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Valentine Party Fun

THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL of the parents who donated supplies and to the party center volunteers (Mrs. Vannoy, Mrs. Rudd, Mrs. DeCarlo, Mrs. Scholten, Mr. Giffin, Mrs. Trier, Mrs. Laurie) who made our last class party so much fun!!!  The kinders enjoyed themselves A LOT!  We LOVE that you chose to be part of this special day.

Please enjoy the video that showcases the kinders and their friends.


100 Days of Learning!


Wow!  Can you believe it? Today we celebrated 100 days of learning in kindergarten.  

All day long we did activities revolving around the number 100!  We read books, we counted to 100, we played math games identifying 100 numbers, we showed our 100 collections, we did 100 exercises and so much more.

100 COLLECTIONS: Thank you for helping your child collect and count 100 items!  We had fantastic, creative collections!









The kinders practiced counting to 100 and “counting on” from a given number by playing the Race to 100 game with a friend. They each took home a game board so you can play at home for math review, too! 



The kinders learned how to flip a penny, recognize heads or tails, and record the results of the penny toss. They had lots of practice with this skill because they flipped a penny 100 times!!!



Throughout the day, our class was able to enjoy 100 minutes of play time (recess, break times, and play centers). Here are some of the play centers the kinders enjoyed.

  • GUMBALL MACHINE CRAFT: Kinders used do-a-dots to make 100 gum balls. 
  • 100 BLOCKS: Kindes built structures out of 100 wooden blocks. 
  • 100 CUPS: Kinders made towers & castles using 100 red plastic cups.



We are excited to have more days of learning in kindergarten ahead of us. 

Day 100 Celebration will be tomorrow 2/12


Due to the snow day this past Friday……….

We will be celebrating 100 days in school TOMORROW..Monday, February 12!  Hooray!!

Don’t forget to bring your collection of 100 items!  The collection will come home at the end of the day.  We will be having a day full of “hundreds” of fun activities and learning experiences! 



When we make green (good) choices and they are noticed, Mrs. Reagan hands out OUTSTANDING awards to classes in school.  We have quite a few on the wall outside our classroom door.  Way to go!

This week she gave an OUTSTANDING award to one particular kinder……MAKENZIE…..for making awesome green choices that show she is “IS NICE, WORKS HARD AND IS READY TO LEARN”.  Congratulations, Makenzie!  


Mrs. Reagan will be passing out more individual OUTSTANDING awards throughout the school year.  Remember….your choices matter!  🙂

Jet’s Pizza Night!


Calling all pizza lovers!!!

Tomorrow is our school Jet’s Pizza night, Thursday, February 8.  

If you order a Jet’s pizza tomorrow night be sure to give your kinder’s classroom teachers name.  If our classroom has the most orders placed then we could win a classroom pizza party!!  

So, if your hungry for some pizza or would like a night off from cooking….order Jet’s Pizza and tell them Mrs. Bohl’s classroom!!

We HAVE mail!


Yes, We have mail inside our of Valentine mail bags.  How exciting!  I wish that I could tell you how often the kinders check their bags. Memory kind of moments! Maybe I should actually keep track one of these days.  🙂  I also wish that I could include the conversations that took place during these mailing times.  So many kinders filling each others’ buckets by offering to help and squealing with excitement when they saw similar valentines.  Oh my…I love this time of the year!


Don’t forget that your kinder will have the opportunity to mail their valentines this coming week Wednesday, Feb. 7, Thursday, Feb. 8 and Monday, Feb 12.