And the winner is……OUR CLASS!  HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!

Thanks to your generosity and for ordering pizza for supper, our classroom won a free pizza lunch from Jet’s Pizza.  This will be occurring on Wednesday, October 3.  

WE WILL NOT BE ORDERING ANY SCHOOL HOT LUNCH OR MILK.  If your kinder does not wish to eat cheese pizza, they are welcome to take a home lunch to eat.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO BRING THEIR OWN SIDES AND DRINK.  

If you have any questions, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net  

Lovin’ the 80’s WALK-A-THON

Our school WALK-A-THON is Friday, October 5.

This is our ONLY PTC (parent, teacher, kinder) fundraiser. The funds raised from this event allow us to provide many opportunities for learning and events at Georgetown.  The slideshow below explains the purpose of the event as well as how the WALKATHON operates on October 5.  The slideshow also explains WALKATHON prizes.

You are more than welcome to come walk the track with us from 9:45-10:30am! Strollers are welcome! Our theme this year is “Lovin’ the 80’s”. It will be fun to see lots of 80’s outfits or Eagle wear!   

Here is a powerpoint with more details about the walkathon:


  • 9:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.: Kindergarten, 1st,  2nd and 3rd Grade
  • 10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.:  4th and 5th Grade
    Walk•a•thon ends at 11:30.

Please turn your donations in by October 8.  Make checks payable to GEORGETOWN PTC.  Thank you for your support!

Walk•a•thon DONATION FORM: Walkathon Paper Copy

Again…YOUR donations make a HUGE DIFFERENCE and this video highlights how your money supports our school and your kid’s learning.  Click on this link to launch the video.



News of the Week—Sept 24-28

Fall weather has arrived…at least for this week.  Thank you for sending your kinder in appropriate clothing AND for labeling their outer wear.

Here is a peek of what your kinder did at school this week.

COLOR WORD:    GREEN        We enjoyed reading Little Blue and Little Yellow, a sweet story about friendship and differences.  The kinders found out for themselves what happens when you mix yellow and blue.  It makes GREEN! Check out the play dough that came home today. 

We also read many Froggy books by Jonathan London, enjoyed many giggles and made a lot of connections. We even read a non-fiction about frogs.  Making a green Froggy was fun too! Ribbit!  Ribbit! 🙂 . The surprise green snack was…..green grapes!

Of course, wearing GREEN was a great way celebrate.

POPCORN WORDS:       IS   HIS   THIS              The kinders found out that when you add a letter (or two) at the beginning of “is” you can create new words.  Noticing that these words rhyme was pretty cool too! 🙂

MATH:  Daily we wake up our Math brains by checking out our 100 chart.  Counting and pointing to the numbers helps our brains remember the numbers.  Please practice this important skill at home too. The kinders continued to learned that they can write numbers, count objects, identify and sort shapes (circles, and not circles), draw groups of items and use mini tiles and their fingers to show a group of 5 and extra ones to make larger numbers.  Ex: 5 and 1 more make 6. 


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  We worked together to make drawings and to try to write words and even sentences.  Sometimes we worked on whiteboards and other times we used paper and pencils.  We wrote about hanging up our backpacks, lining up in number order, our family and snack time.  We have awesome kinders who are working hard to draw detailed pictures!  

HANDWRITING:  We practiced writing numbers 8, 9 & 10 using mini chalkboards, whiteboards and in our handwriting books. They are doing great but some numbers are more difficult than others to form properly, so any extra practice at home would be appreciated. Please refer to the number writing books that arrived home this week. We are also working hard to improve on writing our names correctly and neatly.  Remember to encourage your kinder to write ONLY the first letter capital and the following letters lower case.

READER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders learned that we want to be a Book Lover and NOT a Book Bully.  Book Lovers choose books carefully, turn each page, read every page in order, treat books with care. We also learned what it looks like to have Reader Respect.  That means we read quietly, stay in one spot, read the whole time and get started right away.  The kinders are so excited when they notice popcorn words in books.  We are becoming great readers!

SHARED READING:  All week we read our Ff poem together, hunting for capital and lower case letter Ff, rhyming words and even popcorn words.  Ask your kinder to explain their Ff poem paper to you.  (Apologies for the blurry picture)

MYSTERY READERS: We had 2 mystery readers!  How exciting!  On Wednesday afternoon, Jacob was surprised to see his mom and younger brother, Austin walk into the room.  It was fun to hear Put me in the zoo, especially because it included a lot of color and rhyming words. 

