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Book Orders Due today 2/18


 You may order online at   This link should connect you directly to our class.  The books should arrive at school in 2-3 weeks.      If you would like to pick up the books instead of having me send them home with your kinder, please let me know.

Thanks for supporting and encouraging your kinder to read!  If you have any questions please contact me at

Valentine’s Day Party Fun!


THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL of the parents who donated supplies and to the parent volunteers (Mrs. Daley, Mrs. Scholten, Mrs. Kniceley, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Miner, Mrs. Stuk, Mr. Kniceley) who made our last class party so much fun!!!  The kinders enjoyed themselves A LOT!  We LOVE that you chose to be part of this special day.

Please enjoy this short video that showcases the kinders and their friends.


Another day off….CRAZY?!?!

WOW, an ICE STORM today! ! I am missing spending time with your kinders and cannot wait to get back into a consistent routine with them! 

We will move our 100th day celebration to tomorrow, Friday, February 8. Please send in 100 collections with your kinder tomorrow for our 100th day show & tell. Thank you for your flexibility!  Here is the Day 100 collection note again if you need more details.


Also, Mrs. Reagan has another “Snow Day Challenge” going today, meaning your kinder could win a gift card for learning on either Moby Max or RAZ-kids today! Check out Mrs. Reagan’s blog post by following this link

Here are a few more ideas if you are looking for a challenge for your kinder today:

  • Make an indoor fort.
  • Play an inside game of snowball toss with socks.  Throwing socks into bowls or buckets, points for different distances.
  • Create a piece of artwork inspired by the ice.
  • Cuddle up and watch a movie.
  • Play a game of treasure hunt.  Hide an object for your child and create a treasure hunt for them to find it, or play hot and cold for them to locate the treasure.

Here’s to hoping that this is our LAST SNOW/ICE DAY! 🤞Stay safe if driving!

Outstanding Kinders

When we make green (good) choices, they are noticed and Mrs. Reagan hands out OUTSTANDING awards to classes in school.  She stopped by our classroom today and honored 4 kinders.  Colton, Alivia, Rocco and Jacob received their OUTSTANDING for raising their hand to speak, asking for help instead of getting upset, following the hallway rules of walking quietly and for working hard to learn to read. 

Mrs. Reagan also reminded the kinders that EVERYONE will receive an outstanding award before the school is finished.  Congratulations, kinders….Mrs. Reagan, Mrs. Bohl and your friends are watching! 🙂

We HAVE mail!


Yes, We have mail inside our of Valentine mail bags.  How exciting!  We decorated our mail bags making them SWEET looking. :).  This afternoon the kinders were able to begin mailing the valentines they took to school.  They were a bit disappointed that the mail bags were not coming home today but they became excited when they found out more valentines are coming their way.  Memory kind of moments! Maybe I should actually keep track one of these days.  🙂  I also wish that I could include the conversations that took place during this first mailing.  So many kinders filling each others’ buckets by offering to help and squealing with excitement when they saw similar valentines.  Oh my…I love this time of the year!


Don’t forget that your kinder will have the opportunity to mail their valentines this coming Friday, Feb 8 and next week Monday, Feb 11 and Tuesday, Feb 12.

Kinders LOVE reading…at home!

Another snow day for Thursday 1/31 is planned.  Find some new creative ways/places to read books to keep the excitement alive.  Some suggestions might be….

*making a fort from blankets to crawl into,

*snuggling in bed in the middle of the day under a pile of blankets,

*rearranging the books on your bookshelf, reading your favorite ones along the way,

*reading to younger siblings or stuffed animals

*trading some books with neighbors to read (and then trading back) 🙂

Here are some pictures of kinders who are having fun reading on these snowy days.  You are welcome to send pictures tomorrow if you are up to the challenge! 🙂


A few other suggestions to keep your kinder occupied might be…

*write a small moment story about something you did at home,

*decide and count out your 100 collection for Day 100 (on Feb 7),

*write your name on your valentine cards for your friends

*practice writing your full (first and last name) in a fun way,

*tell & solve addition and subtraction stories,

*make some yummy treat with your parent while practicing math & reading skills,

Above all….stay safe, stay warm!  Mrs. Bohl


Snow Day #4 Challenge!!!

Kinder families,  

Today is the perfect day to read books online on Raz-Kids or to read books from your home library. Send me an email at if you do this today! If you have not sent me a picture of your kinder reading, you still have time.  So…snuggle under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and READ!!! 🙂 .  Stay warm, stay inside, be safe.  I hope to see my kinders soon!  Mrs. Bohl

Here is the snow day challenge from Mrs. Reagan again. 

We’ve gone from a typical Michigan snow day to extreme winter weather snow days which means tomorrow (1/30/19) is SNOW DAY #4.

Encourage your child to do at least 30 minutes of learning (see below).  For each snow day, one student from each grade will win a $10 BARNES and NOBLE gift card.  


The class with the most SNOW DAY LEARNERS will win a PIZZA PARTY with the PRINCIPAL. This will be the accumulation of all learners who participate between Friday (1/25) and whenever we return.   SO FAR … we have 50% (285) of our students who have engaged in some sort of learning.  Let’s get it to 80%!!  WE CAN DO IT!

Options for learning:

  1. Read a book or two or three.  ONLINE Learning record for reading minutes.  Or if you can’t get online, email Mrs. Bohl ( and let me know what your child has done to learn.
  2. Learning on MOBYMAX or RAZ-KIDS through
  • Log into
  • Select log into other google account.
  • Type in district username followed by
  • Type in password – if your child doesn’t remember the password, choose TIME TO READ instead!
  • Select Elementary Apps
  • Find MOBYMAX OR RAZ KIDS….get started!

Most importantly, stay safe and STAY INSIDE and stay warm!

Mrs. Reagan