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NEWS OF THE WEEK—-Nov. 12-16

A busy week of learning…..

WRITING:  The kinders really put their writing skills to the test this week.  We finished our unit of ‘Writing like Scientists’ by looking closely at seashells and Indian corn, drawing and labeling exactly what we saw and finally writing sentences using popcorn words to describe what we saw. The kinders will be bringing home their writings next wek. Just in time for them to read their writings to family members.

SPLIT LIT:  The kinders continued to practice what it looks like to work independently in small groups while other kinders work with a teacher. They worked on ending sounds, beginning sounds, popcorn words, handwriting letters. They did a fabulous job working quietly, asking a friend for help and staying in their spot. 

A very late introduction of….Mrs. Rossback.  We are blessed to have Mrs. Rossback join us during our morning learning.  The kinders work with her during our Split Lit, math and writing lessons.  

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We our learning about what it was like for Pilgrim children back then  (cooked food over a fireplace, didn’t go to school, etc) and children now (buy food at a store, boys AND girls go to school, ride in cars,etc).  We found out that we both love and live in America, have chores and are thankful for many things.

We also continued our learning about wants and needs. 

MATH:  We worked on identifying shapes, especially triangles and hexagons, compared and wrote numbers 1-10 and practiced telling addition and subtraction math stories. We will continue to work on these skills this week in preparation for our unit #2 just after Thanksgiving breakThank you for your support.

During Friday math games, the kinders needed to look closely and count various Thanksgiving foods and write the number. They practiced drawing 5 groups and more within a 10 frame by counting Thanksgiving objects.

READING:   It was all about LABELS this week.  The kinders learned that labels help readers remember important characters and parts of the story.  Working together we wrote the sounds we heard onto to label.  Our read to self reading time is increasing!  We have built our reading stamina to 8-10 minutes.  WhooHoo!! 🙂      

MYSTERY READERS:  Jase was full of smiles when he saw his mom walk into our room.  We enjoyed hearing Clifford’s Good Deeds.  Thank you so much for taking a break out of your day to stop by. 

Lily jumped up and ran into her mom’s arms while the kinders said “It’s Lily’s mom!”  She brought a fun book about a Boston Terrier called Twinky the Dinky Dog because they have a Boston Terrier named Indy at their home.  She even brought a picture of their dog, Indy.  

POPCORN WORDS:         FOR     OR       It was fun to learn that “for” can also be spelled “four” to mean the number 4.  The kinders are doing so good at finding these words in our daily message and inside their books when reading to self.  They are excited when they notice them!  This month’s popcorn books and flash cards will come home soon.


PE CARES:  Thank you so much for donating food during the PE CARES food drive.  Our class collected 50 food items.  Thank you!


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Thank you for sending two quick, healthy snacks each day!  It helps your kinder be refueled for more learning!

*BLUE FOLDERS:  Please check your kinder’s blue folder each night for notes, work, homework.  

*WARM OUTSIDE CLOTHES:  Please continue to send a warm coat for your kinder to wear while playing outside.  The weather is changing and we want our kinders to stay warm and healthy this year.


*Monday Nov 19—MUSIC;   I am Thankful for…show and tell due

*Tuesday Nov 20–GYM; Thanksgiving Fun Centers (Volunteers please arrive at 1:40pm for instructions)

*Wed, Nov 21, Thurs. Nov. 22, Fri. Nov 23—NO SCHOOL  Thanksgiving Break  Enjoy the time with family.

*Monday, Nov 26—Book orders due (online & paper forms) 

*Dec 4-7—PENQUIN PATCH HOLIDAY GIFT SHOP: We are scheduled to shop on Wed. Dec 5. More details soon

*Thursday, Dec 13–HOLIDAY MUSIC PROGRAM  6:30pm . More details soon

*Thursday, December 20–Holiday Party  A sign up sheet will be available soon. Thank you for being part of our second class party.

