Walk-a-Thon is Friday, Sept 22

Our school WALK-A-THON is this Friday, September 22. You are more than welcome to come walk the track with us from 9:45-10:30am! Our theme this year is “superheroes”. It will be fun to see lots of superhero outfits on Friday! Please consider donating as this is Georgetown’s ONLY fundraiser.  Donations are due on Monday, September 25.  Thank you for your support!!

Here is a powerpoint with more details about the walkathon:

Constitution Day


Did you know that Sunday, September 17 is Constitution Day?  Do you know what Constitution Day is?  Did you wonder why your kinder took a flag hat home on Friday?  Your kinder knows! Ask them! 🙂

On Friday we learned that many years ago important men got together and wrote down important laws on paper and signed their names.  These laws (rules) were made to help the people get along, treat each other fairly and be safe.  At school, we too, have rules we need to follow. Together we sorted pictures of choices we should make during the school day (green choices), and ones that we should never do in school (red choices).

Each day after reciting the Pledge, we recite (with motions) our 5 class rules. These rules are posted in our room, along with all of our signatures (handprints).

1.  We will be kind and use nice manners.

2. We will work hard and do our best.

3.  We will be ready to learn.

4. We will follow directions quickly.

5.  We will listen when others talk and we will raise our hand to talk.

 We the kids…of Mrs. Bohl’s class….are already working hard to not break any of these promises. We can work better together when we are kind and considerate of one another.  We can make good choices and we DO!  I am so proud of my kinders! 🙂




Here is a peek at what your kinder did at school this week:

POPCORN WORDS: I  SEE   YELLOW                                                                                 We had fun repeating the color monster’s poem of Yellow, Yellow sat in jello” The yellow color book and song words came home yesterday.  Hopefully your kinder has read it to you.  It might be fun to decorate a shoebox to use as box to collect all of your child’s mini books this year.  They will be bringing home lots of them!  Both Pete the Cat…The Wheels on the Bus and The Seals on the Bus were books we read because that had a yellow theme.  The kinders identified shapes while they created a yellow bus. Stop by and see them decorating the back of our classroom.


STAYING SAFE AT SCHOOL AND ON THE BUS:  This week was filled with learning some of our school’s safety drills.  The kinders practiced exiting the school and learning where our meeting spot is located during a fire drill.  They also practiced sitting criss cross applesauce with their hands on their head in a safe room within school during a tornado drill.  In case it was unsafe to be in the hallways, we practiced how to sit quietly in a safe place inside our locked room. Oh my!!  The kinders did an AMAZING  job during ALL of these practice drills! I was so proud of them!  We are learning that “we don’t need to be scared, we need to be prepared”.  Do you practice your safety drills at home?

We had a visit from Mrs. DeZeeuw and Mrs. Reeves, who are “real” bus drivers.  They shared bus safety tips with us. For example: No eating on the bus, keep our feet/legs out of the isle, use quiet voices.  We learned the ” 4B rules”. for sitting safely on the bus….back to back and bottom to bottom and more.


COOL TOOLS:  The last two books we read and tools that were inside the tool box were Hurty Feelings (a microphone to teach us that the tone of our voice is important) and Mine-a-saurs (a bug and a wishing wand to teach us that we can say STOP in a kind way). Learning about bullying helped the kinders see how important it is to use our cool tools.  

WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders found out that writers tell stories about what they know.  They practiced this by taking turns with their partners to be the jelly (speaker) and the peanut butter (listener). They also learned and practiced what it looks like to “lean and tell” and “turn and talk” to their partners. The kinders found out that writers label their drawings.  We enjoyed singing “Mat Man”, a song that helps us learn our body parts.  The kinders had fun labeling me.  Yes, they actually stuck sticky notes onto my leg, foot, hand, back, tummy and hair.  Lots of giggles and smiles, for sure. 🙂  Sorry, I had a hard time taking a picture of myself with the labels, you will need to use your imagination. 🙂 The kinders then drew a picture of a person and we labeled the hair, tummy and leg.

 READER’S WORKSHOP: The kinders are learning to love books. The kinders practiced how to “lean and tell” and “turn and talk” during this time too. The kinders found out that every book includes the same parts…..front and back of book, title, author & illustrator names, title page, pictures and words. This week  they selected books by looking at the cover and by looking at the inside pages  to see if it sparked their interest. We read quietly for 4 whole minutes and they wanted to read longer.  We have a room full of beginner readers! Next week they will begin selecting books to keep inside their own blue baskets to read during this time. Exciting learning is happening!! 🙂

MATH:  Thank you for encouraging your kinder to complete their math homework. This homework supplements the lessons that are taught and learned throughout the week.   Homework papers will be coming home each Wednesday and are due back by the following week.  Please read the directions with your child, giving assistance as needed, encouraging and praising them all the time.  Thank you for your support! 🙂  This week’s lessons focused on identifying (see and know) numerals (1-5) and counting objects (things) .  They were introduced to positional words like ABOVE, BELOW, IN FRONT OF, BEHIND, etc when we read Pete the Cat…The Wheels on the Bus.  Afterwards we had fun moving Pete (who is blue)  into different positions by a bus.  Continue to practice these important words as you and your kinder play with Pete and the bus that came home this week.  We began to identify groups of objects and drew a scene of 2 objects and a scene of 3 objects. The kinders practiced writing numbers 3 (around and around the tree, that’s the way to make a 3) &  4 (Down and across, down once more. That’s the way to make a 4) on chalkboards, whiteboards and in their number books.


