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Can you believe it?  Wow!  Where did the year go?  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your kinder with me this year.  It has been such a pleasure to be part of their journey!🙂

The LAST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN was so much F-U-N!!!  We played math and sight word games and sang songs we learned this year, we read books and we played with our friends on the playground and more! A great way to end kindergarten.

At the start of the day, we opened our last Countdown to Summer envelope.  It read  . We had a very special time of honoring each kinder with an award created especially for them. This award showcased how SPECIAL and UNIQUE each kinder is.  ALL of the kinders have grown and matured this year in school.  That needed to be celebrated and it was a wonderful way to end our time as a class family. The kinders also had fun looking at their Kindergarten Memory Books.  These books are filled with pages of work that they completed along with some special surprises.  I hope that as you look through your child’s book you will be filled with memories of the time spent in kindergarten.

This video showcases what fun memories we created.  I hope that you enjoy watching it. 🙂 



We have had an AMAZING year together!   

Thank you for VOLUNTEERING this year!  Whether you were a TAKE HOME reading volunteer, helped with a class party, chaperoned a field trip or a combination of them, THANK YOU!  It takes many who love and care for our kinders to give them the best, fun experiences possible.  I could not have done it without you!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KINDER WITH ME!!  I feel so blessed to be part of your kinder’s schooling. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement that you have shown this year.  I am looking forward to seeing the friendships the kinders have made blossom as they continue to learn at Georgetown.  (I have the fantastic privilege of seeing my kinders in the hallways and maybe getting a hug or two next year!  Hooray!!):)

The kinders filled their backpacks yesterday with things that they have used in school this year.  When there is a rainy day or when your kinder says “I don’t know what to do!”, encourage them to complete pages in their math workbooks, write more stories, read books, write to 100 and beyond and create a list of popcorn words they know.  Continue to foster their love of learning, even in the summer months. 

We love our 5th grade buddies!!  They visited with us this week and celebrated our amazing sight word success.  We read books together before they made a celebration rainbow tunnel for us to run through. As we made our way to the end we collected a gold coin and a golden Rolo candy.  Then we enjoyed  a yummy popsicle treat and played together on our playground.  Thank you to all of our 5th grade buddies for helping us all year through!!  Good luck in 6th grade!!



Please refer to the Summer Activity Calendar (posted under CALENDARS at the top of our blog page) for a listing of various activities and suggestions you might want to do with your child each day or refer to the paper copies sent home. 

Have a fabulous summer!!!  Report cards will be mailed out on June 15.

Lots and lots of love,  I really do love your kinders! (Can I still call them that now that they are first graders?)  Mrs. Bohl :)


COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER:  The last days of school were filled with activities such as:

  BUBBLE DAY  Excitement was heard when the kinders found out that they were allowed to chew BUBBLE GUM in school!  Oh, my!  I think that our neighboring friends could hear us. (gum is not allowed, so what a treat!!)  We chewed & chewed & chewed before some actual bubbles were made by some kinders. We talked about how you can blow a bubble before we wrote out the steps. That writing just needed a fun picture so we made these cutie pie kiddos. We also created a graph that shows if we like or do not like to blow bubbles.  Of course we had to relate it to math….it is school!!! The kinders popped up when they heard that math time was going to be playing a math addition game using gum balls. Practicing adding numbers this way is fun!  Listening to a story and taking home our own bubbles filled out this fun day.

  ICE CREAM PARTY DAY  We used our writing and retelling skills after reading Splat the Cat I scream for ice cream. We created an ice cream sundae and then wrote what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story on each of the ice cream scoops.  We also enjoyed making our own double scoop ice cream cone craft while thinking of a name of our new ice cream flavor. 


After lunch all of the kindergarten classes met on the playground.  They waited very patiently as the teachers handed out ice cream so they could enjoy a cool dessert.  Yummy, Yum, Yum!


    POPCORN AND MOVIE DAY  You should have heard the cheers that filled our classroom.  Oh my!! 🙂  We enjoyed tasting 3 different flavors of popcorn….plain, caramel and cheese after sorting the various flavors.   The class results showed plain is yummy but caramel and cheese were the favorites.  