Friday morning it was Emma’s turn to be surprised.  Her mom and younger brother, Flynn read us 2 books. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom because we are learning about the alphabet and I like myself! because we are all special.  

Thank you to everyone for taking a break out of your day to come and read us a story.  If you are interested in being a Mystery Guest Reader, there is a link on the side bar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES that will allowed you to sign up on our calendar.

HUDSONVILLE SPIRIT:  Dressing in Hudsonville gear of blue and gold was so fun on Friday.  We were treated to some football players, cheerleaders, pep band members and the Eagle to bring football spirit to Georgetown.  Go Eagles!

BUDDY TIME:  Our 5th grade buddies came and helped us make eagle puppets.  It was fun to spend some time together.  



*BACKPACK SNACKS AND WATER BOTTLES:  Don’t forget to pack TWO quick, healthy snacks.  Your child needs to be refueled each morning and afternoon.  🙂  Thank you so much for keeping the snacks NUT FREE!  Please send your kinder with a water bottle with a snap spout so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day.  We take frequent water breaks.

*LIBRARY BOOKS:  Please return your kinder’s book when you are finished reading it.  We have a basket in our room to collect the books as they are returned.  Remember that your kinder will be able to check out another book ONLY after the prior one is returned.  We have library EACH WEDNESDAY.

*CALENDARS: Click on this link or go to the side bar Hot Lunch–Food Service to view the October lunch menu.  Be sure to read the October calendar  inside your kinder’s folder or you can find it under CALENDARS on the side bar to learn about special events, birthdays, specials, etc.


*Monday, Oct 1—STEAM, KOOL KINDER: Addison

*Tuesday, Oct 2—GYM;  KOOL KINDER: Alesha

*Wednesday, Oct 3—MUSIC;   LIBRARY;  Firefighters visit to teach us about fire prevention;  KOOL KINDER: Sidney

*Thursday, Oct 4–ART;  KOOL KINDER: Lillian; COLOR DAY….Wear PURPLE (note change of date due to Walk-a-thon)

 *Friday, Oct 5—STEAM;  KOOL KINDER: Lila;  Walk-a-thon…You are more than welcome to come walk the track with us from 9:45-10:30am! Our theme this year is “Lovin’ the 80’s”. Dress like it was in the 80’s or in Hudsonville blue or goldPlease consider donating as this is Georgetown’s ONLY fundraiser.  Thank you for your support!Click on this link for more information.

*Friday, Oct 12—Fast Friday (Early Release Day….Dismissal at 12:15pm).

*Tuesday, Oct. 23—Turkey Trot  Go to the PE blog on our side bar for more information

*Tuesday, Oct. 30—School Picture Retake Day

*Wednesday, Oct 31—FALL PARTY AND PARADE:  We will be having our first class party on Wednesday, Oct 31. An email will be sent to parents who showed an interest (on the kindergarten survey) in assisting with planning this party.  Thank you for your willings to make our first party a success.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this fun day.

~~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl


3 Reminders…Don’t Forget!

This week our color word is GREEN.  Come to school tomorrow, Wednesday, September 26 wearing green to celebrate this fun color.  Note the change in date due to picture day and the Spirit Day.

Don’t forget to return your library books by Wedneday so your kinder can check out a new one! 


Come to school wearing your smiles on Thursday,September 27.   If you are ordering pictures, please complete the form and include a payment.

In light of Hudsonville Homecoming, it is Spirit Day on Friday, September 28. Come to school wearing your Hudsonville gear or dress in blue and gold.  GO EAGLES!

News of the Week—Sept 17-21

Here is a peek at what your kinder did at school this week:

POPCORN WORDS:    THE      DOG       The kinders added another popcorn book  to their blue book boxes and highlighted this week’s words ;”the” and “dog”.  These words were “buttered” (colored with a yellow crayon) so that they popped off the pages as we read it.

