OUR WEEK—May 22-26

OUR AMERICAN SYMBOLS:  Check out the American Symbols  pocket folders that your kinder brought home today.  It contains all of their work. The symbols that were studied this week were The Bald Eagle, The Liberty Bell, The American Flag.  At the start of each day, the kinders recite the Pledge of Allegiance by standing tall, still and straight.  This week they learned what those very special words really mean and what sacrifices the men and women of our country made for our freedom. We THANK them so much!!!  On Friday, the kinders dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the upcoming holiday…Memorial Day.  Eating red, white and blue popsicles was a “cool” way to end the day.  


READER’S WORKSHOP:  This week we have reviewed and worked on recall and comprehension using the Shape-Go Map.  This has also been a great tool to help us think about the lesson a story is trying to tell and teach us about within our fictional stories.  We have also practiced making connections between the text to self (how we can personally relate to the story we are reading). Please continue to practice these important reading skills this summer when you read together.  The kinders shined so “BRIGHT” as readers this year that they needed sunglasses to read today.  What a fun way to end our celebrating as readers this month of May.


COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER:  Can you believe it? Ten more days of kindergarten!  Oh my! 🙂 The countdown to summer has officially begun in our classroom.  Each day we will open an envelope to see what fun activity is scheduled.  Today the first activity was…..


Here are some pictures of our time outside.  A perfect day for an EXTRA RECESS!!!



*LIBRARY BOOKS:  All of the kinders have returned their library books.  Hooray!  Thank you so much for your prompt response.

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.



*TUESDAY, MAY 30:  MUSIC; Countdown to Summer Day 9

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 31:  ART; Countdown to Summer Day 8

*THURSDAY, JUNE 1:  STEAM; Countdown to Summer Day 7

*FRIDAY, JUNE 2: KINDERGARTEN OLYMPICS.  A fun morning of games with all of the kindergarteners!  Kinders will need to wear TENNIS SHOES…NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS OR CROCS PLEASE!  They will also need a WATER BOTTLE, LABELED WITH THEIR NAME!  Don’t forget the SUNSCREEN! Volunteers can arrive at 8:45am for instructions. PARENTS & YOUNGER SIBLINGS, YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US FOR A PICNIC LUNCH ON THE PLAYGROUND IF IT FITS INTO YOUR SCHEDULE.  WE WILL BE EATING AROUND 12:00PM.   Countdown to Summer Day 6

*FRIDAY, JUNE 9:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 12:15p.m.

~~~Have a great long weekend. Enjoy the wonderful weather while you celebrate Memorial Day!  Mrs. Bohl

OUR WEEK—-May 15-19

OUR AMERICAN SYMBOLS:  Hooray for the U.S.A! This week the kinders began to learn about some of our most popular American symbols…The Statue of Liberty and The White House.  After reading non-fiction books and watching an informational video about each symbol, the kinders did some informational writing by choosing 3 facts to write on their paper.  It was fun to make a craft relating to the symbols too. We are keeping all of our work inside our American Symbols story pockets. The story pockets will come home next week after we learn about more American symbols.  

MATH:  The kinders are continuing to practice all of the math skills learned this year…. solving addition and subtraction problems, comparing objects, measuring objects with non-standard measurements, comparing numbers (Greater than, Less than or Equal) by playing math games and completing worksheets.  This helps us remember the math concepts while having fun!. 🙂

READER’S WORKSHOP:  We are Readers and we LOVE to read.  We are working on staying focused on reading for 20 minutes.  What an accomplishment as the kinders move into first grade.  Friday was “the best” according to the kinders as they eagerly read with their flashlights and tried to spotlight popcorn words.  Thank you for helping to supply your kinder with a flashlight.


MYSTERY GUEST READERS:    It was Lauren’s turn jump up and cry “Daddy” as our mystery guest reader walked into our room.  He brought the book Ellie to share with us.  Ellie, the elephant,  reminded us that we if we try something new we might be surprised that we are good at doing it.  Thank you so much for stopping by today.  We love your visits.


*POPCORN WORDS:  TODAY    PLAY     AWAY      UP                  Thank you so much for working with your kinder to learn their sight words.  They know soooo many words!  Oh my goodness!  I am so proud of them!  We are done reading our weekly rainbow popcorn word lists.  Please keep them at home and take some time each week this summer to review the lists.  

*PLEASE RETURN….TAKE HOME books and LIBRARY books   Please return your library book if you still have it at home.  Inventory has began.  Please consider checking out library books from the public library throughout the summer.  Thank you for returning your TAKE HOME books.  All books have been returned.  Hooray!

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.


*MONDAY, MAY 22: GYM;  Birthday celebration for Mason (July 1 birthday)

*TUESDAY, MAY 23: MUSIC;  Birthday celebration for Lauren (July 29 birthday)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 24: ART;  Birthday celebration for Hudson (August 19 birthday); HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy This is the last week for homework. WEEKLY HOMEWORK IS DONE FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR.  Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging your kinder to complete their homework each week.  It made an impact in their learning.


*FRIDAY, MAY 26: GYMRedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 29…Memorial Day, No School

*FRIDAY, JUNE 2:  Kindergarten Olympics  

*FRIDAY, JUNE 9:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 12:15 p.m.

