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5 Stars Reward Day

Wow!  WE DID IT!  We reached our goal of 5 blue stars for positive behavior of making smart choices.  The smart choices the kinders made to SOAR towards our 5 stars were:  listening, working hard to stay on task, following our class rules.  It took us awhile and it was hard work but we stuck with it and today we are celebrating on a job well done.

Today  our pencils are taking a break from working because the kinders voted to use gel pens and markers instead.  This will be SO fun!  Markers are quite a favorite supply to use during choices.  🙂 . Congratulate your kinder today and look for any papers coming home that are completed with fun colors today!

Book Orders due tomorrow 1/17


You may send into school the completed paper form along with a check made out to Scholastic Reading Club OR you may order online at  This link should connect you directly to our class.  

If you are purchasing books as gifts for your kinder, please let me.  I will contact you when they arrive.

Thanks for supporting and encouraging your kinder to read!  If you have any questions please contact me at

PE Apparel Sale

The annual P.E Apparel sale is officially open and will be open until January 29, 2020.   If you are interested in buying any apparel, you must order online.  

The link is:

Here is the design and colors available:

2020 PE APPAREL LINK-01.jpg

Please contact Mrs.  Nienhuis or Mrs. VanKoevering if you have any questions.

616-797-9797 ext. 7460 or

Thank you!! 

School begins on January 6!


Welcome back to school and Happy New Year!  

I am looking forward a great start to 2020 at school on Monday. I can not wait  to see all of my kinders again.  I missed my 28 morning hugs. 🙂  

It is January and it is winter.  Remember the bus ride to and from school can be cold.  The wind chill can fluctuate throughout the day.  If the wind chill warms to above O, we will go outside to play for recess.  So PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND SNOW PANTS, BOOTS, HATS, MITTENS to school each day with your kinder.  This way they will be prepared and will stay warm playing outside. Don’t forget to label their clothing.

Enjoy the rest of the break, pack your kinder’s backpack with their daily folder & library book, give your kinder an extra hug while preparing them for making good choices and working hard at school again.  I will see them Monday morning!  The heat has been turned down at school during vacation so dress your kinder in warm layers as the school will chilly before it warms up.

Hugs, Mrs. Bohl

Spreading Kindness in December

This is Jingle Joy….the kindness elf.


During the month of December, she has been living in our classroom. Maybe your kinder has already told you about her??

Each morning the kinders looked eagerly (actually “excitedly” is a more accurate word 🙂 ) around the room to locate her hiding spot.  She was found on top of the flag, inside the empty one hundred bucket, on top of the big whiteboard, way up high on top of the cupboards and inside the kitchen sink as well as other places.  Did you notice that she likes to climb up high?  (ha, ha).  Her main mission was to help us spread kindness to others.  Please ask your kinder to explain about our daily secret missions.  This was and still is TOP SECRET!! 🙂  

It was an amazing, fun time for us to learn how to think of others during this holiday season….and always!  Have some fun spreading the Magical Reindeer Food (on your front lawn) that Jingle Joy left for each kinder. They were so excited to find her gift.  I just loved seeing their happy and (believing) faces! 🙂


Holiday Shopping…at school

Did your kinders get their Holiday shopping done yet?  No worries!  The Penguin Patch Holiday Shop will be open for business this week at Georgetown. 

We are scheduled to shop on Monday, Dec 16 from 2:00-2:45pm.  This is our only time for shopping. 

If you would like your kinder to purchase gifts for family members, please send the money in the envelope that was provided to you.   It would be very helpful if you would fill out the necessary information on the front of the envelope.  This will make shopping easier for your kinder ( and the parent volunteers who will be helping your kinder shop). 

Thank you for supporting Georgetown!