We also incorporated learning into playing popcorn related literacy and math games such as; POPCORN ANYONE?; POPCORN MATH; POPCORN MATCH UP.


   BE A SCIENTIST DAY  We did experiments like Walking Water, Swirly Twirly Milk, Float or Sink Oranges, Mentos and Coke, Water in a bag.  What an absolutely fun day!


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders continued to create their own summer bucket lists.  They wrote a list of PLACES TO GO and PEOPLE TO SEE.  Get ready to do some of these things and check them off your kinder’s “bucket list”.  Some of the lists are quite long.  I think that you will stay busy this summer. 🙂 Have fun!

Tomorrow is our last day of the school.  It is also FAST FRIDAY!  Fun things are planned for the kinders.  Be there or be square?  Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning!

Mrs. Bohl




It was a picture perfect day for our annual Kindergarten Olympic games. Thank you to Mr. Garvin, Mrs. Gavie, Mr. Giffin, Mrs. Rudd, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Schuck, Mr. Trier, Mrs. Vannoy and Mr. Williams for spending the morning leading our kinders in playing their games.  It was great to see many other parents cheering on the kinders.  

Thank you so much for coming and supporting your kinder.

Enjoy the video that highlights the fun we had.



COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER:  We hardly start our day and the kinders ask “When can we open the envelope?” This week’s envelopes held:

We read stories about watermelons, we sang “Down by the Bay” and created a new rhymes for the song, we made watermelons and ate watermelon.


Cheers rang throughout the classroom when the kinders found out that they would be able to write with an ink pen ALL DAY!  We had fun finding a friend who liked different things, such as; cookies, football, ice cream, reading a book, etc and then having them sign their name.  Learning that they were able to take them home, earned another round of cheers! 🙂


It was fun to use our mini chalkboards again.  The kinders had to solve addition and subtraction problems by writing the answer on their chalkboards.  They did fantastic!  In the afternoon, we took chalk outside to decorate our playground with some pretty cool pictures.


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders learned what a bucket list is and have been excited to create their own summer bucket lists.  They have written a list of THINGS TO DO AND FOODS TO EAT.  They will be writing  more topics next week.  Get ready to read what they have on their “bucket list” next week.  Some of the lists are quite long.  I think that you will stay busy this summer. 🙂

MATH:  The kinders have been working on learning what makes a number be called odd or even.  We used EVEN STEVEN and ODD TODD to help us understand this math concept better. ( I would love to take credit for this fun game but alas it came from this fabulous website called First Grade Parade.)  This is what we did….

First, I told the story that Even Steven LOVES things to be fair among his friends.  Everyone always needs to have the same amount.  It is all about being fair! 🙂  However, Odd Todd does not care if friends get a different amount.  It fact, he LIKES that! 🙂  Next,  a kinder chose a number between 1-20 and counted out that many “crackers” (mini unifix cubes) to a plate.  Then we decided who would get the “crackers”…EVEN STEVEN or ODD TODD. Then, the kinder placed the “crackers” one at a time onto each hand, counting each one,  until the plate was empty.  This was a great way for the kinders to visually see if  the “crackers” were equal or not equal.  Finally we decided if we were correct in our choice.  Were the “crackers” divided fairly in each of EVEN STEVEN’S hands or was there a different amount in each hand that ODD TODD would like?

IMG_0089Another day we practiced identifying even and odd numbers by completing a fun math worksheet.  I hope that you asked them to explain what they did to you.  We remember we learn better when we become the teachers and need to explain what we did.  🙂

READING VISITORS:  Mrs. Burdis’ 3rd grade class is having fun counting down to summer too.  It was “read with a friend” day for them on Tuesday, so they asked to come and read books with us.  Thank you for stopping by.  We had fun!


Happy Birthday celebrations for….

 Thank you Alex for the birthday rice krispy treat.

 Thank you Katelynn for the tic tac toe game.

 Thank you Jonathan for the pencil and starbursts.



