POWER, SOUND POWER and PARTNER POWER.

“PICTURE POWER” is when we look at the pictures to help us figure out what the words might be.


“SOUND POWER” is when we practice listening to the sounds we read because just looking at the picture is not enough.  We practiced covering the pictures in books to really practice this super power.  Focusing really hard on the sounds we hear to figure out words.


“PARTNER POWER” is when we read with our friends, each taking turns being the ‘jelly reader’ and ‘peanut butter listener’, giving helpful tips to the reader when needed.


*POPCORN WORDS:           BIG       WITH                                             The kinders are doing a fabulous job of learning their sight words.  Each day I try to include the week’s words in the daily message and they are able to locate them every time.  Hooray!



  Peyton likes to read about the different cars in Cars Galore.

  Star Wars is a favorite of Anderson.

  Mia enjoys watching Shimmer and Shine on TV as much as she likes reading Shimmer and Shine and their Enchanted Bottle.  

  Bentley’s favorite book is The Day the Crayons Came Home.  


*TAKE HOME BOOKS:  The kinders really are enjoying reading and choosing books to read at home. Parents, thank you for your help and support by allowing your kinder the opportunity to read to you, practice their strategies and sight words, as well as instilling in them the pride and responsibility of being a reader.  A HUGE thank you to many parent volunteers who have committed their time!   We could not do this without your help and support. Thank you!! Remember we read books on MONDAY, TUESDAY AND THURSDAY.  Popcorn word lists are read each THURSDAY!

*WINTER GEAR:  Thank you for sending your child with all that they need to stay warm outside….snow pants, hats, mittens, boots. Just a reminder, we will be outside for recess if the temperature is above 0 degrees. 

*BOOK IT CALENDAR:  A new monthly calendar arrived home with your child this week.  Be sure to log all their wonderful reading each day!  Reading the TAKE HOME books counts!!  Return your completed January calendar this week.

*100 DAY CELEBRATION:  Information has been sent home.  Please note that all collections are to be sent to school on Friday, February 9.  I know it will be so much fun for the children to share.  These collections will be returned home the same day.  Thank you for assisting your child in this great math learning opportunity!

*VALENTINE PARTY:  We will celebrate as a class Tuesday, Feb 13 from 1:50-3:00pm. Party center volunteers please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions and set up. PLEASE HAVE NON FOOD DONATIONS BROUGHT INTO SCHOOL BY THURSDAY, FEB. 8. FOOD DONATIONS DUE ON TUESDAY, FEB 13. Thank you to all the parents who are donating and preparing our activities.  If you would like to sign up, please go the the link on the side bar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES. 


 *NO SCHOOL: Monday, February 5 WINTER BREAK

*NO SCHOOL: Tuesday, February 6 WINTER BREAK

*WED. FEB. 7—Back at school; STEAMHOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book.    Mailing Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail

*THURS. FEB. 8GYM; reading TAKE HOME books & Rainbow word list;  Mailing Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail 

*FRI. FEB. 9—- MUSIC;  Day 100 Celebration….100 Collections are DUE

*TUES. FEB. 13—Valentine’s Day Party  1:50-3:00pm  Non food donations due at school by Thursday, Feb 8. Food donations due Tuesday, Feb. 13.  Parent volunteers who are working at a party center, please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions & set up.  *NO TAKE HOME books this day.