~~~Have a great weekend. Enjoy this beautiful weather.   Mrs. Bohl




May has been a moth of celebrating becoming READERS!

To celebrate….tomorrow  (Friday, May 19) is FLASHLIGHT FRIDAY!

Look around the house for a small flashlight to bring to school. Please label the flashlight with your kinder’s name.  (If you have extras, I am sure that friends who forget will appreciate it 🙂  

We will turn off the lights and read books by flashlight.  We will use them to spotlight words as we read.  The flashlights will be returned home the same day.


Is it ODD or EVEN?

The kinders have been working on learning what makes a number be called odd or even.  We used EVEN STEVEN and ODD TODD to help us understand this math concept better. ( I would love to take credit for this fun game but alas it came from this fabulous website called First Grade Parade.)  This is what we did….

First, I told the story that Even Steven LOVES things to be fair among his friends.  Everyone always needs to have the same amount.  It is all about being fair! 🙂  However, Odd Todd does not care if friends get a different amount.  It fact, he LIKES that! 🙂  Next,  a kinder chose a number between 1-20 and counted out that many “crackers” (mini unifix cubes) to a plate.  Then we decided who would get the “crackers”…EVEN STEVEN or ODD TODD. Then, the kinder placed the “crackers” one at a time onto each hand, counting each one,  until the plate was empty.  This was a great way for the kinders to visually see if  the “crackers” were equal or not equal.  Finally we decided if we were correct in our choice.  Were the “crackers” divided fairly in each of EVEN STEVEN’S hands or was there a different amount in each hand that ODD TODD would like? 


After playing this game a few times, we practiced identifying even and odd numbers by completing a fun math worksheet.  This worksheet came home today inside your child’s folder. Another will come home tomorrow. Be sure to ask them to explain what they did to you.  We remember what we learn when we become the teachers and need to explain what we did.  🙂  


Happy Mother’s Day!


I hope that all MOMS have a wonderful weekend that is just for you!  Your kinder loves you so much!  They were so excited to take home their gift for you.  I hope you enjoy the special artwork that they created especially for you!   To watch them take such tender loving care and thoughtfully plan out their portrait and extra touches was so precious to watch.  Thank you for sharing your kinder with me each day!!!


OUR WEEK—-May 8-12

See what we did and learned about this week in kindergarten

SCIENCE:  We finished our unit about Living and Non-Living  this week by making a mini booklet on Animal Needs.  The kinders also had fun creating a flower craft while adding information about what plants can do, what plants need and what plants have.  Science is so much fun! 

READER’S WORKSHOP:  We continued to celebrate becoming readers on Friday by reading with one of our reading strategies beanie babies! Reading to and with friends is always fun!!!


 🙂 Next Friday, we will be reading with flashlight, looking to see if we can spot popcorn words within our books. The kinders are asked to bring in a flashlight on Friday, May 19.  I  have a few extra flashlights to share with kinders who forget. All flashlights will be sent home on the same day.  

