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Library Books and Homework

Today we went to the library and were able to check out books for the very first time.  It was so nice that some fourth graders came to library to help us choose just the right book and find our check-out library card.  Your kinder may borrow this book until next Wednesday when we go to the library again.  If you are done reading the book before Wednesday, you may return the book to school.  I have a library collection box for early returned books.  If the book is returned, your kinder will be able to check out another book.  Have fun reading and being a book lover at home!

Inside your kinder’s blue folder today is their first homework packet. This homework packet that can be worked on throughout the week and  should be returned back to school by next week Wednesday. This is what it looks like…..




Rainy Morning Tips

If it is raining in the morning when school starts what will we do? 

  • When the buses arrive the kinders will be escorted into the building and into my classroom.  If you are following the bus you can to come to my outside door “M”.  
  • If you are driving your kinder you can come to door “M” and see your kinder into school at 8:40am.(this is where they will be coming in every morning).
  • If you prefer to walk him/her to the school lobby and say good-bye, you may. Then, your kinder will be walked down to our classroom by staff in our building.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions at  Thank you for your flexibility!  Mrs. Bohl

Do you want to be a Guest Reader?

Do you like to read books to your kinder at home?  We would love to have you come and be one of our Guest Readers!  We LOVE reading books at school!


Guest Readers typically arrive on Wednesdays at 2:45pm and on Fridays at 11:15am and it takes about 10-15 minutes.  If the days and times listed on this link do not work for your schedule alternative plans can be made.  Please contact me at 

Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, even older siblings are invited to sign up to SURPRISE your kinder by reading a special, family favorite story.  When you sign up using, I will be notified and you will be receive an email reminder. 

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link to see our SignUp on
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It’s Easy – you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on

Note: does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually. The link on our blog page is on the sidebar under VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES  listed as “Guest Reader”.

Please consider being a Guest Reader this year.  Seeing the surprised and happy smile on your kinder’s face is PRICELESS!  And SHHHH!!  Don’t tell your kinder if you sign up and when you are coming.  It is more fun when they are surprised!


NEWS—Sept 3-7

We had a great 4 day week in kindergarten, a few sunny warm days to play outside and a few cooler days.  Thank you for sending your kinder with a sweatshirt/coat for the cooler mornings.  We play outside unless it is raining or the wind chill is below O.  Be sure to label your kinder’s coat as it is hard for them to remember which coat/sweatshirt belongs to them.  

Here is a peek at what your kinder did at school this week:

POPCORN WORDS:     A       COLOR WORD:      RED                                                            The kinders had fun celebrating the color RED today! We colored pictures, sang a red song,  read many books about a big, red dog…..Clifford.  Making a fun craft of Clifford helped us practice our cutting skills and listen to and follow directions.  It was fun to see RED shirts, RED pants, RED socks, RED hair ribbons on Friday.  We even ate a surprise RED snack….Red Strawberry Fruit Snacks! Yum!

PROCEDURES:  We have been learning and practicing how to do many things in our classroom. From how to daily turn in our blue folders and ordering lunch to remembering our number in line and walking down the hallway at school.  They have done a GREAT job practicing this throughout our movement around our school. The kinders are working very hard to keep their hands in their own bubble space when sitting on the floor and in their lap when sitting at their table spots—and not touching their supplies when listening for directions.  Each day I see improvement.  I have a FABULOUS bunch of kinders!!!

LIBRARY:  We visited the library for the first time on Wednesday. Mrs. VandenBerg read a book called, “Mr. Wiggle’s Book”.  This book is about how to take care of books and to be a book lover with them!  We learned that we must treat them very gently and be kind to them otherwise they may break!  We also took a tour of the library and learned where we can find books to check out!  Next week Wednesday we are planning to check out books in the afternoon at 1:50pm.

COOL TOOLS: The kinders are continuing to work hard each day to being ready to learn by….looking with eyes, listening with ears, voices quiet, hands in own bubble space and sitting like a pretzel (when on the rug).  We are learning about the different parts of the brain and how each part functions.  We are becoming mindful of each other and the climate of our learning classroom.  Our lessons about the cool tools are helping us be aware of others and how to deal with situations.   

