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Read with a Flashlight tomorrow 5/18

May has been a moth of celebrating becoming READERS!

To celebrate….tomorrow  (Friday, May 18) is FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY!


Look around the house for a small flashlight to bring to school. Please label the flashlight with your kinder’s name.  (If you have extras, I am sure that friends who forget will appreciate it 🙂  

We will turn off the lights and read books by flashlight.  We will use them to spotlight words as we read.  The flashlights will be returned home the same day.  Refer to the earlier note for details about the rest of our Fun Reading Friday events.

Happy Mother’s Day!


I hope that all MOMS have a wonderful day that is just for you!  Your kinder loves you so much!  They were so excited to take home their card for you.  I hope you enjoy the special artwork that they created especially for you! Thank you for sharing your kinder with me each day!!!


Field Trip Memories


We had so much fun learning and observing living and non-living things during our class trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center this week.  We observed birds flying and chirping, water snakes slithering in the water and tadpoles and water beetles swimming.  We saw plant life and creatures in meadows and wetlands. Our five senses were very busy all morning long.  

Thank you, thank you to Mr. Vogel, Mr. Cozzolino, Mrs. Vannoy, Mr. Kniceley, Mrs. Laurie and Mrs. Garvin for joining us in learning. I am so glad that many other parents were able to join us for a picnic lunch at school.  What a fun day…even though it rained during lunch time. 

Enjoy the video that showcases our memories.


Book Orders due tomorrow—May 11


                       Book Orders are due on FRIDAY, MAY 11   

       THIS IS THE LAST BOOK ORDER FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR!!                        

 You may send into school the completed paper forms along with a check made out to Scholastic Reading Club OR you may order online at 

Our code is L77G6 

Thanks for supporting & encouraging your kinder to read!  Mrs. Bohl

Read with a STUFFED ANIMAL tomorrow

Bring a SMALL stuffed animal on Friday!!

We are celebrating our fabulous year of reading growth throughout May by having “Fun Reading Fridays!”

Our second reading Friday is tomorrow: Read with a (small) stuffed animal Day. Your kinder is welcome and/or encouraged to take a small stuffed animal to read with.  The stuffed animal will come back home at noon. Check the pink note for details about the rest of our Fun Reading Friday events. 

The kinders will love reading with their stuffed animals!!!


Please check tonight……

Our field trip today at Hemlock Nature Center was AWESOME!! (even if it did rain at the end)  However, with our day of nature always comes those little critters we need to mindful of.  Ticks!  

As a staff we always give the good once over to look for any little hitchhikers.  However,  these little “friends” love to find spots to hide out that we aren’t allowed to search.  So maybe tonight is a bath night and an extensive once over would be helpful for Tick safety. I have attached the link from the CDC on Ticks.  Please let me know if you have any questions OR if you did see any hitchhikers (Ticks).

Field Trip Reminders for May 9


Are you excited for our field trip? The kinders are!  It will be happening TOMORROW, Wednesday, May 9.  Here is a schedule of our day. (you can refer to the orange paper sent home on Monday too)

9:15/20am – leave for Hemlock Crossing Nature Center (chaperones either met us at the park or you can come to school and follow the bus there)

10:00-11:30am – learning led by Hemlock Crossing Nature Center leaders 

11:45am -leave for HAGER PARK IN JENISON

12:00pm – eat lunch, use bathroom, play at park 

1:30/45pm – load buses and say good byes

2:00pm – kinders arrive back at school

**All kinders need a SACK LUNCH LABELED WITH THEIR NAME and a WATER BOTTLE. We will be throwing away  our trash at the park.  WE WILL NOT BE ORDERING HOT LUNCH.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND LUNCH BOXES!!

**Please be sure to dress your kinder (layers are best) according to the the weather report….outdoor tennis shoes and coat are needed.  I am hearing reports of in the high 60’s-low 70’s for tomorrow. Hooray!

**Here are the addresses if you are planning to enter them into your GPS. 

Hemlock Crossing Park Nature Center 8115 West Olive Road, West Olive, MI 49423  (Printed maps, group member names were sent home for the volunteers.)

Hager Park 8134 28th Ave, Jenison

You are welcome to join us for lunch. Please let me know if you are coming. This is the list of parents/grandparents so far.  Younger siblings are welcome to come to the park!  We should be arriving at the park around 12:00pm, weather permitting!  

~~~We are every excited for a great day of learning!!   Mrs. Bohl

Please read—-Correct field trip date

Our field trip will be on Wednesday, May 9!  It was mistakenly listed on the school main blog. 

We will be at Hemlock Crossing Nature Park for the morning.  We plan on arriving at Hager Park around 12:00pm.  We will be eating our picnic lunch at the picnic tables. The kinders will have some time to play on the playground after lunch before returning to Georgetown.

 If you are planning to meet your kinder for lunch, please let me know. Younger siblings are welcome to join in the fun at the park.  You will find a note containing this information inside your kinder’s folder on Monday.  

If you have any questions, please contact me at


TWO Backpack snacks a day


This is a friendly reminder that we take TWO snack breaks during our school day.  ONE in the MORNING and ONE in the AFTERNOONThat means your kinder should come to school with TWO snacks each day.  Many of the kinders area coming to school without snacks. or snacks that they say they do not like to eat.  I have a some cereal that I am glad to pass out those kinders who forget but it is becoming quite common lately.

I am sure that your kinder will enjoy eating a variety of snacks that you can pack for them instead the the plain cereal I have on hand.

If you have any questions, please contact me at