COLOR WORD:        BLUE         We learned about different things that are blue,  practiced writing the word blue, made a blue book, wore blue clothes and made a blue craft of a favorite cat….Pete the Cat because In kindergarten, “It’s all good!” We also read many blue theme books like…Blueberry Mouse, The Little Blue Truck (a sweet, fun story about friends working together to help each other), Blueberries for Sal and Pout Pout Fish.  A few crafts may have come home relating to these fun books.  Of course Mrs. Bohl brought in a surprise blue snack….fresh blueberries this time!



Thank you for helping your kinder choose clothes each week that go with the highlighted color.

MATH:  Each day we begin our math time by practicing counting to 50…sometimes as a group point to numbers on a chart and sometimes using a fun youtube song. We used our math toolbox and 2 sided counters to make numbers.  The kinders used single tiles to show a number.  We talked about how it’s ok if some of us picked 3 red tiles or 2 blue tiles & 1 red tile to show the number 3.  It may look different but it is still showing the number that we are talking about….3. 


We used our math workbooks for the first time and drew the number of objects needed to represent the correct number. The kinders learned a song to assist them in recognizing circles. “A circle is like a button.  A circle is like a button.  Round and round it never stops.  A circle is like a button.” (sung to Farmer in the Dell).  


Friday math games consisted of identifying shapes, id numbers and drawing matching number and making patterns.

SHARED READING:  We read a letter Ee poem together as a class. After reading, we found the letter Ee in the poems. We also read a sight word poem called The Leaves. It was fun to hear how the words in the poems rhyme!


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:   We practiced drawing Mat Man again– a person, that includes certain body parts. We practiced drawing 1 head, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 1 body, 2 arms, 2 hands, 2 legs and 2 feet. We had fun listening to the Mat Man song and sang it together as we drew Mat Man. We drew pictures of our school lunch table, house and playground and practiced adding details and labels.  Awesome job, writers!  We are keeping all of our stories inside our writing folders for awhile.


MYSTERY READERS:  We were excited to see Mrs. Reagan walk into our room and be our very first mystery guest reader.  She read her favorite book, Stand Tall, Molly Sue Melon.  A great story about being yourself.  Thank you so much!


Zander couldn’t believe his eyes when his dad came in Friday morning.  He ran straight to get a hug.  Zander’s dad read 2 books about Elephant and Piggie…I will surprise my friend! and I am invited to a party!  Each book made us giggle, especially when Zander’s dad changed his voice while reading.

Brook’s mom surprised him Friday afternoon when she stopped by to read The Snail and the Whale. A great book about friendship, helping each other and rhyming words.

Thank you so much!  If you would like to be one of our Mystery Readers, look on the sidebar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES to find “Mystery  Reader”.  Click on this link to sign up for a date that is convenient for you. There are many to choose from. We would love to have you read us a story!

BUCKET FILLER OR BUCKET DIPPER:  We read How Full is you Bucket? to help us distinguish between being a bucket filler or bucket dipper.  A bucket filler is kind, listens, walks in the hallway, is respectful, etc.  A bucket dipper hits, interrupts, does not let others play, uses toothpaste words, etc.  The kinders sorted pictures to solidify the differences.  All of us took a promise to be a bucket filler at school and at home.  When it is noticed a kinder fills someone’s invisible bucket, they will receive a colored dot on their popsicle stick.  When the stick is filled, they will receive an award necklace to take home.  We are all going to work hard to be bucket fillers!  



BACKPACK SNACK & WATER BOTTLES:  Don’t forget those two quick, healthy backpack snacks.  Your kinder needs to be refueled each day.  🙂  Thank you so much for keeping the snacks NUT FREE!   Please send your kinder with a water bottle with a snap spout so that they can stay hydrated throughout the day.  We take frequent water breaks.

LIBRARY:  We got to go to library each Wednesday and visit Mrs. VandenBurg. It is so much fun to go to library! Please remember to help your kinder return their library book every Wednesday so they can get a new one book!

KOOL KINDER:  Kinder completed an “All About Me and My Favorite Things” pages to share with their classmates.  These pages are being placed in a class book for all to view.  These pages will be given back to the kool kinders at the end of the school year.  Thank you for helping your kinder with these pages as they each get a turn to be the Kool Kinder!


*Monday, Sept. 24—ART, KOOL KINDER: Jase

*Tuesday, Sept. 25—STEAM;  KOOL KINDER: Emma

*Wednesday, Sept 26—MUSIC;   LIBRARY;   KOOL KINDER: Kinsman;   COLOR DAY….Wear GREEN Note change in day because of Eagle Spirit Day on Friday.