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: More topics were introduced, more opinions were given, more reasons were written and more writings were shared with friends this week.  These topics included choosing hot lunch or home lunch; stating why Georgetown school is awesome; and choosing a dog, cat, fish or hamster is a good pet.  I am very proud of them. The kinders will be writing their ON DEMAND Opinion writing next week. 

MATH:  After reviewing various math skills, the kinders used their individual office spaces to take their last math test, Unit #5.  They are becoming very good mathematicians solving addition and subtraction problems, comparing items using terms longer, shorter, taller and showing teen numbers as tens and extra ones.  What a good job they have done!!! 🙂  Their tests will be coming home soon.

MYSTERY GUEST READER:  Isabella beamed with excitement when she saw her mom walk into the room.  She immediately gave her a big hug.  Isabella’s mom brought one of their favorite books, The Rainbow Tiger to read to us because she likes tigers and Isabella likes rainbows.  A sweet story about being ourselves because we each are special. Thank you for stopping by.


*POPCORN WORDS:       BY           MY           ONE                                                                                              What smart kinders I have!  I am working on the end of the year assessments and so far EVERYONE has been able to increase the amount of sight words they can identify.  Hooray for them! I am so very proud of the kinders!! 🙂 I encourage you this summer to continue to practice & review the popcorn words flash cards that have been sent home this year.  Sliding can often happen with basic skills and review is needed to ensure that the concepts are mastered.  


*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send a daily healthy snack for your child, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  Thank you.




*WEDNESDAY, MAY 17:  MUSIC;  HOMEWORK DUE….literacy and math;   Birthday celebration for Ronen


*FRIDAY, MAY 19:  STEAM;  We are Readers! celebration….Read with a FLASHLIGHT.  Bring a flashlight to school;  Kindergarten Olympic volunteer note due

*MONDAY, MAY 22:  Birthday celebration for Mason (July 1 birthday)

*TUESDAY, MAY 23:  Birthday celebration for Lauren (July 29 birthday)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 24:  Birthday celebration for Hudson (August 19 birthday)

*FRIDAY, MAY 26…..RedWhite and Blue Day!  Wear your RedWhite and Blue to school!!

*MONDAY, MAY 29…Memorial Day, No School

*FRIDAY, JUNE 2:  Kindergarten Olympics  A note asking for parent volunteers came home.  Volunteers will be notified shortly with details.  This special day would not be possible without your help.  Thank you so much.  If you still would like to be part of this fun day, please let me know by Friday, May 19.

*FRIDAY, JUNE 9:  Last Day of School.  Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.

~~~Have a great weekend.    Mrs. Bohl






Field Trip Memories


We had so much fun learning and observing living and non-living things during our class trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center today.  We observed birds flying and chirping, chipmunks scampering around and tadpoles and water beetles swimming.  We saw plant life and creatures in meadows and wetlands.  We learned what a gall is and what hatches from it.  Be sure to ask your kinder.  Our five senses were very busy all morning long.  

Thank you, thank you to Mr. Fitch, Mr. Vaiana, Mrs. Bragg,               Mrs. McCormick , Mrs. Ferreira and Mrs. Pulsifer for joining us in learning. I am so glad that many other parents were able to join us for a picnic lunch at Hager Park.  What a fabulous day….great temps to be outside to learn and play. I am experiencing tech difficulty in producing a video.  I will try again later in the week.  But for now….enjoy a few pictures of our exciting, fun day! 


Parts of a Plant

“Can you eat parts of a plant?”  The kinders were not sure when I asked them this question.  So we read a few books to learn how vegetables grow…above or below the ground and to review parts of a plant.  We learned that carrots, potatoes, radishes are roots.  Celery is like a stem. Lettuce, spinach, cabbage are leaves. Broccoli and cauliflower are considered flowers and corn, peas, beans are the seeds of a plant.  We had a taste testing party after building our plant using carrots, celery, lettuce and spinach, broccoli and corn.  I was proud of ALL of the kinders for tasting some vegetables they don’t typically like to eat. We all agreed….We like to eat plants!!