*MONDAY, JUNE 4:   GYM;  Countdown to Summer Day 5

*TUESDAY, JUNE 5:  MUSIC;  Countdown to Summer Day 4

*WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6:  ART; Countdown to Summer Day 3


*FRIDAY, JUNE 8: STEAM;  Countdown to Summer Day 1; Last Day of School.  Fast Friday (Early Release Dismiss at 12:15)

~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl



OUR AMERICAN SYMBOLS:  The symbols that were studied this week were: 

The Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell and the American Flag


Check out the American Symbols pocket folders that your kinder brought home today.  It contains all of their work. We talked about what it means to be patriotic and what we do to show patriotism. Examples were wear red, white and blue, hang a flag, say thank you to veterans, say the pledge.  At the start of each day, the kinders recite the Pledge of Allegiance by standing tall, still and straight.  This week they learned what those very special words really mean and what sacrifices the men and women of our country made for our freedom. We THANK them so much!!! We made and read a few books. Enjoy having your kinders teach you some cool and interesting facts. 


Friday the kinders dressed in red, white and blue clothing, along with patriotic hats to celebrate the upcoming holiday…Memorial Day.  Have fun waving the mini flags while watching a parade this weekend. 🙂

READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we have been practicing what Reader’s Workshop looks like in first grade.  We sit back to back and read silently.  We have made it to 8 1/2 minutes of TOTAL SILENCE!  What an amazing accomplishment!  The kinders are so proud of themselves and I am so proud of them!  

MATH:  The kinders enjoyed reviewing their math skills by playing patriotic math games all week such as  LINCOLN’S BASE TEN BLOCKS (counting 10 & extra ones); STARS AND STRIPES SUBTRACTION (solving subtraction problems); LET FREEDOM RING ADDITION (solving addition problems); BALD EAGLE’S NUMBER ORDER (putting teen numbers in the correct order).


WRITING WORKSHOP:  We used all of our writing skills to write three cool and interesting facts about the American symbols being studied.  The kinders did a fabulous job!  Check out their writings inside the red  symbol folders.  At the end of the week, the kinders chose their favorite American symbol and gave a reason why they picked it.  They are doing a super job sharing in front of the class too.


COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER:  Can you believe it? Ten more days of kindergarten!  Oh my! 🙂 The countdown to summer has officially begun in our classroom.  Each day we will open an envelope to see what fun activity is scheduled.  Today the first activity was…..


  A perfect day for an EXTRA RECESS!  Eating red, white and blue popsicles was pretty “cool” too!


MYSTERY GUEST READER:  Izabel was so surprised and happy to see her grandma step into the room.  She jumped up right away and gave her a hug.  Izzy’s grandma read Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon.  A favorite book that reminds us to be ourselves and to stand up to a bully. Thank you so much for coming in.


KOOL KINDERS:  We have just enough time for the kinders to be the Kool Kinder one more time.  Each day we are draw out TWO names to be co-Kool Kinders.  They share all of the duties of being the Kool Kinder.   


*LIBRARY BOOKS:  Almost all of the kinders have returned their library books.  Please return your book this week. 

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME BOOKS:  All of the kinders have returned their TAKE HOME books.  Hooray!  They were able to choose a fun bookmark this week to use during their reading time at home. The reading strategies bookmark that was inside their baggies was also sent home.  

*RAINBOW WORD LISTS:  We are finished reading our lists at school.  All word lists will be returned very soon, along with the remaining word lists for you to use over the summer. Thank you for encouraging and supporting your kinder this year.  They did an amazing job learning popcorn words. 



*TUESDAY, MAY 29:  GYM; Birthday celebration for Alexandra;  Countdown to Summer Day 9

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 30:  MUSIC; Birthday celebration for Katelynn (June 20); Countdown to Summer Day 8

*THURSDAY, MAY 31:  ART;Birthday celebration for Jonathan (Aug 12);    Countdown to Summer Day 7

