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Roll out the welcome mat for……Snuggles!


OH ME!  OH MY!  We have begun our 3rd round of our Kool Kinder activities.  The kinders and Snuggles are super excited because Snuggles is inviting himself to be a guest at your house.  Yippee!

Again, we are randomly drawing out a name to see who will be the next Kool Kinder.  When chosen, that kinder will be bringing home an extra backpack which belongs to Snuggles.  Inside you will find….Snuggles, his blanket, his PJ’s, his favorite book, crayons, and the Sleep Over journal.  Have fun including your extra guest in your nightly activities.  Before bedtime, encourage and assist your kinder in drawing a picture and writing a sentence about that picture inside the sleep over journal.  (They will be explaining this entry to the class on the following day.)

 Fill out the check list paper and return Sunggles and ALL of his belongings on the next school day.

Fall Party

Our Fall Party planning has begun.  We have 2 parents from our classroom that are coordinating our upcoming Fall Party.  I will post a sign up sheet of the supplies needed if you would like to donate very soon.

8 volunteers may attend our party.  I will be selecting 4 parents of boys and 4 parents of girls.  If you get to attend our Fall Party then we will give other parents a turn at the next parties throughout the year (we will have a Holiday Party and a Valentines Day Party).  Thank you for your patience and understanding of this rule. 

All volunteers must have completed a Background Form and be approved.  

Please email me at to let me know if you would like to volunteer to help at our party.

Library Books and Homework

Today we went to the library and were able to check out books for the very first time.  It was so nice that some fourth graders came to library to help us choose just the right book and find our check-out library card.  Your kinder may borrow this book until next Wednesday when we go to the library again.  If you are done reading the book before Wednesday, you may return the book to school.  I have a library collection box for early returned books.  If the book is returned, your kinder will be able to check out another book.  Have fun reading and being a book lover at home!

Inside your kinder’s blue folder today is their first homework packet. This homework packet that can be worked on throughout the week and  should be returned back to school by next week Wednesday. This is what it looks like…..




Rainy Morning Tips

If it is raining in the morning when school starts what will we do? 

  • When the buses arrive the kinders will be escorted into the building and into my classroom.  If you are following the bus you can to come to my outside door “M”.  
  • If you are driving your kinder you can come to door “M” and see your kinder into school at 8:40am.(this is where they will be coming in every morning).
  • If you prefer to walk him/her to the school lobby and say good-bye, you may. Then, your kinder will be walked down to our classroom by staff in our building.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions at  Thank you for your flexibility!  Mrs. Bohl

Kindergarten Open House is TONIGHT!


Are you ready for school to begin? Our Kindergarten Open House is TONIGHT! This is a great way for your kinder to see our classroom and meet some of their classmates.
Please bring your kinder’s classroom supplies this evening….it will help them have a lighter backpack on the first day and it will help keep our classroom organized. Thank you!!

Items include:

  • Clean, inside gym shoes, labeled with your kinder’s name or initials (these shoes will be kept inside of your kinder’s cubby for gym days) Velcro helps your kinder be independent!
  • 1 inch Avery WHITE (3 hole) plastic binder. Please make sure that it has a clear pocket on the front to insert a paper inside.
  • Spiral notebook–wide ruled 70 count (labeled with name)
  • Cuddle Buddy—A SMALL stuffed animal that will stay inside their cubby for the first few weeks of school. (labeled with name)Wish list supplies (optional items..see earlier posting)Wish list supplies (optional items..see earlier posting)
  • Wish list supplies (optional items..see earlier posting)
I hope that you can visit our classroom on
Tuesday, August 20 between 6:30-7:30pm.
I can’t wait to see you!
~Mrs. Bohl

Directions for “How to Unsubscribe to the Blog”

If you are a parent from last year and your kinder is moving onto a new grade and class, please follow the instructions below to unsubscribe to this blog.  

1.  When you receive an email alert that the blog has been updated, scroll to the bottom of the email.

2.  At the bottom, look for the option to “UNSUBSCRIBE”.  Click on this and you will be all set.  

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to teach your kinder.  Have a wonderful, super, great summer!  Please subscribe to your first grade teacher’s blog.  Mrs. Bohl 🙂

Heart Challenge

Dear Parents,
We are SO CLOSE to meeting our needed sign up to get $500 worth of PE EQUIPMENT!  We just need 26 more kids…that is one student per class.  This does not involve money — it simply involves registering and committing to taking care of your heart through exercise and diet.
Here is a link to the BLOG POST about the challenge.
Our School Page for registration can be found here.
WE CAN DO IT!  Just 26 more kids and we have $500 worth of new PE equipment for everyone to use!

Polar Express Day Fun!

Wearing comfy pajamas was just right for boarding the Polar Express today.


Our day was filled with reading the book The Polar Express, watching the movie by moving through all of the kindergarten classrooms, drinking hot chocolate (with and without marshmallows), solving addition problems using mini marshmallows and solving mystery words using a code. 

The day ended with a package delivered to our classroom!  Inside were silver jingle bells from Santa Claus!!!  They were super cold…probably because they arrived right from the North Pole.  WE BELIEVE!!

Happy pj day to all!

Holiday Party Snacks needed

Kinder families,

Our next party will be held on Thursday, December 20 from 2:00-3:00pm.

We have enough volunteers for our Holiday party but  opportunities to donate snack items are available.  Go to this google document to sign up.  Thank you for being part of our second class party. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at