Franklin’s Bad Day was read on Tuesday to help us learn to walk away before saying toothpaste words or doing toothpaste actions to our friends.  The BIG INFLATABLE SHOE is our visual reminder.  We decorated our own shoe to take home.

Wednesday we read When I am angry and learned that taking time to chill out when we feel upset is okay. We learned about our Calm Spot or other things we could do like talk to an adult, take a walk with an adult, etc…  The ICE CUBE TRAY is a good reminder.  We played a fun game using a real ice cube and said it was important for us to cool down when we feel angry or upset.  It was COOL! 🙂 .   

Thursday  we read Hurty Feelings and learned that the tone of your voice and how we say words is very important.  The microphone helps us remember this. 

WRITER’S  WORKSHOP:  The kinders found that writers share information with others about what they know. Examples of these topics were WHAT TV SHOW DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO EAT FOR BREAKFAST?  They practiced this by taking turns with their partners to be the jelly (speaker) and the peanut butter (listener). They also learned and practiced what it looks like to “turn and talk” to their partners. The teacher claps two times and says “TURN AND TALK” and the kinders clap two times and say “OKAY”.  The kinders turn and face their partner, taking turns being the jelly and the peanut butter.  When they hear “1,2,3, turn your eyes back on me”, they turn and face the teacher. The kinders did AWESOME!!!  We also learned that we can think of something that we know about, draw it and write the beginning sounds while labeling our drawings.  We thought of many different topics and drew about “lining up” which we are becoming experts at doing!

NEWSPAPER—LET’S FIND OUT!  The kinders were introduced to the newspapers that help us learn about various topics.  School rules were the topic for this first edition.  

READER’S WORKSHOP:  During our first reading workshop lesson, the kinders learned that readers walk through the world in a special way.  They don’t just see things, they read things too!  We learned that we are readers and can already read different signs in our school, in our classroom and out in our world!  The kinders were excited know that they were able to read familiar environmental print signs. We are learning to LOOK, READ, THINK, LEARN!

We also talked about what it means to be a “Book Lover”.  We learned that a book lover takes care of their books by being gentle with them, not eating or using supplies around them and putting them back where we got them from.  We practiced being a book lover with books at our table spot.

MATH: Last week we started number writing during our handwriting time, stressing that we always start our numbers at the top!  This week we wrote number 2, 3 and 4.  We drew pictures to show their number sense like 2 flowers,3 balloons, 4 apples. 

We read Anno’s Counting Book, discussed numbers 1-10 and went on an I Spy hunt on the book pages for objects that corresponded to  that number. 

We explored with our math manipulatives!  The kinders were introduced to the number tiles 1-5, 10 counters and the math tray.  We also learned how to count a group of objects and find different ways to arrange them.  For example: 3 can be shown with 1 red tile and 2 blue tiles or 3 can be shown with 3 red tiles and 0 blue tiles.

Quiet Time:  Each day we have quiet time after lunch for 15-20 min.  The kinders  have a chance to rest their bodies and brains so they will be ready to learn for the rest of the afternoon.  

SOAR:  As a class we are learning how to SOAR- Be Safe, Own It, Act Responsibly and Be Respectful at school!  This week we learned about noise levels.  When Mrs. Bohl has a fist in the air it means that we need to be quiet.  We use this procedure in the hallway.  Please see our school wide expectations below.

A NEW FACE IN OUR CLASSROOM: Mrs. Bynum.  She is our classroom para-pro for the morning.  She has taken the place of Mrs. Rossback who is now working with other students within our school.  Mrs. Bynum will be with us all year.  We are VERY thankful to have her! 


*Outdoor clothing.—.Please send a coat or sweatshirt with your child if needed in the mornings.  The weather can quickly change so it is good to be prepared.

*Backpack snack.—Pack TWO quick, heathy snackS each day.  Be sure to place it in a special small pocket so that it is easy for them to locate.

*Blue folders—send them to school each day (you are all doing a great job with this!  Thank you!!)

*If ordering a hot lunch or milk, please discuss with your child what they will be ordering so that they are comfortable and secure with their selections.

*Parents, please subscribe to this blog so that you are alerted when information is posted about happenings in our classroom.