*OUTDOOR CLOTHING….Please continue to send a coat or sweatshirt with your child.  The weather can quickly change so it is good to be prepared.

*BACKPACK SNACK…THANK YOU SO MUCH for being conscientious about sending healthy, NUT FREE snacks.

*GYM DAYS..Please consider having your kinder keep a pair of socks either in their cubby or backpack to wear during gym days.  On these warm days, many kinders do not like to wear their gym shoes without socks when they come to school wear sandals or flip flops.

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lucas.  It was exciting the Lucas’ dad came in and read Curious George and the First Day of School.  A perfect story for celebrating yellow day!  Thank you for the sunglasses and story.


*Monday, Sept. 18–MUSIC;    Kool Kinder: Peyton

*Tuesday, Sept 19—ART;     Kool Kinder: Jaxon

*Wednesday, Sept 20—STEAM; Library….Don’t forget to return your kinder’s library book INSIDE their labeled big library bag;  Math & Literacy Homework due; COLOR DAY…Wear BLUE!     Kool Kinder:  Hunter

*Thursday Sept 21—GYM; School pictures;    Kool Kinder: Alexandra

*Friday, Sept 22—MUSIC; Walk-a-thon—–Dress like your favorite Super Hero       Kool Kinder: Maddox;  Birthday Celebration for Maddox (actual birthday Sept. 23)