   ~~~~Have a fantastic Winter Break!  I will see the kinders on Wednesday, Feb. 7.   Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—Jan. 23-27

Wow! It was very productive week of learning. Look what we have been doing!

SPLIT LIT:  If the kinders finish completing their “main” work at their independent centers before it is time to switch groups, they can move on to the “dessert” bins. These bins are filled with both literacy and math activities such as: reading books filled with popcorn words; using letter cubes to spell CVC words; solving addition and subtraction problems using manuplatives; sorting various objects. They really enjoy these new activities.

MATH: We took our unit #3 test on Monday. There was a wide variety of math concepts within this unit.  The kinders had some difficulty with following directions and answering the questions so we spent a few days reviewing and reteaching the material.  At the end of the week the kinders retook the test again. I will send home their tests shortly. Your kinder took home their volume 1 math workbook this week.  This book can stay at home and does not need to be returned to school.  Use this workbook for review and have fun completing any pages we did not do in class.  Unit #4 was started this week. We told addition and subtraction math stories using fruits and vegetables from our “food market”.  We also practiced making number partners of 10, noticing patterns like switching partners (2+8=10 or 8+2=10).  

FUN WITH FRIENDS: We invited our neighbors (Mrs. Estefan’s kindergarteners) to come and play our Friday math games with us. We played SNOWBALL FIGHT (writing number partners of 7); TEEN NUMBER MEMORY (matching teen numbers to their number partners. ex: 13  10+3); I KNOW MY SHAPES (identifying shapes).  It was so much fun to interact with our friends.

WRITING WORKSHOP: The kinders have continued to practice writing small moment stories. We have talked about being super star writers. Super star writers use finger spaces between words, use a capital letter at the beginning of sentences, add detail to pictures and words, label their pictures and add punctuation. We have all become super star writers!! Next week the kinders will be writing a small moment story without teacher assistance.  This story is their “on demand” story that I will grade for report cards. Their writing narrative or small moment stories will come home shortly. Enjoy reading their stories and celebrate with them on how far they have become as writers!  I’m so impressed with them! I know that you will be too! Our next writing unit will focus on writing “How to…” books.  

READERS WORKSHOP:  The kinders learned that they can be teachers too by working with partners as they rev up to read by asking questions and helping each other figure out unknown words.  On most days we are now able to read quietly to ourselves for 15 minutes.  That is awesome!  Way to go, kinders!!! 🙂

MYSTERY GUEST READER: Jacob was all smiles when his Grandmom walked in today.  She read us one of our favorite books Harry the Dirty Dog.  Both Jacob and his Grandmom have dogs that get dirty like Harry.  She surprised us by letting us keep the book in our classroom library. How sweet! Thank you for the book and for coming into to read

.      REMINDERS  There are a lot of them 🙂

*POPCORN WORDS:          AT      THAT                                                      We learned how to make a lot of new words by adding different letters to the beginning of -at. Have fun using the cat slider at home too. I love it when the kinders eyes sparkle with excitement!  🙂  We will continue to learn these popcorn words, along with some new ones, next week. January popcorn flash cards were sent home…please add them to the existing cards at home for practice.

*WINTER GEAR:  Even though it is cold outside we will go out to play if the wind chill is above O.  Thanks for bundling up your child for play outside.


 Gabriel enjoys reading Twas the Night Before Christmas because he likes Santa.

  Jacob likes bears so We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is one of his favorites.

  Bentley likes to use his imagination as he listens to The Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye  (a chapter book!)

 August shared Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site because he likes trucks.

 Madison likes her new book, Don’t Push The Button! because it is very silly.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION:  We gave Lily birthday wishes on Thursday.  She turned 6!  Thank you for the birthday treat bags!

*VALENTINE PARTY AND VALENTINE EXCHANGE:   Tuesday, February 13 from 2:00-3:00pm.  VALENTINE EXCHANGE:  Information has been sent home. Be sure to have your kinder write their names on each valentine.  Please remember to use the name labels for the front of the valentines for easier mailing. The kinders may bring in 4-5 valentines (select randomly from list) on Wed. Feb. 1; Thurs. Feb. 2; Tues. Feb. 7; Thurs. Feb 9; Fri. Feb 10 to mail. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN ALL OF THE VALENTINES AT ONE TIME!  Let the love begin to flow!

*100 DAYS OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION:  Wednesday, February 8..  Start thinking about what 100 items your kinder will like to collect and bring to school.  Your kinders 100 collections will be due on Feb. 8. This is the day that they may bring them into school.  Please do not send them into school earlier. The collections will return home the same day. Begin collecting 100 items and decide how your kinder would like to display them.  Have fun! 🙂

*CALENDARS: The February calendar  has been posted under CALENDARS.  A lot of fun events, popcorn words, birthdays are listed on this document.  The February lunch menu has also been posted under the side tab Hudsonville Food Service.


*MON. JAN. 30-ART; reading TAKE  HOME BOOKS  

*TUES. JAN. 31–-STEAM; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS; LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book.    

*WED.FEB. 1–GYM; HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  Mailing Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail; Avery’s birthday celebration 

*THURS. FEB. 2––MUSIC; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS;  Mailing Valentines  Take 4-5 valentines to mail  

*FRI. FEB. 3— ART; FAST FRIDAY (Early Release…Dismissal at 12:15pm)  If your kinder would like a sack lunch, please email me (kbohl@hpseagles.net or send a note by Thursday 2/2.

 *NO SCHOOL: Monday, February 6 WINTER BREAK

*TUES. FEB. 8—- Day 100 Celebration

*TUES. FEB. 13—Valentine’s Day Party  2:00-3:00pm  Donates due into school by Tuesday, Feb. 7.  Parent volunteers who are working at a party center, please arrive by 1:40pm for instructions & set up.

*SAT. FEB. 25—-Daddy Daughter Dance: 6:30-9:00pm.  The cost is $30 per couple.  RSVP’s are due by Friday, Jan. 27.  Attached is a copy of the Invitation.Georgetown-Invite

~~~Have a great weekend.  Stay warm and safe!   Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—Jan. 16-20

A busy week of learning in kindergarten.  Look and See!

CELEBRATING WITH OUR STUFFED ANIMALS: It was so fun to learn with our cuddle buddies on Friday.  We will continue to make good choices, listen when others talk, follow directions quickly to earn more shining stars. 

HANDWRITING: We practiced diving in the water when learning to write lower case letters p,r,n,m.  These letters are called DIVER LETTERS because you need to dive down and come back up and over to write them properly.  

