Outstanding Kinder

When we make green (good) choices and they are noticed, Mrs. Reagan hands out OUTSTANDING awards to classes in school.  We have quite a few on the wall outside our classroom door.  Way to go!

This  past week she gave an OUTSTANDING award to one particular kinder……JAXON…..for making awesome green choices that show he is “IS NICE, WORKS HARD AND IS READY TO LEARN”.  Congratulations, Jaxon!  

Mrs. Reagan will be passing out more individual OUTSTANDING awards throughout the school year.  Remember….your choices matter!  🙂

3 Kinds of Rocks


Have you heard about how school “ROCKS?”  The kinders have been busy learning about rocks.  They learned that all rocks are either igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic.  

To further understand how these types of rocks are formed, the kinders participated in some fun experiments.


The milk chocolate chips and the butterscotch chocolate chips were like “rocks”.  When they were heated under extreme heat, the rocks melted (like lava) and cooled into another rock shape to make igneous rocks.  The igneous rocks tasted pretty good too.  🙂


The kinders layered 3 colors of marshmallows, applied some pressure to create sedimentary rocks before eating them. Yum, Yum!


Two different colors of play dough (orange & blue) represented rocks were given to each kinder.  The kinders layered the colors and applied pressure and heat (from their hands) to form metamorphic rocks.  No editable rocks this time…yet very fun)

More fun, more learning, more investigating of rocks still to come tomorrow. Stayed tuned!

A few reminders…..

Snack Time:  We have two daily snack times in kindergarten.  One in the morning. and one in the afternoon.  Please remember to send in two snacks for your kinder daily.  Maybe have a discussion with them about what and where their snacks are so they are aware.   I have some extra snacks to provide if necessary.  Thanks for your support.

Spring Field Trip:  We have our Spring field trip on Wednesday, May 9 to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center and Hager Park.  We are able to bring 6 chaperones on this field trip.  However, we are able to have all parents and younger siblings join us for lunch and play time at Hager Park in Jenison.  A note with volunteer information will be coming home Tuesday.  Chaperones will be taken on a first come first serve basis.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Literacy Skills:  We work hard during our Split Lit time on many different skills.  The kinders work on sight word recognition, phonics building skills and reading fluency.  They are doing a GREAT job with these tasks throughout our literacy time.  It has been amazing to see their growth!  Our goal is to know about 40 sight words and read independently at Level D  by the end of the school year.  We work hard every day to try to reach this goal.  Your support of our TAKE HOME Book Program and sight word practice at home is so helpful…thank you!!!

Book Orders due tomorrow 4/18


                       Book Orders are due on TUESDAY, APRIL 18                              (note change of date due to snow day)

 You may send into school the completed paper forms along with a check made out to Scholastic Reading Club OR you may order online at www.scholastic.com/readingclub. 

Our code is L77G6 

Thanks for supporting and encouraging your child to read!  ~~~Mrs. Bohl

Praises for a Kinder!

When we make green (good) choices and they are noticed, Mrs. Reagan hands out OUTSTANDING awards to classes in school.  We have quite a few on the wall outside our classroom door.  Way to go!

This  past week she gave an OUTSTANDING award to one particular kinder……ANDERSON…..for making awesome green choices that show he is “IS NICE, WORKS HARD AND IS READY TO LEARN”.  Congratulations, Anderson!  


Mrs. Reagan will be passing out more individual OUTSTANDING awards throughout the school year.  Remember….your choices matter!  🙂


Welcome back to school!!  I hope that you had a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing spring break. Mr. Bohl and I enjoyed playing at the beach and pool everyday in Florida with our entire family  (6 adults and a 16 month old).  We had wonderful, warm, sunny weather….it was hard to return home to Michigan weather. I hope that you enjoyed time with your family as well.  The kinders had a lot of fun telling each other about what they did.  Playdates, going to Rebounders, going to the movie theater, visiting grandparents, staying in a hotel and so much more was shared.  

Take a peek at what we did in kindergarten! 🙂

MATH:  This week we revisited how we sort objects by shape, size, color, etc.  Check out the Bonkers for Buttons book that came home. We also practiced identifying number partners and writing the matching equations.  Friday math centers focused on these math skills.  

   Domino Dots

   Unifix  cube partners

   Finding out the unknown partner

   Lima bean shake

READER’S WORKSHOP:  We began a new unit called CHARACTER ROUND UP.  In the unit we will dig deeper into our learning about characters by looking at how they look, what they say and do, comparing characters and more. The kinders are amazing me with their knowledge as readers. 