*Monday, December 24 – Friday, January 4:  NO SCHOOL, Holiday Break.  School resumes on Monday, January 7!

~~~Have a great weekend!  We only have school on Monday and Tuesday next week.  Mrs. Bohl


Stone Soup Day!

What a fabulous day of fun and learning!!!  We began the day making our Stone Soup, following a recipe we read together.  We put in corn, potatoes, peas, green beans, onions, tomatoes, spices and of course stones! After it cooked for a very long time we ate our delicious soup together.  


I am so proud of the kinders who were not sure if they would like the soup but tried it and they loved it.  


We found out after a quick survey that the most popular ingredient to eat was….carrots.   Thank you so much for your donation to make our Stone Soup so tasty.


The kinders were introduced to a word search.  What a lot of fun looking for words about Stone Soup.

Learning about Veterans Day

Yesterday was Veterans Day.  We talked about what is a hero and listed people who we thought are heroes.

We read a sweet book entitled Hero Dad to help us learn more about what people in the military do. It was fun to make soldiers and use do a dots to create camouflage clothing.


We learned that a veteran is someone who served in the military by reading a newspaper and a booklet.  

Thank you, veterans, for your service!


A Personal Celebration

Dear Kinder Families,

Last Thursday, November 8, was an exciting day for my personal family.  Mr. Bohl and I became grandparents (Oma and Opa) for the SECOND TIME.  

Eleanor Lynn joined our family at 6:35pm.  A precious 7 lbs 1 oz baby girl.  

I showed the kinders a picture of her on Friday.  They all were so cute….telling me stories of their younger siblings while I was hearing “Awww!”  After school on Friday and on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Bohl and I had the opportunity to snuggle with her.  Momma (my youngest daughter, Julia) is doing great and will be enjoying some time home before going back to be a PA (physican assistant).  Here are a few pictures that this proud, excited “Oma” would like to share with you.  Thank you for indulging me.

  Eleanor Lynn

 Mrs. Bohl (Oma) and Eleanor

 Julia, Josh, Eleanor and Roise (the dog)

News of the Week—Nov 5-9

Look what we did this week in school.  We were busy!!!!


MATH: This week we focused on learning some new math routines.  The kinders learned how to count the teen numbers by showing fast freeze 10 and some more.  For example, they say “10 is 10 plus 1 more.”   We also added 1 to numbers 1-9 to make numbers.  The kinders loved using blue dots to practice adding 1 to numbers on our blue math mats. They noticed the pattern that occurs when you add these numbers, seeing that each number sentence has a + 1, each answer increased by 1.  One kinder said, “Hey it looks like stairs!”


During Friday math games the kinders identified numbers 1-10, sorted and counted fall leaves, counted turkeys in ten frames and wrote numbers 1-20 and used pattern blocks to create a turkey. 


WRITING: We looked closely at two fall objects….gourds and acorns. We drew exacting what we saw and then stretched out the words by writing sounds we heard in own booklets. We practiced writing simple sentences using popcorn words when writing about our object.  For example: This is a gourd. I see green and orange.  It is bumpy. This was challenging for the kinders but I am proud of their efforts and hard work.  We can be scientists and draw and what we see!  Hooray!

READING:  The kinders are doing a fabulous job practicing private reading and each skill that we learned this week.  They learned that readers work hard to help themselves solve problems.  Using pictures to help remind them of the story they are reading is very helpful.  Many are noticing there are words we might know to help us tell the story. They also enjoyed reviewing emotions from last week and looking for how the characters showed their emotions and putting a sticky note by that character. We are becoming great readers!

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We read Berenstain’s Bears get the Gimmies to help us learn the difference between wants and needs.  Wants are things that we wish we had.(doll, baseball, Xbox games, ipad)  Needs are things that we need to have.(food, water, clothes, shelter) Then we sorted pictures of wants and needs.  We began our discussion on who the Pilgrims were and their journey on the Mayflower. We worked together and “shared the marker” to write why the Pilgrims left England, who was on the Mayflower and where they landed.



We looked at the parts of the Mayflower ship, stretched out the sounds in the words and wrote them on our paper.


We finished the week by thinking of things that we would need if we packed our bags and went on the Mayflower.  This lead to a deeper discussion about wants vs needs.  The kinders “packed their own trunks” with items they would take along if they were on the Mayflower by creating a list and drawing pictures to match.


SPLIT LIT:   This week we have done a great job of starting our new Split Lit. center activities.  After getting a chance to assess and re-assess the kinders, I was able to create a group of activities that enables them to work on the skills they need to practice the most.  The kinders spend this time with working in small groups either with Mrs. Rossback( our para pro) or myself or working independently on literacy activities such as identifying and writing letters, reading emerging books, rhyming words, beginning sounds and more. On Friday the kinders played two literacy games….GOBBLE, GOBBLE (identifying letters) and SPIN A PICTURE (practicing writing letters and beginning sounds).A good start to learning!


POPCORN WORDS:               AM          ARE           LITTLE                                                     Our list of popcorn words is growing.   It is amazing how the kinders are seeing these words in books, messages and papers.   


MYSTERY GUEST READER:  It was so sweet to see Bronwyn jump into her mom’s arms on Wednesday.  She read us Groovy Joe Ice Cream and Dinosaurs.  It was fun to join in the reading.

 Jacob sprang up when his grandma “Amma” and younger brother Austin arrived on Friday.  She read us Froggy gets dressed.  A perfect book for the first day of snow!

Thank you so much for coming in!  We love our guest readers!



*WINTER CLOTHES:  Please remember to send a warm, winter clothes for your kinder to wear when we play outside.  The snowy weather has arrived and it is more fun to be warm when it is recess. Looking ahead….If your child has outgrown their winter boots, PLEASE CONSIDER PURCHASING BOOTS THAT FASTEN WITH VELCRO CLOSINGS!!!  LACES TAKE TIME AND ARE DIFFICULT TO TIE/UNTIE WHEN WET. 

This unclaimed scarf and black snow pants stayed at school today.  They arrived to school on a kinder but did not go home on a kinder.  If they belong to your kinder, please let me know so that I can return them. Don’t forget to….. LABEL YOUR KINDER’S SNOW PANTS. A lot of the kinders have black snow pants and they all look alike to the kinders and me! :). Thank you!

*BACKPACK SNACKS:  Don’t forget to place two quick, healthy snack inside your kinders backpack.

*PE CARES FOOD DRIVE: ends on Nov. 15.  Your donations of canned or non-perishable food items can be brought into school anytime.   Thank you for your donations and thinking of those in need this season.  We have brought a lot of food so far. Thank you!  Thank you!



*Monday, Nov. 12–STEAM 

*Tuesday, Nov. 13–MUSIC

*Wednesday, Nov. 14–GYM;  Library  Many books have already been returned – due to the Fall Party and Book Fair, we have not checked out books in a few weeks.

*Thursday, Nov. 15--ART;  Last day to bring in PE CARES food donations.

*Friday, Nov. 16–STEAM;  Stone Soup Day!  Drained, chopped vegetables are due.  See note that will come home Monday.

*November 21-23—NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Break

*Dec 4-7—HOLIDAY GIFT SHOPDetails coming soon on our shopping day!

*Thursday, Dec 13–HOLIDAY MUSIC PROGRAM  Save the date—-Georgetown Holiday Music Program  More information to come!