Monday, Sept. 9–ART; Kool Kinder: Rowan

Tuesday, Sept 10—STEAM;  Kool Kinder: Nora

Wednesday, Sept 11—MUSIC; Library  Kool Kinder: Kylie

Thursday Sept 12—GYM Kool Kinder: Sutton  Jet’s Pizza Night   Happy Birthday to Elliott! 🙂

Friday, Sept 13—ART, Kool Kinder:  Ariya  COLOR DAY….Wear YELLOW! Happy Birthday to Evelyn! 🙂

Friday, Sept. 20–Fast Friday (Early Release)  Dismissal at 12:15pm.

Thursday, Sept. 26—School Pictures….ordering information will be sent home soon.  

Have a restful weekend. Sleep well. We have a 5 day week ahead. Thank you for sharing your kinder with me. They are wonderful!  Mrs. Bohl

NEWS—Aug. 27-29

Day 2 , Day 3 & Day 4 have been filled with fun and learning!  Look at what we did.

We enjoyed meeting new friends and working hard to make good choices. We read  David goes to School to help us learn about some school rules.

Then we sorted pictures to show green (good) choices and red (not good) choices.  We also learned what our 5 class rules are.  The kinders are already showing that they can make smart choices so that they can soar in their learning.


COOL TOOLS:  The kinders were introduced to our school tool box.  This box contains some very “cool tools”. These tools and lessons are designed to teach us how to be a good friend and how to handle different situations.


On Tuesdsay we read Rainbow Fish and learned that our words matter.  We learned that we need to be like an ERASER and forgive ourselves for mistakes that we make and learn from them. We also need to forgive others too who may say or do hurtful things to us. We colored a picture of a rainbow fish…and even got a shimmery and shiny scale to put on it! 


On Wednesdsay we read Chrysanthemum and learned that words spoken hurt other’s feelings and are impossible to take back, like toothpaste. We learned that we are all special and unique and then “brushed” away hurtful words with real toothpaste.  

On Thursday we read Ish and were reminded again that our words matter. The FUZZY DICE remind us  to say nice words or show nice actions toward others.  We passed the fuzzy dice to our neighbor and gave them a nice compliment to practice. 

ROUTINES:  We read and re-read Lining up and Walking in the Hallway.  This book helps us remember the rules for how to walk in the hallway.  The kinders are doing an AWESOME job!!! Hooray!!

We have many fantastic tools that we use at school! This week, the kinders were introduced to how to use crayons, pencils, scissors, glue sticks, markers and play dough at school.  Congratulations to all kinders!

After listening to Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes again. we made our own Pete the Cat shoes. We practiced our cutting skills and our gluing skills. We even got to put stickers on the shoes and draw shoelaces. The kinders were so excited to take them to show you.


The kinders also used 2 new tools to practice writing numbers 0 and 1.  Chalkboards and chalk! Using these tools was very fun!  

ABC BOOT CAMP:  After a summer of fun, kinders may need a refresher course in identifying letters and their sounds.  Welcome to ABC Boot Camp!  Each day we will be focusing on an alphabet letter and their sound.  This week it was all about letters A,B,C.  


INTRODUCTIONS: I am SO happy to introduce three special people who will be part of our classroom family this year.

    Mrs. Rossback who will be in our classroom in the morning.

   Mrs. Sremba (Mrs. S.) who will be in our classroom in the afternoon.

    Mrs. Rose who will be with the kinders on the playground during lunch recess and in the lunch room.

At the end of each day, our awesome 5th grade buddies from Mrs. Walenta’s class help the kinders get on their bus to go home.  We look forward to seeing them.  They are the BEST!! I will take some pictures next week.

I have to say that I have been blessed with the most AWESOME group of kinders! They are incredible!!!  Here are a few pictures of inside and outside playtime.


*Please remember to send your kinder’s folder each day to school.

*Don’t forgot to pack TWO quick, healthy backpack snack for your kinder to be refueled each day.

*Kool Kinders for next week are…Gabriella (Tues), Skyler (Wed), Ryan (Thurs), Katelyn (Fri).  We want to get to know them so please return the timeline paper with pictures and favorite things on or before their scheduled day.  A schedule was sent home this week.  Look for your kinder’s informational and timeline paper to come home a week prior to their scheduled date.