The first graders in Mrs. Woodring’s class joined us for a time of partner reading on Thursday.  It was so fun to see how some of my former kinders have grown and it gave this year’s kinders a peek into what they will reading next year.  Thank you for stopping by. 


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  This month the kinders will be learning about another writing genre….HOW TO….  We started our learning by creating a list of things the kinders thought they are experts at doing, such as holding a hockey stick, opening a banana, playing Gaga Ball. 

We first told the steps over our fingers, next we wrote the words, then we drew detailed pictures and finally we read our story.  This week we created two How to books….How to read a book and How to get a snack. 


 I am so very proud of the growth and ability they have developed as writers!

SCIENCE….IT ROCKS!: We worked together to list facts that we knew about soil prior to spring break.  This week we read more informational books about soil and created charts like “Where we can find soil” and “Ways we use soil”.


To better understand the layers of soil we did a fun experiment.  Soil was put into a glass jar, water was add and shaken around, and then the waiting began.  After a bit we were able to see the layers of rocks, sand, silt, clay and humus.  Can you see the layers?


Before we investigated our personal baggies of soil, we sorted pictures of things found in soil by minerals, plants and animals.  We had fun using magnifying glasses to look closely at our soil to find roots, silt, worms, leaves and record our findings on a paper.  


Finally we learned how some types of soil are made through wind, rain, ice coming into contact with rocks.  Have your child show and explain the  flow map that they took home today.  

POPCORN WORDS:       HIM          JUMP                                                                         Please, please keep practicing at home!  The kinders are becoming fabulous readers!

  We celebrated with Peyton and who turned 6 on Monday. Thank you so much for the birthday treats


*OUTSIDE SHOES:  THANK YOU for sending your child in outside shoes or boots on spring days.The playground is very muddy and we are working hard to keep our classroom floor clean.  Please remember that…..OUTSIDE SHOES CAN NOT BE WORN IN THE GYM AS MUD AND DIRT GETS ON THE GYM FLOOR.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU KINDER HAS GYM SHOES TO WEAR THAT ARE NOT THEIR OUTSIDE SHOES.  Thank you!

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send TWO daily healthy snackS for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day. Many kinders are coming to school with snacks. Thank you.

*TAKE HOME books:  Please help your child to remember to return their book baggie EACH Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so that they are consistent with their read aloud practice and are able to check out new books each time to build their reading experiences.  Don’t forget to sign the parent sheet and include comments or observations you feel may be helpful.

*KOOL KINDER & THE GUESSING JAR: We have begun another round of being the Kool Kinder.  Your kinder  will be bringing home the “Guessing Jar.” Their job is to fill the jar with a mystery number (1-50) of objects (marshmallows, erasers, etc.) for our class to guess the quantity the next day.  The items back home with him/her the same day.  We have counted seashells, marbles, beads, chocolate candy this week.


*MONDAY, APRIL 16: STEAMreading TAKE HOME BOOKS; BOOK ORDERS DUE; celebrating Caleb’s birthday


*WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18: MUSIC;  HOMEWORK DUE….math and literacy;  LIBRARY: Please return your kinder’s book.  

*THURSDAY, APRIL 19: ART; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS and Rainbow word lists