~~~Have a great weekend!  Mrs. Bohl


Winter Clothing Reminders

With the weather forecast, it looks like Winter is about to begin.  As soon as tomorrow possibly!

Just a few reminders:

  •  The kids go outside at every recess.   We only keep them inside if the wind chill is below zero.  If no boots are worn then the kinders will need to stay on the pavement to keep shoes dry.
  • WINTER CLOTHING is a must.  Boots, hats, mittens/gloves, snow pants. Write your last name on all pieces of clothing.  This helps with those missing items that like to go missing!
  • Be prepared to hang up the winter clothing to air out and dry each night.  

And, finally…get ready to hear about the new recess celebrations and concerns.  The SNOW is so much fun on the playground.  And, like most schools we have rules (I know… way to ruin the fun, right?!)  The rules are basic:

  •  NO SNOWBALLS.  WHY?  Because we have had our fair share of eye injuries, head injuries, bruising etc. when these snowballs hit people in the face.  I always tell kids that if their parents let them have snowball fights at home, do it at home.  But we can’t do it at school.
  • NO ICE SLIDING.  WHY?  We have kids break their wrist or arm sliding on ice.  We have also had kids fall and get a concussion.
  • FORTS…build at your own risk.  Our playgrounds are shared by nearly 600 kids. If you build a fort during one recess, another group might come out the next recess and change your fort — put on an addition or take off the front porch or destroy it for a new subdivision. So…build away…but know it might be changed.

Our priority will be to have the kids dress appropriately for the snow,  have fun in the snow and be safe in the snow.

News of the Week—Oct. 29-Nov. 2

It is hard to believe that it is November and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving.  To start us thinking about this new month we enjoyed moving to the Turkey Dance by The Learning Station, reading a turkey book and making adorable (a bit silly looking) turkeys.  