MATH:  We reviewed the many math skills in preparation for the unit #3 math test scheduled for Monday.  Writing number partners for teen numbers (10+6=16); comparing numbers to see if they are equal or not equal; using basic shapes to create new shapes and looking for groups of 5 and 10 within numbers.  Please take time this weekend to encourage your kinder to complete this week’s math homework. It covers many concepts that we have been learning.

WRITING WORKSHOP:  We took a break on Monday from writing our Personal Narratives, also known as Small Moment stories, to do some writing relating to MLK Day. See the previous posting for some pictures and details. 🙂 The rest of the week, they worked specifically on remembering to use finger spaces between words so that the stories are easier to read. They  practiced looking over their writing to check for several features such as…. labeling drawings, adding details to the writing and pictures, spaces between words, adding feelings, capital letters at the beginning of sentences and punctuation.  We will continue to write more stories this week.

SPLIT LIT:  A week or so ago your kinder was assessed in their literacy skills….letters/sounds; blending & segmenting sounds in words; identifying their sight words.  I was proud of them! I hope that you were too when you looked at the progress sheet that was sent home. Every kinder increased the number of sight words they can recognize in a snap.  Hooray! Each day the kinders spend part of their time working in a small group setting with either Ms. Lisa (para pro) or myself.  We are working on using our decoding and comprehension strategies to read aloud together using leveled books. The other part of the time they continue to work independently at various literacy centers.  They are doing an awesome job taking ownership and responsibility to complete their work.  

FRIDAY CENTERS:  Thank you to Jaelene’s mom, Jacob’s mom and Lily’s grandma for helping us learn during centers. We put our math skills to the test by playing RACE TO THE SNOWMAN (practicing identifying + and – symbols)  We also counted the number of letters in our names and made a snowman with that same number of snowballs.  Look in your kinder’s folder for their snowman. We used our scientific skills to experiment with how toys can move. Did they spin, roll, bounce, or slide? Ask your kinder. The kinders and I can’t wait for Friday centers coming again in February! 🙂 

SCIENCE:  We began a new science unit called “Forces of Motion” where the kinders will learn how things move. We learned that a force moves things.  You can use the force of a push or pull to move or stop an object. We tried to move one of our big box of blocks across many different surfaces…smooth, rough, bumpy, etc. During choices, the kinders created ramps for their cars; noticing that the higher the ramp…the faster and farther the car rolled.  We will continue to explore Motion next week as well.

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  It was so sweet to see Jacob welcome his Nana into the room.  She read The Upside Down Fish.  A sweet story that reminded us that it is good to be unique and to be ourselves. Thank you so much for donating the book to our classroom library.  It will soon become a favorite! 


*POPCORN WORDS:           HE              SHE                                               Thank you for practicing sight words at home.  It is helping your kinder at school.  The kinders are reading their rainbow list of popcorn words everyday; working on a list of 6-7 words at a time.  Many are advancing to new word lists weekly!  Thank you for remembering to send the lists to school on Tuesday.  


  Gavin likes David goes to School because it is funny.

 Hudson enjoys reading Finding Winnie.  A true story about how Winnie the Pooh came to be.

 Mason likes sharks so the Flip the Flap SHARKS was the perfect choice.

 Lily likes to dance so Miss Nina’s Ballerninas u u was an easy choice to take to share with her friends.

 Khamila thought her friends would like Pigs and a Blanket.  She was right!

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please pack your child a healthy daily snack.

*TAKE HOME BOOKS:  This is in full swing.  Return the all the contents inside the baggie for reading with parent volunteers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keep the books at your home the other days to practice reading.  If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know and I will be happy to add your name to the schedule. 

*WINTER CLOTHES:  Thank you for dressing your child in warm outside winter gear.  Sending an extra pair of mittens or socks inside their backpacks might be helpful.

*VALENTINE PARTY AND VALENTINE EXCHANGE:   Monday, February 13 from 2:00-3:00pm.  If you showed an interest on the beginning of the year survey, you have been contacted by email to help with the planning and preparation. Thanks for your time, donations and support. Information arrived home with your child about the valentine exchange.  Please keep this handout, as it contains labels with names of classmates for your child’s valentines.   Is your kinder starting to sign their name on the valentines?

*100 DAYS OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION:  Wednesday, February 8.  Information about Day 100 collections came home and the collections will be due on Feb. 8.  Start thinking about what 100 items your kinder will like to collect and bring to school.


*MON. JAN. 23-–ART; reading TAKE  HOME BOOKS  

*TUES. JAN 24–-STEAM; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS; LIBRARY: Please remember to return your kinder’s book; HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy  




*FRI. FEB. 3—FAST FRIDAY  (Early Release 12:15pm)

 *NO SCHOOL:  There will be no school on Monday, February 6 WINTER BREAK 

*WED. FEB. 8—Day 100 Celebration

*MON.. FEB. 13—Valentine’s Day Party  2:00-3:00pm

~~~Have a great weekend.  Stay warm and safe!   Mrs. Bohl