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Guest Readers from Baldwin Middle School

Today the kinders had the privilege of reading books with some special guest readers.  Students from Mrs. Hoey-Heath’s 8th grade leadership class walked over from Baldwin Middle school this morning. It was exciting for the kinders to see these “teenagers” walk into our room. I even had of the girls in my class when she was 5 years old. 🙂 They spent about 30 minutes reading books to the kinders. Enjoy the pictures I was able to capture.

Summer Fun

HI kinder families,

I hope that you are having a fabulous summer.  I hope that you are filling the days with exciting adventures while making awesome memories.  I sure have.  Here a few things that I have done so far this summer. 

I picked strawberries, made some strawberry jam and strawberry syrup, climbed a tall ladder to pick yummy sweet cherries and visited Charleston, South Carolina with Mr. Bohl.  It was very hot (110) but fun.  We visited the aquarium, saw southern houses, went on a food tour, learned more about the Civil War and ate very yummy southern food.  I can’t wait to begin picking blueberries.  I think that homemade jam and blueberry pie needs to be made…and eaten. 🙂

I am also busy getting the classroom ready for school. You may wonder why I am back at school in the middle of July instead of enjoying my summer. Well….in a 4 weeks my daughter is getting married so I will be enjoying time with family.  I included a couple of pictures of my summer so far…enjoy!

IMG_0406 IMG_0413

Continue to enjoy this glorious summer weather.  I can’t wait to meet and see everyone at the end of August.  Don’t forget to shop for your kinder’s school supplies.  The stores are filled with back to school sales and items. Scroll down to the previous blog posting for more details. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at  

~~~Mrs. Bohl