MATH:  Telling math stories and figuring out the answers to the math stories occurs daily. For example:  4 friends are having blue hot lunch, 3 friends are having white hot lunch.  How many friends are eating hot lunch today?  Counting to 100 also happens daily by watching Let’s Get Fit, Count to 100 by Jack Hartman or Counting Super Hero by Harry Kindergarten to name a few.  In math this week, we used blue dots to show groups of 5 and then some more. They also looked at groups of objects and numbers and decided if they were equal (=) or not equal (= with / through it).

We were introduced to finding different ways to make a 5 group.(5+0,4+1, 3+2, 2+3, 1+4, 0+5) It is fun to see how great the kinders are learning about adding numbers together! We practiced writing our numbers and doing some more dot-to-dot practice. 


Keep practicing number sense skills with your kinder by asking them to count groups of objects around them (plates at the table, cars on the road, etc.)

POPCORN WORDS:         IN    ALL                                                            We are working hard to stretch out the words and hear the beginning, middle and ending sounds in our weekly popcorn words.  We had fun putting different magnetic letters at the beginning of IN to make new words like….FIN, WIN, BIN, CHIN. We also made new words with ALL like….BALL,WALL, CALL, HALL, FALL, TALL, SMALL.  We wrote these words inside our “interactive journals”.  These journals will be used periodically throughout the school for literacy, math, social studies, science activities.

It was easy to read our weekly newspaper because it contained color words.  The kinders are becoming quite the readers!

READING: We learned about feelings and emotions this week. We learned to look at the character’s face to see what they are feeling. We practiced doing this as a group using the book Caps for Sale.  We practiced this with the books in their book boxes, privately and with their reading partners. 

WRITING:  We began a new unit entitled “Writing as Scientists”, looking deeper to label and draw objects with a scientific eye.  We looked closely at candy corn, a leaf and our own shoes with our own magnifying glass. Then we sketched out what we observed, added labels and wrote a sentence that told about our objects. We like being scientists!



HANDWRITING:  We learned the proper formation of the “slant” letters k,v,w,x,z by writing these letters in our booklets and on gel boards.  Keep practicing at home! 🙂



*PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES:  I am looking forward to sharing your kinder’s progress with you.  Please come with any questions and arrive on time to my classroom. Kinders do not need to attend, however if your kinder does attend that they wait in the hallway while we have our conference in the classroom. Thank you! 🙂  See you on Monday and Wednesday nights.

*OUTSIDE CLOTHES: When cooler weather is predicted, please dress your kinder in warm outside clothes…warm coat, hat/headband, mittens/gloves. We go outside to play in the morning, lunch recess and at the end of the day.  Looking ahead….If your kinder has outgrown their winter boots, PLEASE CONSIDER PURCHASING BOOTS THAT FASTEN WITH VELCRO CLOSINGS!!!  LACES TAKE TIME AND ARE DIFFICULT TO TIE/UNTIE WHEN WET.  Thank you!

*CALENDARS: The November calendar  is posted under CALENDARS on the side bar.  A paper copy was sent home this week.  Click on this link for the November lunch menu or go to the FOOD SERVICE link on the side bar.

*PE CARES FOOD DRIVE: Now until Nov. 16.  Your donations of canned or non-perishable food items can be brought into school anytime.  The kinders will be bringing them to gym class to add the our school collection. Thank you for your donations and thinking of those in need this season.  


*Monday, Nov. 5ART; Preview books at the Book Fair; Parent Teacher Conferences 

*Tuesday, Nov. 6STEAM; NO Library  Enjoy your kinder’s book for another week.

*Wednesday, Nov. 7MUSIC;  Book Fair: Please send your kinder’s money in an envelope labeled with YOUR KINDER’S NAME and BOOK FAIR if you wish them to purchase books.. The book fair will also be open during conference times. This is optional.  The proceeds go towards purchasing books for use in school. Thank you! NO Library  Enjoy your kinder’s book for another week; Parent Teacher Conferences

*Thursday, Nov. 8-GYM

*Friday, Nov. 9ART

*Friday, Nov. 16–Stone Soup Day! More details soon

*November 21-23—NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Break

~~~Have a great weekend!  Don’t forget to “Fall Back” and turn your clock backwards an hour Saturday night.  Mrs. Bohl