*FRIDAY, JUNE 1:  STEAM;  KINDERGARTEN OLYMPICS.  A fun morning of games with all of the kindergarteners!  Kinders will need to wear TENNIS SHOES…NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR CROCS PLEASE!  They will also need a WATER BOTTLE, LABELED WITH THEIR NAME!  Don’t forget the SUNSCREEN! Volunteers can arrive at 8:45am for instructions. PARENTS & YOUNGER SIBLINGS, YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US FOR A PICNIC LUNCH ON THE PLAYGROUND IF IT FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE.  WE WILL BE EATING AROUND 12:00PM.   Countdown to Summer Day 6

*FRIDAY, JUNE 8:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 12:15p.m.

~~~Have a great long weekend. Enjoy the wonderful weather while you celebrate Memorial Day!  Mrs. Bohl


This is a long posting so please read to the end.  We were busy this week!

OUR AMERICAN SYMBOLS:  Hooray for the U.S.A! This week the kinders began to learn about some of our most popular American symbols. Reading a Let’s Find Out newspaper about American Symbols was informative too.


First, we learned what a symbol is (it is a picture that stands for something). Next, we practiced identifying some common symbols for popular spots such as Dairy Queen, Target, Jet’s Pizza, etc.

The Statue of Liberty and The White House were the first two symbols studied.  After reading non-fiction books and watching an informational video about each symbol, the kinders did some informational writing by choosing 3 facts to write on their paper. It was fun to make a craft relating to the symbols too.

Some fun facts we learned about the Statue of Liberty were it was a gift from France, it is made from copper, she is called “The Lady of Liberty”, she holds a torch in one hand and a table in the other.  We did an experiment to see if we could turn copper pennies green like the Statue of Liberty did.  We put pennies in a bowl of vinegar and salt for 10 minutes then took them out to dry.  Can you see the green on them?  How cool!



We are keeping all of our work inside our American Symbols story pockets. The story pockets will come home next week after we learn about more American symbols.  

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: The kinders wrote their opinion about which sport they like to play (football, basketball, baseball, soccer), what kind of pet they would like (dog, cat, hamster, fish, lizzard), and stating why Georgetown is awesome.  The kinders always enjoy sharing their writings with their friends too.


At the end of the week, they wrote their ON DEMAND on the topic of their favorite restaurant. This is when they do all of their writing independently, without teacher assistance. The kinders did an AMAZING JOB!  I am so very proud of them. I am in the process of grading them and will send home the writings home soon.

We were invited to Mrs. VanKovering’s first grade to listen to her students read their realistic fiction narrative writing pieces.  It was good for the kinders to see what they will be writing next year.  Thank you for inviting us.  We really enjoyed coming!


MATH:  After reviewing various math skills, the kinders used their individual office spaces to take their last math test, Unit #5.  They are becoming very good mathematicians solving addition and subtraction problems, comparing items using terms longer, shorter, taller and showing teen numbers as tens and extra ones.  What a good job they have done!!! 🙂  Their tests will be coming home soon.


READER’S WORKSHOP:  We are Readers and we LOVE to read.  We are working on staying focused on reading for 18-20 minutes.  What an accomplishment as the kinders move into first grade.  Friday was “the best” according to the kinders as they eagerly read with their flashlights and tried to spotlight popcorn words.  Thank you for helping to supply your kinder with a flashlight.


MYSTERY GUEST READER:  It was Dominic’s turn jump up and cry “Dad” as our mystery guest reader walked into our room.  He brought the book The Legend of Jake, the Salty Dog because Hilton Head a favorite vacation spot for their family.  Thank you so much for stopping by today.  We love your visits.


OUR 5TH GRADE BUDDIES:  In preparation for our buddies going on their “sleep over field trip” (actual term is 5th grade camp), the kinders made them a card.  They also gave them a fun bag filled with a mini game booklet and a package of starbursts because “we hope they had “bursts” of fun at camp.”  Another way to spread random acts of kindness.  Our buddies were surprised!  Yeah!


POPCORN WORDS:          TODAY    PLAY     AWAY      UP                                                  Thank you so much for working with your kinder to learn their sight words.  They know soooo many words!  Oh my goodness!  I am so proud of them!  


*PLEASE RETURN….TAKE HOME books and LIBRARY books   Please return your library book if you still have it at home.  Inventory has began.  Please consider checking out library books from the public library throughout the summer.  Please return your TAKE HOME books.  

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.




*WEDNESDAY, MAY 23: MUSIC;    WEEKLY HOMEWORK IS DONE FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR.  Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging your kinder to complete their homework each week.  It made an impact in their learning.