*Thursday, Sept 27–GYM; KOOL KINDER: Parker;   Picture Day Come with your smile 🙂 and your sealed picture form envelope if you are purchasing a picture packet.

 *Friday, Sept 28—ART; KOOL KINDER: Jacob;  Eagle Spirit Day…Wear Blue and Gold or Hudsonville gear;  Popcorn Day

*Wednesday, Oct. 31—Fall Class Party, 2:00-3:00 p.m.  Details coming soon.

~~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl


Constitution Day


Did you know that today, September 17 is Constitution Day?  Do you know what Constitution Day is?  Your kinder knows! Ask them! 🙂

Today we learned that many years ago important men got together and wrote down important laws on paper and signed their names.  These laws (rules) were made to help the people get along, treat each other fairly and be safe.  At school, we too, have rules we need to follow. We reviewed the pictures of choices we should make during the school day (green choices), and ones that we should never do in school (red choices).

Each day we recite (with motions) our 5 class rules. These rules are posted in our room, along with all of our signatures (handprints).  Ask your kinder to recite them to you.  They can do it!

1.  Follow directions quickly.

2. Raise your hand to speak.

3.  Make smart choices.

4. Be kind.

5. Make everyone happy.

 We the kids…of Mrs. Bohl’s class….are already working hard to not break any of these rules. We can work better together when we are kind and considerate of one another.  We can make good choices and we DO!  I am so proud of my kinders! 🙂


More Mystery Reader Dates Available

Dear Fabulous Kinder Parents,

What an amazing response for volunteering to be a Mystery Reader.  Because of this awesome willingness to read a story to the kinders, I have add Wednesdays from 2:45-3:00pm as an alternative option. 

Please follow this link to view the added dates.  Feel free to involve grandparents or come in a second time.  We look forward to seeing you!  If you have questions please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net.  

News of the Week—Sept 10-14

Here is a peek at what your kinder did at school this week:

POPCORN WORDS:      I       SEE                                                                                        The kinders searched for the popcorn words in books and in a poem.  They were so excited to be readers of these words.   


COLOR WORD:         YELLOW                                            We learned another song to sing to help us spell yellow.  We read many books with yellow characters such as Pete the Cat…The Wheels on the Bus , The Seals on the Bus and Curious George books. We learned about different things that are yellow, practiced writing the word, made a yellow book and made a yellow craft. We had a lot of fun making a bus craft to end our week of yellow!  Stop by and see them decorating the back of our classroom.  The kinders were happy to hear that I had another surprise color snack for them….yellow bananas this week.  Yummy!


SHARED READING:  We have been practicing our reading skills by doing shared reading each day. Shared reading is a time when the kinders and I all read a poem or story together at the same time. This helps build fluency and some important concepts of reading for our little ones! This week, we read poems about the letter Cc , the letter Dd and the popcorn words I & see. We were detectives when we searched for those letters/words in our shared reading poems!  It was fun to hear how the some of the words in the poems rhyme! 


STAYING SAFE AT SCHOOL AND ON THE BUS:  This week was filled with learning some of our school’s safety drills.  The kinders practiced exiting the school and learning where our meeting spot is located during a fire drill.  They also practiced sitting criss cross applesauce with their hands on their head in a safe room within school during a tornado drill.  In case it was unsafe to be in the hallways, we practiced how to sit quietly in a safe place inside our locked room. Oh my!!  The kinders did an AMAZING  job during ALL of these practice drills! I was so proud of them!  We are learning that “we don’t need to be scared, we need to be prepared”. Do you practice your safety drills at home?

We had a visit from Mrs. DeZeeuw and Mrs. Reeves, who are “real” bus drivers. They shared bus safety tips with us. For example: No eating on the bus, keep our feet/legs out of the isle, use quiet voices.  We learned the ” 4B rules”. for sitting safely on the bus….back to back and bottom to bottom and more. We really enjoyed watching an old favorite video of Mrs. Bohl’s to review the bus safety rules.  Here is the link if you want to watch it too.


COOL TOOLS:  We finished learning about the last two cool tools and then read two more books to help us know how we can further use our cool tools. 

  We read Hurty Feelings and learned that the tone of your voice and how we say words is very important.  The microphone helps us remember this. 