*FRIDAY, APRIL 20: STEAMPopcorn Friday; Earth Day celebration

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 9…Spring Field Trip to Hemlock Crossing Nature Center & Hagar Park.  An orange note will be coming home Monday containing volunteer information.  All parents (and younger siblings) are welcome to join us at Hagar Park for a picnic lunch and playtime. Please send back the the bottom portion of the orange note so that I know of your plans.

~~~Have a  great weekend.  Mrs. Bohl



Well, we made it!  It is officially SPRING BREAK!  The kinders have been anxiously counting down the days.  Take a peek at what happened this week in kindergarten.

SCIENCE:  We began our learning about SOIL by using our schema (knowledge we know) and listed facts we already knew about soil.  Some of the facts were:  Soil is brown, Soil is another name for dirt.  Grass grows in it.  Worms live in it.  Plants grow in it. Soil can turn into mud. Soil can have holes in it.  We read an informational book that helped us learn more about what soil is and what is found inside of soil.  Then we created a poster of parts of soil….grass, worms, sticks, ants, rocks, leaves. 


This week your kinder brought home a yellow reminder paper.  Please take a few minutes during spring break to scoop some soil into the baggie, seal it shut and return the baggie by Tuesday, April 10 if you have not already done so. We are going to be investigating their soil very closely.  The kinders and I can’t wait to “dig” into learning about soil.  🙂

MATH:  The kinders showed  their knowledge of solving addition & subtraction problems by playing HOP LIKE A BUNNY.  The kinders bounced with energy along a number line to solve problems while their friends wrote the number equation on whiteboards. 


The kinders were “egg”cited to receive a plastic egg filled with jelly beans. We used these jelly beans to practice number partners.  Eating them was quite fun too. They are becoming great mathematicians.

The kinders also had fun doing some “peep” math, figuring out how to divide the peep bunnies equally.  Eating a peep bunny was fun too. 🙂


WRITER’S WORKSHOP:  The kinders put their informational skills to the test this week. After reading informational books about wolves and creating a chart of facts we learned,  it was time for each kinder to write their own “All About Wolves” books, including facts of their choice. Before they began writing, the kinders were reminded to include all of the things that good writer use..capital letters, spaces between words, sentence stoppers and popcorn words, drawing detailed pictures with labels. They did this independently without teacher assistance…we call this “on-demand” writing. After some ‘fix and fancy’ time, the kinders shared their informational writing with friends from Mrs. Stutz’s class.  What an awesome job as writers they have become!:)  I will be sharing how well they did with you after spring break.


We enjoyed reading The Easter Bunny’s Assistant.  It was a fun, silly book about the Easter Bunny showing his assistant, a skunk how to color the eggs before delivering them.  After reading the book the kinders wrote a letter to the Easter Bunny answering his question of “Shall I let him (the skunk) help me deliver the eggs?”  They did an amazing job of decorating a paper egg too!


PJ DAY:  What a fabulous, fun day at school.  The kinders were SO excited to wear their jamies and slippers to school again.  The day was filled with fun bedtime related stories and activities like Llama, Llama, Red Pajama,  Ten in the Bed (with a fun song to sing…it stays with you awhile :), 5 Little Monkeys jumping on the Bed, The Napping House and Mooncake.  Enjoy looking through your kinders story pocket that is filled with their work.


POPCORN WORDS:   It was a week of review and what a review we did!  The March flash cards were sent home this week so you can add them to your collection.  Keep practicing!  It helps so much!

MORNING WORK:  The kinders were excited to take home their March morning work packet.  This packed covered many different literacy and math skills that were introduced and reviewed.  They will be begin their April morning work packet after break.



*TAKE HOME Books and Homework:  Your kinder will not have a book to take home over Spring Break.  They will be taking home a new book to read on Monday, April 9.  Reading books with parent volunteers will resume on Tuesday, April 10. Your kinder did not take home any homework this week.  If you have free time, continue to practice popcorn words, addition & subtraction stories with written partner equations and write various kinds of stories…narrative, informational and pattern books.

*WINTER GEAR: Please keep in mind that even though the season is spring, some days this week reminded us that winter has just finished.  Please continue to send a hat and mittens with your kinder as well as shoes to be worn just for outside. Thanks! :)

*BACKPACK SNACK:  Please remember to send  TWO daily healthy snacks for your kinder, as we take a moment to refuel each day.  I have a few snacks but not enough for the many kinders who are forgetting.  Thank you.

*LUNCH MENU: The April lunch menu can be found under the food service tab.

*MONTHLY CALENDAR:  The  APRIL calendar  can be found under CALENDARS at the top of our blog.  It lists birthdays, events, and more.  Please take time to read it.



*MONDAY, APRIL 9—STEAM; reading TAKE HOME BOOKS will arrive home again;  celebrate Peyton’s birthday

*TUESDAY, APRIL 10—GYM;  reading TAKE HOME BOOKS; LIBRARY: We will have library so please return your kinder’s book;   BAGGIE OF SOIL DUE



*FRIDAY, APRIL 13—-MUSIC; “Fast Friday” (Early Release Dismissal at 12:15pm)


~~~Enjoy your Spring Break!  Take this time to relax and enjoy your time together, whether you are staying home or traveling. I will greet my awesome kinders on Monday, April 9.  Mrs. Bohl  


Kindergarten PJ Day tomorrow


Hello Kindergarten Families!

Don’t forget….we will be enjoying a pajama day at school on Thursday, March 29! The kinders may wear slippers but remember that they will need shoes/boots for the playground.


The kinders are VERY excited about this fun day!

Looking forward to our cozy reading day at school!  

Mrs. Bohl


When we make green (good) choices and they are noticed, Mrs. Reagan hands out OUTSTANDING awards to classes in school.  We have quite a few on the wall outside our classroom door.  Way to go!

This week she gave an OUTSTANDING award to one particular kinder……ALEXANDRA…..for making awesome green choices that show she is “IS NICE, WORKS HARD AND IS READY TO LEARN”.  Congratulations, Alexandra!  


Mrs. Reagan will be passing out more individual OUTSTANDING awards throughout the school year.  Remember….your choices matter!  🙂