*FRIDAY, MAY 25: STEAMRedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 28…Memorial Day, No School

*TUESDAY, MAY 29:  Birthday celebration for Alexandra

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 30:  Birthday celebration for Katelynn (June 20)

*THURSDAY, MAY 31:  Birthday celebration for Jonathan (Aug 12)

*FRIDAY, JUNE 1:  Kindergarten Olympics 

*FRIDAY, JUNE 8:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.

~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl



See what we did and learned about this week in kindergarten

SCIENCE:  We finished our learning about Living and Non-Living this week by making a mini booklet entitled Animal Needs. Have your kinder read and tell about what animals need to live. See the previous posting about the fun we had learning the parts of a plant. We also learned that not all plants grow at the same rate but thank goodness they all sprouted!  We watered  and journaled about the growth of our bean plant and you now have the responsibility of caring for that plant. Be sure to continue to write in the journal about what you do! 🙂 I hope that  you can find a good spot in your yard for planting the bean plant.  Science is so much fun! 


READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we focused on increasing our reading stamina while defining the setting in books.  We made it to 18 minutes a few days.  Whoo Hoo!   We continued to celebrate becoming readers on Friday by reading with stuffed animals.  Reading to and with friends is always fun!!!


Next Friday, we will be reading with flashlight, looking to see if we can spot popcorn words within our books. The kinders are asked to bring in a flashlight on Friday, May 18.  All flashlights will be sent home on the same day.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: More topics were introduced, more opinions were given, more reasons were written and more writings were shared with friends this week.  These topics included playing at the beach or at the pool; eating ice cream in a bowl or a cone; deciding which special class (art, STEAM, gym or music) they like best.  I am very proud of them. We will write a few more opinion writings as a whole group before ending the week with the kinders writing their ON DEMAND Opinion writing next week.  This is when the kinders use all of the strategies they have learned and write with teacher assistance.  I know that they will do awesome job!

MATH:  We used mini cubes and 10 cube sticks to show tens and extra ones for teen and twenty numbers.


The kinders compared objects using math terms such as longer than, shorter, heavier than, lighter than. 

The kinders will be reviewing various math skills the first part of the week and taking their LAST math test…Unit #5 towards the end of the week. Please encourage your kinder to do their best.  The test will cover addition & subtraction problems; comparing numbers using terms shorter, longer, heavier, lighter; showing tens & extra ones for teen numbers; and  more.

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  Jaxon literally jumped up from sitting on the floor and into his grandma’s arms.  How precious!  She brought his dad’s favorite book, Hamilton to read to us  A fun story about a pig and how he tricked the wolf from eating him. Thank you for stopping by.


POPCORN WORDS:       BY           MY           ONE                                                       What smart kinders I have!  I am working on the end of the year assessments and so far EVERYONE has been able to increase the amount of sight words they can identify.  Hooray for them! I am so very proud of the kinders!! 🙂 I encourage you this summer to continue to practice & review the popcorn words flash cards that have been sent home this year.  Sliding can often happen with basic skills and review is needed to ensure that the concepts are mastered.


TAKE HOME books:  This is the last week for the kinders to read and take home new books.  Please return their books on Monday,  Tuesday and Thursday.

BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

SPRING WEATHER:  Please take a moment each morning to check the daily weather report.  It changes from day to day.  We want our kinders to be prepared to play on the playground.


*MONDAY, MAY 14:  ART;   Birthday celebration for Dominic


*WEDNESDAY, MAY 16GYM;  HOMEWORK DUE….literacy and math

*THURSDAY, MAY 17: MUSIC Birthday celebration for Parker

*FRIDAY, MAY 18:  ART; Celebrate being READERS:….Read with a FLASHLIGHT.  Bring a flashlight to school;  Kindergarten Olympic volunteer note due

*FRIDAY, MAY 26: RedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 28:  Memorial Day, No School

*TUESDAY, MAY 29:  Birthday celebration for Alexandra

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 30:  Birthday celebration for Katelynn (June 20)

*THURSDAY, MAY 31:  Birthday celebration for Jonathan (Aug 12)

*FRIDAY, JUNE 1:  Kindergarten Olympics  A note asking for parent volunteers came home.  Volunteers will be notified shortly with details.  This special day would not be possible without your help.  Thank you so much.  If you still would like to be part of this fun day, please let me know before Friday, May 18

*FRIDAY, JUNE 8:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

