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Welcome back to school!!  I hope that you had a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing spring break. Mr. Bohl and I enjoyed spending everyday listening to the ocean waves at the beach and pool in Florida.  We had warm, cloudy and sunny weather….it was hard to return home to Michigan weather. I hope that you enjoyed time with your family as well.  The kinders had a lot of fun telling each other about what they did.  Playdates, going to Rebounders, going to the movie theater, visiting grandparents, staying in a hotel and so much more was shared.  

Take a peek at what we did in kindergarten! 🙂 I am sorry about the lack of pictures.  I totally forgot the camera at school.

MATH:  This week we really focused on decomposing teen numbers, noticing the ten and extra ones as well as writing the entire equation. (10+3=13).  Friday math games focused on number partners.

  Domino Dots

   Lima bean shake

READING:  We began learning what an avid non-fiction reader looks like.  An avid reader learns interesting information and thinks “WOW”! and asks questions like “Huh?” and “Why”?  They also need to tell others what they learned and may use fancy words that go with the topic.  The kinders enjoyed reading non-fiction books with their reading buddies as they worked to apply these strategies.

SPLIT LIT: Sentence building (putting the words in order to make sense), handwriting, reading leveled books, writing word family words (-an; pan, fan, man, etc) were skills the kinders worked on at their independent centers.  They identified sight words and R blends (tr, gr, etc) with Mrs. Rossback.  My center focused on reading a leveled book and doing related activities.   

WRITING:  We continued to focus on informational writing.  The topic this week was All About Llamas.  A new book from the spring Book Fair was given to our class and it contained A LOT of cool, interesting facts about llamas. We wrote these facts onto our “have, can, are” charts before the kinders choose their own facts to include in their own All About Llamas books.  Next week we will learn facts about one more animal prior to the kinders writing their ‘ON DEMAND’ informational piece.  This means the kinders will be responsible for choosing their own facts from the chart. They will independently write their own sentences, using capital letters, spaces between words and sentence stoppers.  The kinders have been doing a fabulous job on the prior informational books.  I know that they will do an awesome job next week too!  I have faith in them!

POPCORN WORDS:       HIM          JUMP      The kinders are doing a fantastic job locating these words in our daily message and in books.  Thank you for continuing to practice these words (and all of the other popcorn words) at home. 



*OUTSIDE SHOES:  THANK YOU for sending your child in outside shoes or boots on spring days.The playground is very muddy and we are working hard to keep our classroom floor clean.  Please remember that…..OUTSIDE SHOES CAN NOT BE WORN IN THE GYM AS MUD AND DIRT GETS ON THE GYM FLOOR.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU KINDER HAS GYM SHOES TO WEAR THAT ARE NOT THEIR OUTSIDE SHOES.  Thank you!

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME books:  Please help your child to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out new books each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.

*KOOL KINDER & THE SURPRISE BOX:  The kinders have thought of some great clues to give their friends as they try to guess the item inside the Surprise Box.  Make sure that your kinder understands that it is a secret…..so no telling others what is inside.  That makes it fun and fair for everyone.



*MONDAY, APRIL 15: STEAM; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS; BOOK ORDERS DUE (online or send paper form & check to school)


*WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17: GYM;  LIBRARY: Please return your kinder’s book.  