*If your kinder did not bring a pair of clean gym shoes to keep in their cubby, please send a pair to school.  We have gym on Friday.

*If your kinder will be ordering milk with their home lunch, please put a note on the outside of their lunchbox. This really streamlines our lunch process!

*Thank you, thank you for ALL OF YOUR DONATIONS!  Our cupboards are filled.  When they become empty, I will let you know.:)

*The September calendar has been posted under CALENDARS at the top of our blog.  You can read about events, birthdays, popcorn words, and Kool Kinders.


*Friday, Aug 30 – NO SCHOOL

*Monday, Sept 2 – NO SCHOOL

*Tuesday, Sept 3– ART

*Wednesday, Sept 4 – STEAM; Library for the first time!  Book Orders due (paper forms with a check written out to Scholastic Book Clubs OR online)

*Thursday, Sept 5 – GYM

*Friday, Sept 6 – MUSIC;  Color Day—-Wear RED!  

*Friday, Sept. 20 – Fast Friday (Early Release dismissal 12:15pm)

*Thursday, Sept. 26—School Pictures

~Have a restful and fun weekend!  Mrs. Bohl



We had an FABULOUS first day together!  Thank you for helping your kinder have a great start to their day by giving them a hug and sending them off.  We explored our school, shared a bit about ourselves and learned a little about what we will do this year in kindergarten.   

A reminder—-WE TAKE TIME FOR 2 SNACK BREAKS IN OUR DAY.  PLEASE SEND 2 HEALTHY SNACKS WITH YOUR KINDER EACH DAY.  PLEASE PUT THESE SNACKS IN A SMALL FRONT POCKET OF THEIR BACKPACK….NOT INSIDE THEIR LUNCH BOXES.  This can be confusing for the kinders to distinguish between snack food and lunch food. Thanks for your help.

Here are a few pictures of our fun day.


     We read this book and drank some special juice to chase away any ‘jitters’ we may have had.     



 Our table is the Corn Table.

Mrs. Rose watches over us on the playground during lunch recess and helps us  in the lunch room.


Thank you so much for sharing your kinders with me.  They are SO SPECIAL!!  I can’t wait to spend 180 more days with them.  Just look at these AWESOME kinders!        They ROCKED their first day of kindergarten!!! 🙂

First Day Checklist

Your kinder’s first day of kindergarten is this Monday, August 26! How exciting!  I know this post is long, but it has lots of important information, so please take a few moments to read it thoroughly.   A HUGE thank you to those of you who donated extra supply items. A Kindergarten class can be a very busy place, so we greatly appreciate these items!! 🙂  If you have any donations at home you are welcome to send them into school next week; otherwise, our cupboards are full with your generous donations.  Thank you so much!

Reminders for Monday

**The 2 name tags found inside the folder are to be worn on Day 1 and Day 2 of school.  Send them wearing their name tag.  My name is also on the name tags which will help get them to our classroom on these busy mornings! 🙂

**Your kinder’s “ME Bag” with 2 items in it to help us get to know a little something about them!  Be sure to write their name on the bag.

**Gym shoes if you haven’t brought them in yet. We need them on Thursday!

**A SMALL cuddle buddy (to stay in cubby at school) to use during rest time for a few weeks.  Please do not take blankets or buddy that will be needed at night.

**TWO snacks for your kinder.  We will take time to refuel in the morning and in the afternoon. Please discuss these with your kinder and have them separate from their lunch.

**A water bottle labeled with your kinder’s name.  We want them to stay hydrated.

**A lunch from home or hot lunch choice. Please help your kinder make a hot lunch choice if they are planning on ordering hot lunch. There are 2 hot lunch choices each day (blue or white). See the  Hudsonville Food Service website for payment information including the option of setting up an online lunch account (highly recommended!) and to read the August/September lunch menu. If your kinder will be having home lunch but ordering MILK, please attached a small note on the outside of their lunch box for the first few weeks of school.  This helps me and them remember they would like milk.  Thank you!       

**Any completed paperwork that you have. Please put this in your kinder’s blue folder.  I will deliver the papers to the correct places.