~~~Have a great weekend.    Mrs. Bohl


Tasting Parts of a Plant

“Can you eat parts of a plant?”  The kinders were not sure when I asked them this question.  So we read a few books to learn how vegetables grow…above or below the ground and to review parts of a plant.  


We learned that carrots, potatoes, radishes are roots.  Celery is like a stem. Lettuce, spinach, cabbage are leaves. Broccoli and cauliflower are considered flowers and corn, peas, beans are the seeds of a plant.  


We had a taste testing party after building our plant using carrots, celery, spinach, broccoli and corn.  I was proud of ALL of the kinders for tasting some vegetables they don’t typically like to eat. We all agreed….We like to eat plants!!



Look what your kinder did at school this week.

SCIENCE:  Hooray! We have learned that not all plants grow at the same rate but thank goodness they all sprouted!  The warmer spring weather helped so much.  We are watering  and journaling about the growth of our bean plant.  


We explored each part of flower by reading informational books, labeling the various parts (seed, roots, stem, leaves, petals) and creating a craft which is hanging in the back of our room.  


We also read and discussed two different Let’s Find Out newspapers, both relating to seeds and the growth cycle of a plant.


It was fun to review previous knowledge of fairy tales when we enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk.  We read the original version and one with a favorite character, Little Critter, who pretended to be Jack.  The kinders were excited to paint their beanstalk so that we could retell the story today.  Enjoy hearing your kinder retell the story to you.


 MATH:  The kinders compared numbers and identified if they were Greater than or Less than other numbers by writing G or L.  They also practiced showing teen numbers using ten and extra ones as well as writing partner equations for numbers 7-10.  We are getting to the end of our last unit in math learning.  Thank you for your continual support and encouragement towards your kinder in completing their weekly homework.  It is so beneficial to solidify their learning.


READER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders continued to dive deeper in learning about characters.  We looked at the main characters, noticing that they can be in more than one book.  For example, the Little Critter character (books by author Mercer Mayer) is in many different books. We noticed that Little Critter does different things in different stories.  We also explored the difference between 2 main characters in books.  The Kinders loved comparing the characters of Hansel and Gretel in the classic tale Hansel and Gretel.  Noticing that Hansel and Gretel each do different things in the story.  The kinders have done a great job!


We are constantly celebrating being READERS!   Reading everyone’s clothing today was a lot of fun.  It soon became a challenge to see how many popcorn words were on each others’ clothing.  Thank you for helping your kinder participate. 

TAKE HOME BOOKS:  Thank you  so much for encouraging and supporting your kinder this year as they participated in our TAKE HOME book program.  We have two more weeks of reading.  Then we will begin to collect all of the books for summer inventory. Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who came into school each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to listen to the kinders read.  It would not have been possible without your assistance.  I am so grateful for your help!

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders began learning how to write their last style  of writing…..Opinion writing.  We started with learning the difference between fact and opinion.  Then we sorted statements into an opinion or fact column.  Reading a fun book called Duck! Rabbit! helped us verbally practice giving our reasons to why we felt that way. 


Each day they need to give their opinion about a topic, write two reasons to support why they feel that way and write a closing sentence such as “_____ is my favorite.” or “I really like _______.”  WOW!  WOW!  The kinders are writing like first graders!  They are including popcorn words, spaces between words, sentence stoppers as well as giving awesome reasons. Our topics this week were 1. playing on the swings or slide  2. like winter or summer  3. enjoy eating home lunch or hot lunch.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the kinders tasted chips and salsa before writing their opinion if it was yucky or yummy.  Have I said lately, how proud I am of them! 🙂


MYSTERY GUEST READERS:  We were lucky to enjoy two visits this week.