*Monday, Sept 25—Walk-a-thon money due

~~~Have a great weekend.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net  YOUR KINDER IS SPECIAL TO ME! 🙂   Mrs. Bohl

Two Important Reminders

Kinder parents, here are two reminders for you

Don’t forget to return your child’s library book in its big ziplock bag by Wednesday so he/she can check out a new one during our library time! 


If your kinder would like to order a sack lunch on Fast Friday (early release) Sept. 15, please either send a note inside your kinder’s folder OR send me an email by Thursday, Sept. 14.


We had a great 4 day week in kindergarten, a few sunny days to play outside and one day of inside play.  Thank you for sending your kinder with a sweatshirt/coat for the cooler mornings.  We play outside unless it is raining or the wind chill is below O.  Be sure to label your kinder’s coat as it is hard for them to remember which coat/sweatshirt belongs to them. 

Here is a peek at what your kinder did at school this week:

POPCORN WORDS:     A   RED                                                                            The kinders saw RED this week, especially on Friday when they arrived wearing red shirts, red pants, red socks, red hair ribbons.  I wish you could have heard their excited voices as they compared their RED clothes.

 I hope that you enjoy having your kinder teach you our RED color song as they read…. yes read….. to you their color flip book.  Did you like the silly color monster rhyme we learned?  “Red, Red bumped his head.” We wondered all week what Red bumped his head on….the floor, the table, the monkey bars, his pillow?  Be ready, we have color monster rhymes for every color. 🙂  In honor of red, we read many books about a big, red dog…..Clifford.  Making a fun craft of Clifford helped us practice our cutting skills and listen to and follow directions.

PROCEDURES:  We have been learning and practicing how to do many things in our classroom. From how to daily turn in our blue folders and ordering lunch to remembering our number in line and walking down the hallway at school.  The kinders learned what a 4-S line means (Still, Silent, Straight and Smiling).  They have done a GREAT job practicing this throughout our movement around our school. The kinders are working very hard to keep their hands in their own bubble space when sitting on the floor and in their lap when sitting at their table spots—and not touching their supplies when listening for directions.  Each day I see improvement.  I have a fabulous bunch of kinders!!!

COOL TOOLS: The kinders are continuing to work hard each day to being ready to learn by….looking with eyes, listening with ears, voices quiet, hands in own bubble space and sitting like a pretzel (when on the rug).  We are learning about the different parts of the brain and how each part functions.  We are becoming mindful of each other and the climate of our learning classroom.  

Our lessons about the cool tools are helping us be aware of others and how to deal with situations. The books we read and the “cool tools” this week were; Ish (fuzzy dice to remind us to say nice words or do nice actions toward others); Franklin’s Bad Day ( a big inflatable foot to remind us to walk away before saying or doing toothpaste words or actions); When I am angry (an ice cube tray to tell us to take time to chill out when upset) and Being Friends (a kaleidoscope to show us that it is okay that we are not all the same…we are different and special). We will open the tool box two more times next week.

WRITER’S and READER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders found that writers share information with others about what they know. Examples of these topics were WHAT TV SHOW DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? WHAT RESTAURANT DO YOU LIKE AND WHY?  They practiced this by taking turns with their partners to be the jelly (speaker) and the peanut butter (listener). They also learned and practiced what it looks like to “turn and talk” to their partners. The teacher claps two times and says “teach” and the kinders clap two times and say “okay”.  The kinders turn and face their partner, taking turns being the jelly and the peanut butter.  When they hear “hands and eyes”, they repeat “hands and eyes” and turn and face the teacher. The kinders did AWESOME!!!  We will be doing more sharing next week.


 During our reader’s workshop time, the kinders learned how to be a book lover.  Book lovers carefully choose a book, they hold it correctly and they turn the pages one by one.  The kinders learned how to be a RESPECTFUL READER by staying in one spot, reading quietly and read the whole time.  We are starting to build our reading stamina by reading quietly to ourselves.  We are up to 1-2 minutes.   A great start!!

MATH: Last week we started number writing during our handwriting time. We worked on the proper formation of a 0 and 1, stressing that we always start our numbers at the top! We learned the poem for 0: “around and around and around we go, that’s the way we make a zero:. And for the number 1: “straight line down and then your done, thats the way we make a one”.  This week we wrote number 2. By saying “around  and back, down the railroad track.  Two! Two!”, we were able to write it correctly.  We learned how to count a group of objects and find different ways to arrange them.  For example: 3 can be shown with 1 red tile and 2 blue tiles or 3 can be shown with 3 red tiles and 0 blue tiles.  


*Outdoor clothing.—.Please continue to send a coat or sweatshirt with your child.  The weather can quickly change so it is good to be prepared.

*Backpack snack.—Pack a quick, heathy snack each day.  Be sure to place it in a special small pocket so that it is easy for them to locate.

*Blue folders—send them to school each day (you are all doing a great job with this!  Thank you!!)

*If ordering a hot lunch or milk, please discuss with your child what they will be ordering so that they are comfortable and secure with their selections.

*Parents, please subscribe to this blog so that you are alerted when information is posted about happenings in our classroom.


Monday, Sept. 11–MUSICKool Kinder: Dominic

Tuesday, Sept 12—ART;  Kool Kinder: Bentley.

Wednesday, Sept 13—STEAMLibrary….Don’t forget to return your kinder’s library book INSIDE their labeled big library bag. HOMEWORK…Math/Literacy due; Kool Kinder: Mia

Thursday Sept 14—GYM Kool Kinder:  Caleb

Friday, Sept 15—MUSICCOLOR DAY….Wear YELLOW!  FAST FRIDAY (Early Release dismissal 12:15pm) Birthday Celebration for Lucas (actual birthday Sept. 16)

Thursday, Sept. 21—School Pictures….ordering information was sent home today. 

Friday, Sept. 22—Walk a Thon…information was sent home today.  

Have a restful weekend. Sleep well. We have a 5 day week ahead. Thank you for sharing your kinder with me. They are fabulous!  Mrs. Bohl

Wednesday is Library Day!!

Did you open your kinder’s backpack? Did you see that they took home a library book?  Today we visited the library for the first time.  


We met Mrs. VandenBerg, the school librarian.  





   We sat on her blue rug where we will read stories.  Today Mrs. VandenBerg taught us how to choose a library book.

      We were able to look at ALL the books and choose one.  There are LOTS of books in the library!

            We  waited in line to check out.  We put our own library card and book under her red beeping light.   

Enjoy reading your kinder’s book at home.  Return the book (inside their big labeled plastic bag) before next Wednesday so that your kinder can select another book to take home. We have a basket in our classroom for collecting our books. Happy Reading!! 🙂

Weekly homework has begun

Today the kinders took home their first weekly literacy & math homework.  Each week homework will come home on Wednesday and should be returned on or before the following Wednesday.  This homework is a review of what has been taught in school and it should take the kinders about 15 minutes to complete. Please help them by making time in your week to sit down and read through the directions together prior to completion. Encourage, support and praise them as they work.


In addition, you can help your kinder by reading nightly with them; using your finger to read so they can watch the one to one correspondence.  Consider having them tell you what they see in the picture, what is happening?  Practicing identifying letters and producing their sounds using the letter flashcards that were in your open house packet would be beneficial for your kinder.   We practice letter/sounds using Zoo Phonics, which uses animal pictures to help us with identifying letters and producing their sounds. Ask your kinder to show you the movement that go with each letter/sound at home too.  Please practice counting by 1’s and helping your kinder identifying numbers 1-30.  Counting groups of objects and writing numbers is always helpful. Practicing these skills as a game or in a fun way keeps it engaging for them!

Thank you for supporting and encouraging your kinder!  Mrs. Bohl

Book Orders due Friday, Sept. 8


DON’T FORGET!  BOOK ORDERS ARE DUE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8.  Please note that this due date has been extended by one day.  

You may send into school the completed paper form along with a check made out to Scholastic Reading Club OR you may order online at  https://orders.scholastic.com/L77G6   This link should connect you directly to our class.  The books should arrive at school in 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for supporting and encouraging your child to read!  If you have any questions please contact me at kbohl@hpseagles.net