Having our first class party on Friday was a great way to end our week at school.  I will publish a posting about this fun day later this weekend.  We had a wonderful time!  

POPCORN WORDS:        HERE     LIKE    DOWN     BROWN                                          They were ‘popping’ up all the time this week in our daily messages and in books. We learned that sometimes “E” is quiet and tells other hard worker letters (vowels) to do a flip and say their letter name. We saw this happening in “like” and “here” The kinders had fun reading Bear’s Loose Tooth and Bear feels scared .  Many of the kinders had connections to both of these stories.


 We also read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? We reviewed all of our colors when we completed our own Brown Bear book.  We made a Brown Bear hat for our last color craft while wearing brown. Thank you for helping your kinder participate in our color days by wearing particular colors.  The kinders (and I) looked forward to these fun days.

MATH:  This week the kinders found out that they can tell math stories and solve the answers to their math stories. For example:  3 teddy bears came and sat at a table.  2 more teddy bears joined them.  How many teddy bears are at the table?”  3+2=5  They also looked at groups of objects and numbers and decided if they were equal (=) or not equal (= with / through it). We were introduced to finding different ways to make a 5 group.  (5+0,4+1, 3+2, 2+3, 1+4, 0+5)


READER’S WORKSHOP:  We continued to practice our storytelling skills as we retold (and sang) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? many times this week.  Enjoy having your kinder practice their skills at home when they retell the story for you.


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  We completed our Launching writing unit by drawing and writing about what costumes we like to wear, brown things, Pete the Cat and playing on a slide.  The kinders have made FABULOUS progress and are feeling excited to be writers.  I will share ALL of their writing pieces with you at parent teacher conferences.  You will be amazed!

HANDWRITING:  We began learning how to write our STARTING CORNER letters (we always start writing in the corner).  We wrote H,K,L,U on our mini chalkboards and in our handwriting books (Handwriting without Tears).  Keep up practicing at home….it is helping!

SPLIT LIT: This week the kinders worked as a whole group to decorate paper bags to look like fall houses.  They used their rhyming and segmenting skills when they put various pictures in the house as they sang a fun song.  I hope that you are enjoying playing around with the fall house that your kinder took home.  They can practice identifying letter sounds too.

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  Bentley quietly but quickly went to hug his grandma when she come in the room. She and Bentley love to read books together, so she choose one of their favorites I lost my T~R~U~C~K! A fun story about locating a little boy’s missing truck.  Thank you for coming…..and bringing us the yummy Minion fruit snacks.



*CONFERENCES:  Conference dates and times have been sent home.  Conferences will be Monday, November 6 and Wednesday, November 8 after school.   I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your kinder’s progress. We DO NOT complete a report card the first trimester of Kindergarten. They will receive their first report card grades in March for spring conferences and in the summer at the end of the school year. I am excited to be sharing their literacy, math, writing and social skills progress with you when we meet. I will try to keep each conference to 15 min. long so I stay on time for the evening. Please come with any questions and arrive on time to my classroom. I ask that if your kinder does attend that they wait in the hallway while we have our conference in the classroom. Thank you! 🙂

*KOOL KINDER:  Please continue to review with your kinder about the information that they will be sharing. They are doing a nice job!

  Anderson brought his monster truck.

  Alexandra brought her unicorn pillow.

  Mia brought her Mama kitty with 3 baby kittens.

  Dominic brought his remote control monster truck.

*OUTSIDE CLOTHES: We enjoyed playing inside the rainy days this week.  Unfortunately the weather is turning colder.  When that happens please dress your child in warm outside clothes…warm coat, hat/headband, mittens/gloves.  We go outside to play for lunch recess and at the end of the day.  Looking ahead….If your child has outgrown their winter boots, PLEASE CONSIDER PURCHASING BOOTS THAT FASTEN WITH VELCRO CLOSINGS!!!  LACES TAKE TIME AND ARE DIFFICULT TO TIE/UNTIE WHEN WET.  Thank you!

*PE CARES FOOD DRIVE: Nov.1 until Nov. 16.  Your donations of canned or non-perishable food items can be brought into school anytime. Please refer to the note for suggested food items. The kinders will be bringing them to gym class to add to the school collection. Thank you for your donations and thinking of those in need this season.


*Monday, Oct 30–ART;

*Tuesday, Oct 31–STEAM;

*Wednesday, Nov 1—GYM;  LIBRARY bring your library book;  LITERACY & MATH HOMEWORK due;

*Thursday, Nov 2—MUSIC;  Sack lunch orders due for tomorrow’s Fast Friday

*Friday, Nov 3—GYM;  FAST FRIDAY Dismissal at 12:15pm

*Monday, Nov.  6–BOOK FAIR BEGINS…Preview books at the Book Fair; Parent Teacher Conferences

*Wednesday, Nov. 8– Book Fair: We are scheduled to purchase books from 12:30-1:00pm.  Please send your kinder’s money in an envelope labeled with YOUR KINDER’S NAME and BOOK FAIR if you wish them to purchase books.. The book fair will also be open during conference times. This is optional.  The proceeds go towards purchasing books for use in school. Thank you!;   Parent Teacher Conferences

*Friday, Nov.  17–Stone Soup Day!  More details soon

*November 22-24—NO SCHOOL…Thanksgiving Break

*Tuesday, Dec. 14–CHRISTMAS MUSIC PROGRAM  Save the date—-6:30pm  More information to come!

~~~Have a great weekend!  Mrs. Bohl

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