 Jonathan has been wishing his mom would stop by and this week she did.  His baby brother, Christopher came along too.  She brought a big book of The Little Old Lady who swallowed a Fly AND an Old Lady puppet with all of the characters she swallowed.  What a fun way to listen and enjoy a story. 


Victoria jumped up and gave her mom a big hug as she entered our room. Her mom brought along her favorite book when she was younger,Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham. It is one of our favorite books too.  It was fun to help Victoria’s mom read many of the pages.  Thank you so much for stopping by this morning.


POPCORN WORDS:        HAVE     ON      OF                                                                     It is amazing.!  Before a kinder can move the letter magnets to spell our popcorn words, the class is shouting out the word.  The kinders are beginning to SPELL the words in addition to identifying them.  How amazing!


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snacks for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*PLAYGROUND:  Our playground is very wet and muddy and then it is dry and dirty.  Please keep this in mind as you send your kinder to school. Rain boots or outside play shoes might be a good idea until the spring weather clears.  Thank you for being considerate of helping to keep our inside floors and rugs clean.

*BOOK ORDERS: On Monday, the last book orders for this year will be sent home.  You will be able to order online or send in the paper form along with a check to school.  All orders are due on Friday, May 11.


*MONDAY, MAY 7:  ART; reading TAKE HOME books


*WEDNESDAY, MAY 9:  Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center &  Hager Park  HOME LUNCH WITH DRINK INSIDE OF LABELED PAPER BAG IS NEEDED. We will not be ordering hot lunch. Please feel free to join us for our picnic lunch. Younger siblings are welcome. We will be at the park around 12:00pm. Your kinder will need a home lunch and water bottle to enjoy during our picnic lunch.  NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS. TENNIS SHOES NEED TO BE WORN!!  We will be walking through woods and trails and playing on a big playground.  Please dress your child according to the weather. We will be OUTSIDE for most of the day!; HOMEWORK DUE….literacy and math  


*FRIDAY, MAY 11:  ART: FAST FRIDAY (Early Release  Dismiss at 12:15pm); Book Orders due (online or paper forms); Celebrate being READERS:  Bring a small stuffed animal to read with

*MONDAY, MAY 14:  Birthday celebration for Dominic

*THURSDAY, MAY 17:  Birthday celebration for Parker 

*FRIDAY, MAY 18:  Volunteer note (coming home Monday) is due Friday, May 18; Celebrate being READERS:  Bring a small flashlight to read with

*FRIDAY, MAY 26: RedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 28:  Memorial Day, No School

*TUESDAY, MAY 29:  Birthday celebration for Alexandra

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 30:  Birthday celebration for Katelynn (June 20)

*THURSDAY, MAY 31:  Birthday celebration for Jonathan (Aug 12)

*FRIDAY, JUNE 1:  Kindergarten Olympics  A note asking for parent volunteers came home.  Volunteers will be notified shortly with details.  This special day would not be possible without your help.  Thank you so much.  If you still would like to be part of this fun day, please let me know soon.