*WEDNESDAY, MAY 8…Spring Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center & Hagar Park.  A yellow note came home containing volunteer information.  All parents (and younger siblings) are welcome to join us at Hagar Park for a picnic lunch and playtime. There has been an overwhelming response to chaperone our kinders.  I will contact all parent volunteers next week so that you can plan accordingly.  Thank you SO much for wanting to be part of your kinder’s experiences.

~~~Have a  great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl

Book Orders due Tuesday, January 10


If you would like to order any books from Scholastic Reading Clubs, orders are due by Tuesday, January 10.  You can order online or you can fill out the paper forms that were sent home, return the forms and check (made out to Scholastic Reading Clubs) to school.

If you are purchasing books as gifts for your kinders, please let me know and I will contact you when they arrive.  If you have any questions, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net

OUR WEEK—Jan. 3-6


 TAKE A PEEK AT WHAT YOUR KINDER DID IN SCHOOL THIS WEEK              Be ready it is a long posting 🙂

WONDERFUL WINTER:  The snow outside was the perfect backdrop for learning inside.  We read another book by Jan Brett (she wrote The Gingerbread Baby) called The Mitten.  A great story about animals climbing into a mitten to stay warm.  We used our retelling skills to sequence the order of animals crawling into the mitten. We enjoyed reading Move Over, Rover! a fun story about animals climbing into Rover’s doghouse.  We practiced using our comprehension skills by sorting character pictures from each story.  The kinders did a fabulous job. We will make snowmen to decorate the back of our room on Monday.  We don’t think they will melt inside our warm room. 🙂

MATH:  The kinders are working on telling and solving addition and subtraction stories by using objects.  They also are working to see 5-groups for numbers 6-10, for teen numbers and to tell why that is useful when counting.  The kinders practiced sorting and classifying objects while giving reasons why they classified the items that way.  

HANDWRITING:  We focused on learning the proper formation of the some of the hard workers….u,i and e.  We are learning that lines on the paper are like a highway road.  The lower case letters do not take up all of the highway only part of it. The kinders are doing a super job writing letters in isolation but transferring the proper formation during ‘regular’ writing time is challenging for them.  Extra encouragement as they write at home is always helpful. 🙂  The kinders were excited to see that their last name was added to the personal name tags.  They will begin adding their last name to their papers, working towards writing their full name by memory.  Please encourage them at home to use proper letter formation on their homework papers.

READER’S WORKSHOP:  Our new unit is called “Revving Up”.  The kinders learned that race car drivers rev up their engines to get them ready before a big race, we need to rev up our minds to get ready to read.  Some ways to do this is to *look at the cover and title of a book, *take a picture walk, *tell the story and *read the words.  You can practice these skills at home prior to reading their library books and TAKE HOME books (which will start soon).

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  We began a new unit that revisits writing Small Moment stories, otherwise known as Personal Narrative. We started our review by sketching a simple picture of the many things we did over vacation…opening gifts, going on a trip, taking down the Christmas tree, playing with friends, visiting family, etc.  We reviewed what makes a good small moment story….*a true story about things people do, *things happen in order, *a (single) small moment stretches across pages. We decided to write our first small moment story about Opening Gifts. The kinders practiced how tell what happened first, next and last and stretch those details across pages. They drew detailed pictures depicting these events. We will add the words on Monday.

*KOOL KINDERS ARE BOOK LOVERS:  We have begun the next round of being the Kool Kinder.  Your kinder will have the opportunity to choose a book from home and take it to school.  They will tell why they chose that particular book before we read it together for story time. The book will return home on the same day.  

   Jaelene loved sharing Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuess because she thinks the book is “COOL”.

  Connor likes Llama, Llama books so he brought Llama, Llama red pajama.


*POPCORN WORD:      WAS                                                                                  We added just one word to our growing list of popcorn words that we are working on identifying in a snap.  A great week for review too.  

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Thank you for packing a quick, healthy backpack snack each day.

*OUTSIDE CLOTHES:  Thank you for dressing your child in warm outside winter gear.  Sending an extra pair of mittens or socks inside their backpacks might be helpful and more comfortable to wear later in the day.  

*JANUARY CALENDAR:  The January calendar has been posted under CALENDARS at the top of the blog.  It contains information about specials, birthdays and monthly events.   

*TAKE HOME BOOKS PROGRAM:  A schedule has been created and sent home with those who have volunteered.  If you would like to part of the program you can email me and I will be happy to add to the schedule.  The existing volunteers would love to have a partner on their days too. 🙂 This exciting reading program WILL BEGIN MONDAY, JANUARY 16!  Thank you for volunteering and being part of your child’s education.  Practice reading the book that will come home at the end of next week and RETURN THE BOOK INSIDE OF THE BAGGIE ON MONDAY.  

*READING RAINBOW POPCORN WORDS:  The day for reading through your kinder’s colored popcorn word list is changing.  The new day is…..TUESDAY! Please remember to send the list back to school every TUESDAY.  Remember these word lists were created from the 60 sight words that each kinder is working on to master before the end of the school year! The words are broken up into smaller lists so that they are easier to learn.  Each list is a new color of the rainbow!  Even though new lists are added to their page protectors, please continue to review previous papers so that words are not forgotten (pointing to each word out of order is best). The goal is to identify these popcorn words automatically and in a snap! The word lists will all stay inside the page protector and can be kept inside your kinder’s blue folder. This is a safe spot to keep it to ensure it won’t be lost and is in their folder for Tuesday’s reading. 

*RAZ-KIDS:  The Raz-kids online reading program information was given to you.  Are you taking advantage of this free reading online reading program.  (Thank you to the PTC for covering the cost)  Please take advantage of this alternative opportunity to read books.  A fun, educational way to spend some time with your kinder on these cold winter days.


*Monday, January 9— GYM

*Tuesday, January 10–MUSIC;  LIBRARY Please remember to return your child’s book; READING RAINBOW WORD LISTS…..NOTE CHANGE IN DAY!!!; BOOK ORDERS DUE (online or paper form with a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs)

*Wednesday, January 11—ART;  HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy; 

*Thursday, January 12—STEAM; Birthday Celebration for Madelyne

*Friday, January 13—ART; “Fast Friday” Early Release,  Dismissal at 12:15pm  EMAIL ME OR SEND A NOTE BY THURSDAY (1/12) IF YOUR KINDER WOULD LIKE A SACK LUNCH.

*Monday, January 16–TAKE HOME books begin 

~~~Have a great weekend and welcome back to the school routine!  This was a long posting….thank you for reading to the end.  Mrs. Bohl