**If possible, make sure that your kinder eats a good, healthy breakfast.  I know that butterflies may be fluttering inside of some tummies, so do your best. 🙂

**Extra set of clothes if you are worried about your kinder having an accident or just in case.  Keep these clothes in their backpack for whenever they may need them.

**1 inch binder & 70 count spiral notebook if not brought at open house

Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Aug. 26…1st DAY OF SCHOOL; ART; Me Bag due
  • Tuesday, Aug. 27…STEAM
  • Wednesday, Aug. 28…MUSIC
  • Thursday, Aug. 29…GYM  Bring shoes if not already at school.
  • Friday, Aug. 30…NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, Sept.2…NO SCHOOL LABOR DAY!!
  • Tuesday, Sept. 3…ART
  • Wednesday, Sept. 5…STEAM
  • Thursday, Sept. 6…MUSIC
  • Friday, Sept. 7…GYM; Wear RED!

I’m looking forward to a wonderful first day of kindergarten!  If you have any questions please email me at . 

See you on MONDAY!  Mrs. Bohl

Thank you for coming!

Wow!  It was so nice to see everyone last night.  Thank you so much for coming.  What a sweet group of kinders.  I am looking forward beginning the school year and getting to know your kinder.  🙂

I hope that you will take a few minutes to go through the information that was provided in your kinder’s folder.

You also received a yellow envelope that contained many school forms that need your attention.  Please read through these forms, complete them and return them with your kinder next week.

If you haven’t had a chance to look through the “Welcome to Kindergarten” packet, I encourage you to do so.  This will answer many questions you may have regarding transportation, lunch, school policies, classroom procedures and other important information about Kindergarten. It is also posted under KINDERGARTEN INFORMATION at the top of our blog.

P.S. A HUGE thank you to those of you who donated extra supply items. A Kindergarten class can be a very busy place, so we appreciate these items greatly!! 🙂  If you have any donations at home you are welcome to send them into school next week; otherwise, our cupboards are full with your generous donations.  Thank you so much!

What to remember for Tuesday:

* A written note, informing me of your kinder’s alternative plans if your kinder WILL NOT be riding the bus home.

* Your kinder’s ME Bag with two items inside that will help us get to know him/her better

* Completed forms for the office (found in the yellow envelope)

GYM Shoes!!! (we will have gym on Thursday)

* HOME LUNCH/drink – OR, if you’ll be ordering HOT LUNCH, be sure your kinder knows what lunch he/she will be ordering (white or blue).  See the  Hudsonville Food Service website for payment information including the option of setting up an online lunch account (highly recommended!) and to read the August/September lunch menu. If your kinder will be having home lunch but ordering MILK, please attached a small note on the outside of their lunch box for the first few weeks of school.  This helps me and them remember they would like milk.  Thank you!

*The 2 name tags found inside the folder are to be worn on Day 1 and Day 2 of school.  Send them wearing their name tag.  My name is also on the name tags which will help get them to our classroom on these busy mornings! 🙂

Thank you for your support! See you on Monday!  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at     ~Mrs. Bohl

Kindergarten Open House is TONIGHT!


Are you ready for school to begin? Our Kindergarten Open House is TONIGHT! This is a great way for your kinder to see our classroom and meet some of their classmates.
Please bring your kinder’s classroom supplies this evening….it will help them have a lighter backpack on the first day and it will help keep our classroom organized. Thank you!!

Items include:

  • Clean, inside gym shoes, labeled with your kinder’s name or initials (these shoes will be kept inside of your kinder’s cubby for gym days) Velcro helps your kinder be independent!
  • 1 inch Avery WHITE (3 hole) plastic binder. Please make sure that it has a clear pocket on the front to insert a paper inside.
  • Spiral notebook–wide ruled 70 count (labeled with name)
  • Cuddle Buddy—A SMALL stuffed animal that will stay inside their cubby for the first few weeks of school. (labeled with name)Wish list supplies (optional items..see earlier posting)Wish list supplies (optional items..see earlier posting)
  • Wish list supplies (optional items..see earlier posting)
I hope that you can visit our classroom on
Tuesday, August 20 between 6:30-7:30pm.
I can’t wait to see you!
~Mrs. Bohl