Kindergarten has Holiday Spirit

Here is the spirit line up for next week (12/16-12/20):

  • Monday: Wear Green and Red
  • Tuesday: Wear a holiday hat (antlers, elf, Santa, etc…)
  • Wednesday: Grinch Day….Wear cozy socks, scarf or dress in Grinch attire.  
  • Thursday: Holiday Party Day….Wear a Holiday Sweater
  • Friday: Polar Express Day….Wear PJs (slippers can be worn but need shoes for gym)

Important Holiday Music Details

Important Music Program Details

Your kinder’s first Georgetown Holiday Music Program is this Thursday, December 12! We are SO excited to perform for you!! Here are all of the details regarding this year’s program:

Georgetown Holiday Music Program

December 12, 2019

Fair Haven Church

6:30 – 7:00   K-2nd     
(kinders report at 6:15)

7:45 – 8:15   3rd-5th   

(Students report at 7:30)

Where is the church?
Address: 2900 Baldwin Street  Hudsonville, MI 49426.
Fair Haven Ministries is located down the road from Georgetown Elementary at the corner of Baldwin Street and 28th Ave.   Our school has grown so big that we need a big space to perform!  They graciously let us rent their auditoritum for our performance.  

What time do kinders need to be at the church?
Kinders need to report to their assigned classroom 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM. 

It is very important not to be late so teachers have enough time to line up kinders in their riser orders, pass out props and make sure everyone who has a special part is accounted for. Please do not send your kinder to the classroom unsupervised or prior to their scheduled time.

Where does my kinder need to go when they get to the church?
There will be signs at the church directing you to your kinders’ classroom.
Below is the room assignment for kinders

K – Family Life Center


How long will the program be?
Each group will perform for about 30 minutes. There will be 45 minutes between the two programs for K-2nd grade students to leave and upper elementary students to arrive for the next program.

What order are the grades singing?
The grades are singing in order of age: Kindergarten perform first, then 1st/2nd grade, then 3rd grade and finally 4th/5th grade.

Your kinder will sit as a class (with the audience) after their performance.  They will watch their peers perform.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR KINDER’S COAT WITH YOU. MRS REAGAN WILL DISMISS YOUR KINDER TO YOU AFTER THE ENTIRE PROGRAM IS DONE.

Can we save seats early in the day?
No. The only reserved seats will be for the directors, videographers, and teachers. 
Seating is first come first served at that time. 
PLEASE be respectful and courteous to other families. Everyone wants a good seat and we will do our best to fit everyone into the auditorium.  Please try to keep young children on your laps and not to take up unnecessary seats in order to leave more space for others.  

Is food or drink allowed in the church?
No food or drink is allowed in the church. This is strictly enforced.
We are so gracious to Fair Haven for allowing us to rent their facility and we need to abide by their rules.
Do the kinders need to wear anything special?
No. Most kinders love to dress up and will wear special holiday dresses or outfits, but there is no requirement.
The exception to this is if your kinder has a special part. Some parts require special costumes. Many costumes are provided, but some may have to be brought from home. If your kinder has a special part, they should have brought home a “congratulations” letter that would say if they need to wear or bring anything special. Please note that if your kinder has a special part that requires a costume, they will NOT have time to change in between songs and will need to wear their costume for the entire performance.

How do students get special parts?
For most parts, students audition during the school day. Sometimes if Mrs. Bretz has simple parts she randomly choose students or choose random class numbers. She also keeps track of every student who has ever had a Christmas program part from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Whenever possible, Mrs. Bretz tries to give parts to students who have not ever had parts or who have not had parts in the past couple years. Typically, she will have about 50-100 students audition for one part! She narrows the students down to about 20 and puts those names in a bowl and draws out a lucky winner. Although Mrs. Bretz would love everyone to have a part, having almost 600 students and only a handful of parts each year is very difficult. She discusses this with the students and they realize everyone cannot have a solo part, but that EVERY single person is important to the success of the program. Most songs have special props or motions that involve everyone as well.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please email Mrs. Bretz (our music teacher and holiday program director) at