   We read Mine-a-saurs and learned that we can tell a friend to STOP in a kind way by saying “It bugs me when ______, I wish that you would stop.”  A ladybug and a wishing wand helps us remember this. 

   We read Howard B. Wigglebotttoms learns about bullies and learned about what bullying is.  The kinders were reminded about how important and useful it is to use our cool tools. We talked about how we need to care of our friends and stand up for them when someone teases them.  We are a class family….inside our room and on the playground.  We have very caring kinders.

  We read Have you filled a Bucket today? and learned that we all have invisible buckets.  We can be bucket fillers by saying kind words, helping others without being asked, walking quietly in hallway, etc OR we can be bucket dippers by using mean words, not doing your best, etc. We will be learning more about how we can fill our buckets next week.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders found out that writers draw pictures and do their best to label their drawings in addition to telling stories about what they know. We enjoyed singing “Mat Man”, a song that helps us learn our body parts. click on this link if you want to watch it again. The kinders had fun labeling me.  Yes, they actually stuck sticky notes onto my leg, foot, hand, arm, mouth, eye, tummy and hair.  Lots of giggles and smiles, for sure. 🙂


The kinders then drew a picture of a person and we labeled the hair, tummy and leg.  We also drew and labeled drawings of riding the bus, being ready to learn on the rug and eating at our lunch table.

READER’S WORKSHOP: The kinders learned what jobs the teacher and kinders do during Reader’s Workshop time.

They learned that we can read print anywhere…not just in books.  They walked around the room reading print in classroom.  It was so exciting to hear them say “We are readers!”  “I can read that!” 


MATH:  We read Anno’s Counting again to help us better understand “number scenes,” which are pictures that have a specific number of objects (3 buildings, 3 people, 3 birds, 3 bridges, etc.)  before we drew our own scenes of 2,3,4 & 5.


We also used foam tiles to represent different numbers (1-5). The kinders practiced writing numbers 4  & 5 on chalkboards, whiteboards and in their number books.


CHOICES:  During this time of our day, the kinders are able to choose various activities to play with.  Some of their choices are: legos, kitchen area, coloring, playdough, wooden blocks, play town, etc.  The kinders LOVE choices!


*OUTDOOR CLOTHING….Please continue to send a coat or sweatshirt with your child.  The weather can quickly change so it is good to be prepared.

*BACKPACK SNACK…THANK YOU SO MUCH for being conscientious about sending TWO healthy, NUT FREE snacks.

*GYM DAYS..Please consider having your kinder keep a pair of socks either in their cubby or backpack to wear during gym days.  On these warm days, many kinders do not like to wear their gym shoes without socks when they come to school wear sandals or flip flops.

*MYSTERY READER…Would you like to be a mystery reader in our classroom this year? Follow this link to sign up to surprise your kinder.


*Monday, Sept. 17–GYM;    Kool Kinder: Elliot

*Tuesday, Sept 18—ART;     Kool Kinder: Alivia

*Wednesday, Sept 19—STEAM; Library….Don’t forget to return your kinder’s library book;  Kool Kinder:  Zander

*Thursday Sept 20—MUSIC;   Kool Kinder: Colton

*Friday, Sept 21—GYM;  COLOR DAY…Wear BLUE!    Kool Kinder: Amelia  

*Thursday, Sept. 27—School Pictures….ordering information will be sent home soon.  

~~~Have a great weekend.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net  YOUR KINDER IS SPECIAL TO ME! 🙂   Mrs. Bohl

Friday, Sept 14 information….

A few details about Friday, September 14:

**Wear Yellow!  We are celebrating the color of the week in K!!

**Friday is an early dismissal day (Fast Friday).  Students will be dismissed at 12:15 p.m.

  • On early dismissal days, and often every day, our parent pick up kinders are walked to the meeting area by the office at least 5 minutes before our dismissal time.  Promptness often eases little one’s fears. 
  • Lunch is eaten at home on early dismissal days.
  • If you need to order a sack lunch from our Food Service for your kinder PLEASE let me know by TODAY….THURSDAY!  Write me a note or email me at kbohl@hpseagles.net.  Sack lunch is the available hot lunch choice for all students.  If your kinder will be receiving one please indicate the milk choice of white or chocolate.  These sack lunches will be sent home with your kinder.