*FRIDAY, JUNE 8:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

~~~Have a great weekend.    Mrs. Bohl



Can you believe it?  It is the end of April and next week we are moving into our last full month of school.  Take a look at what was accomplished this week.

SCIENCE:  What is Alive?  and Living and Non-Living were books that assisted us as we began learning about things that are alive and not alive.  The kinders learned that living things need *air, *water, *food, *soil (plants), *space (habitat)  and can *move, *grow.  Sorting living and non-living pictures was a fun activity. 


The kinders watched a science video that reviewed what makes something alive.  They also made a booklet about living and non-living things by building the missing words.  


We planted bean seeds and are patiently watering and waiting for them to sprout.  Hopefully the warmer, sunny spring weather helps.  We will keep you updated!  We also had some fun looking a a variety of seeds and had to match them with what they would grow into…a daisy, an onion, a sunflower, a radish and more.


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:   I am so proud of the kinders and their writing. This month’s genre was about HOW TO….  do various things.  This week the kinders wrote How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; How to wash your hands; How to eat an Oreo and How to plant a seed.


All of their writings came home today.  Enjoy having them show you how to do some of these tasks.  Your  kinder is a great teacher!  Next week we will begin our last writing unit…Opinion Writing.  Wow! I know that the kinders will do a fabulous job and will enjoy this type of writing. 

MATH:  The kinders are doing well comparing numbers, identifying numbers that are Greater than and Less than other numbers.  They are also doing well showing teen numbers using tens and extra ones. The kinders put away their workbooks for a few days and had fun playing games to practice identifying number partners.  For one game, they used two different colors of unifix cubes to create number partners of 7. For example: 4 red cubes + 3 blue cubes = 7 cubes.


Another game was called Flower Power.  The kinders took turns tossing a butterfly and bumble bee bean bag onto a large flower, using the numbers that the insects landed on to create number equations.  For example: 1+3=4.

Thank you so much for encouraging your kinder to complete their homework each week.  This helps to solidifying their learning.  

POPCORN WORDS:         COME   SOME                                                                           April popcorn flash cards were sent home to add to your kinder’s collection. The work that you do at home helps your kinder be the best student they can be. Thank you!

FUN CENTERS:  Thank you so much to Hunter’s mom, Katelynn’s mom and Lucas’ grandma for helping us learn while having fun.  We practiced using our predicting, comparing and counting skills by playing MAGIC BEANS, identified popcorn words by playing GOING BUGGY, used our questioning skills by playing GUESS WHO and used our investigating skills by comparing earthworms and gummy worms. (I am sorry there are not any pictures to share with you….I was also running a center.) Thank you so much for volunteering to be part of fun centers each month.  The kinders looked forward to this time and it would not have been possible without your support and help.  

END OF THE YEAR ASSESSMENTS:  Preparation for the end of the year assessments and records have begun.  I am excited to be the listener as I ask each kinder read books to me.  They are doing an AMAZING job!! They are making FABULOUS progress.  Supporting your kinder at home by practicing/reviewing popcorn words, reading books, completing math homework and more has helped your kinder be a successful learner.  Thank you so much.  

MYSTERY GUEST READERS:  Izabel was so surprised to see her mom and younger brother, Grayson walk through the door…again. She chose to read Spaghetti on my hot dog bun.  It was a fabulous story about having courage to show kindness to those who are unkind to us. Thank you so much for choosing a timely book and being willing to stop in to read us another story.  


  Happy birthday to Anderson.  He turned 6 on April 24.  Thank you so much for the birthday treat bags. 


*MONTHLY CALENDAR:  May is FILLED with many birthday celebrations.  Be sure to look at the May calendar and the June calendar for May and summer birthday celebration dates, along with other important information.  It has been posted under CALENDARS at the top of our blog.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.

*TAKE HOME Books:  Please help your child to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out a new book each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.  We only have a few weeks left…keep reading!!!




*WEDNESDAY, MAY 2: STEAMHOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  LIBRARY: Please return your kinder’s book.

 *THURSDAY, MAY 3: GYMreading TAKE HOME BOOKS & Rainbow word lists


*WEDNESDAY, MAY 9:  Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center & Hager Park.   Please feel free to join us for our picnic lunch.  We will be at the park around 12:00pm. Your kinder will need a paper sack lunch LABELED WITH THEIR NAME and water bottle to enjoy during our picnic lunch.  NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS OR CROCS. TENNIS SHOES NEED TO BE WORN!!  We will be walking through woods and trails and playing on a big playground.  Please dress your child according to the weather. We will be OUTSIDE for most of the day!  


*FRIDAY, MAY 11:  FAST FRIDAY (Early Release  Dismiss at 12:15pm)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 14:  Birthday celebration for Dominic

*MONDAY, MAY 17:  Birthday celebration for Parker 

*FRIDAY, MAY 26…..RedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 28…Memorial Day, No School

*FRIDAY, JUNE 1:  Kindergarten Olympics  Volunteer note (coming home Monday) is due Friday, May 18

~~~Have a great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl